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Chapter 2: Body

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While the rest of the Champions go on a mission, Dr. Robotnik, Pooh Bear, and Pichu receive threats.

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"Farewell comrades!" Optimus said as he entered the elevator with his team of five others. "We will send a message once we make it to the village."
"Farewell," Pooh Bear gently said.
The elevator doors shut, and it descended. Robotnik calculated that it would take them 20 seconds to exit the building.
"Now for a quick viewing of all of the Fiber Fried Chicken commercials," Robotnik announced. He then turned on the TV, which he had convinced Optimus to keep within the mission planning room.
"These chickens wear shirts!" The man in the TV box said.
"Understandable," Pooh said. He and Pichu went down the elevator. Robotnik believed they were trying to bake elephant shaped pies.
After two hours he got bored and went to the control room. Karen's giant set of monitors and controls showed every camera view of each camera installed on the tower. Robotnik didn't see anything bad, so he switched view of the monitor viewing Camera 1 to be of the computer view. He checked the emails.
"My mom loves Sandy, can she please her?" Robotnik read aloud. He decided to leave that email unanswered.
He then went through several others and replied by repeating that the Champions don't settle conflicts about pet snakes eating pet frogs. One person replied by calling Robotnik a rude child.
"Such disrespect," Robotnik muttered.
A new email suddenly loaded in and the monitor screen glitched out for but a moment.
"Uh," Robotnik said as he looked at the email title: 'Courtesy Of Ace'
He clicked on it, and it read:
"Hello, Champions. My name is Ace of None. If you don't hand over your supply of Hilp Oil within 24 hours then I will take it by force and kill everyone in the tower. My associates will kill a hostage if you don't send a reply within six hours, and then repeat. Don't mess with me. I have friends that evaded your kind for years. David Prentiss, Little Miss Muffet, and Savage Dragon. Just the tip of the iceberg. Choose wisely."
Robotnik was disturbed, but not too much since he doubted Ace could break through the security measures. Karen and him both designed them.
"I should contact Optimus Prime," Robotnik said aloud. "But I don't want to."
Robotnik then decides to reply:
"Hello, I am Dr. Robotnik! I have something to say. If you attempt to enter the tower you will be met with extreme opposition and your body will turn to paint. The whole supply of oil will not be supplied to you and your mass murdering comrades. Back away now and you will only be imprisoned for ten years instead of a life sentence. Choose wisely."
Robotnik waited a bit after sending. The reply came quickly:
"May God have mercy on your souls, and my wrath bring you to his mercy."
A video was attached to the email. Robotnik opened it.
A beige skin man with long black hair stood in front of thirty hostages. Each hostage was bound and looked scared, yet very wild.
The man in front, presumably Ace, snapped his right fingers and flames erupted in his left hand.
"One hostage?" The man said. "I have a new idea."
He shot his flames at one of the hostages, and the flames snaked out from that one and started scorching the two people that one was in between. The three hostages screamed for 8 seconds, and couldn't anymore after that point. Robotnik watched as he realized the hostages were still alive, being slowly and relentlessly burned by this madman.
Robotnik felt a pang of guilt.
Eventually, an eternity seemed to pass, and the hostages were not thoroughly lifeless, and sacklike.
The video ended. Robotnik felt scared.
"Nonsense!" He shouted to himself. "I'm Dr. Robotnik! I always get what I want!"
He didn't believe himself.
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