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Over The Lost City Of Pamdleeland

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A Potsworth and Company Fanfic.

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This fanfic is based on the cartoon Potsworth and Company. Also known as Midnight Patrol. One time during my childhood we got in a BBC station on our cable. That's how I know about it.

Became a fan of this show so I decided to write a fanfic about it. Four kids and a dog meet in their dreams every night to battle the Nightmare Prince who wants to destroy the dreams of the innocent.

Here comes the fanfic! Ready? Lets go!

Rosie, Nick, Keiko, Carter and Potsworth were all going to sleep. Once they enter the dream zone. They're about to embark on their greatest challenge yet.

The desert shimmered under the harsh afternoon sun. Nick, Rosie, Potsworth, Carter, and Keiko stood before a colossal wall of shimmering sand. The Grand Dozer's urgent message echoed in their ears: "An ancient city, Pamdleeland, has unearthed itself after a thousand years! Investigate!"
Rosie, ever the fashion critic, wrinkled her nose. "Ugh, sand. It gets everywhere." Nick, clad in his usual flashy costume, rolled his eyes. "Can we please focus, Rose?"

Suddenly, the sand wall pulsed and dissolved, revealing a dazzling city of swirling colours and impossible architecture. Keiko, a skateboard prodigy, grinned. "Finally, a terrain worthy of my skills!"

Potsworth, the team's adorable but cowardly dog, whimpered, clinging to Nick's leg. Carter, the resident artist, gaped at the vibrant city. "This… this is incredible! I must paint it!"

They cautiously entered Pamdleeland, the colourful streets deserted. Reaching a central plaza, their attention was drawn to a shimmering crystal pedestal. Atop it lay a crown, radiating an otherworldly glow.

Rosie, drawn by something unseen, approached the crown. As she touched it, a blinding light engulfed her. When it died down, Rosie remained, but her demeanour had transformed. Gone was the grumpy girl. In her place stood a haughty woman, radiating an air of supreme command.

"Greetings, mortals," she boomed, her voice echoing with ancient power. "I am Pamdlee, queen of this forgotten city."

Nick and Keiko exchanged confused glances. Potsworth whimpered, sensing danger. Carter, ever observant, noticed a strange insignia on Rosie's arm, a perfect match for one on the crystal pedestal.

"Rosie? Where are you?" Nick called out, worry laced in his voice.

Pamdlee, now inhabiting Rosie's body, scoffed. "Rosie is gone, consumed by my essence. This crown grants me dominion over Pamdleeland once more!"

A wave of realisation washed over Nick. The crown must have transferred Pamdlee's spirit into Rosie! He glanced at the others. Keiko was already adjusting her skateboard, a determined glint in her eyes. Carter, paintbrush poised, seemed to formulate a plan. Even Potsworth, emboldened by the team's resolve, let out a small bark.

"We won't let you control Rosie!" Nick declared, launching himself at Pamdlee. She effortlessly deflected his attack with a flick of her wrist.

Keiko, meanwhile, zipped around them on her board, splattering Pamdlee with blobs of colourful paint Carter strategically flung at her. The paint seemed to disrupt the energy flow of the crown, momentarily weakening Pamdlee.

Seeing his chance, Nick seized the crown. As he touched it, a vision flooded his mind. He saw Pamdlee, benevolent and wise, leading her people in peace. He understood. The lost queen simply wanted to restore her city.

"Pamdlee," Nick said gently, placing the crown back on the pedestal, "We can help you rebuild your city."

Pamdlee, surprised by Nick's kindness, hesitated. She looked at the colourful chaos surrounding her, created by Rosie, Keiko, and Carter's combined efforts. A smile, faint but genuine, flickered on her lips.

"Perhaps," she conceded, "collaboration is not such a bad thing after all."

The light engulfed Rosie once more. When it faded, she stood blinking, confused. The city remained, its vibrancy undimmed. Pamdlee's spirit resided in the crown, guiding them in the reconstruction of Pamdleeland.

As they left the city, Nick nudged a sheepish Rosie. "Looks like you found a new older sister, Rose," he teased.

Rosie, surprisingly, didn't retort. She just smiled, a newfound warmth in her eyes. Perhaps, Pamdlee's spirit had rubbed off on her a little bit.


The journey back from Pamdleeland was a whirlwind of technicolor wonder. Keiko carved impossible lines on her skateboard, weaving between the colossal sand dunes, leaving trails of shimmering paint in her wake. Carter, forever inspired, sketched furiously in his notebook, capturing the fantastical architecture and Rosie, ever the center of attention, now sported a crown of vibrantly colored sand sculpted by Keiko, much to her initial dismay.

As they neared the familiar browns and greens of the desert's outskirts, a pang of sadness struck Nick. Pamdleeland, with its kaleidoscope of hues and otherworldly charm, had burrowed itself into his heart. He glanced at Rosie, a question forming on his lips.

"So," he began hesitantly, "what do you remember?"

Rosie, for once, seemed lost in thought. "Flashes," she admitted, tracing the intricate design on her sand crown. "Images of a grand city, a wise but lonely queen… and a strange sense of duty."

Nick offered a reassuring smile. "Maybe that's Pamdlee's way of thanking you. You were her vessel, after all."

They rejoined The Grand Dozer, who looked relieved to see them emerge from the sandstorm (a cover story they concocted to explain their disappearance). News of their discovery spread like wildfire, igniting a spark of wonder in the normally mundane desert town. Soon, scientists, archaeologists, and adventurers alike clamored for a chance to explore Pamdleeland.
Nick, Rosie, Keiko, Carter, and even Potsworth found themselves thrust into the limelight. They became reluctant celebrities, regaling reporters with tales of the lost city and their fantastical adventure. But amidst the newfound fame, a nagging worry gnawed at Nick.

One starlit night, after the others had retired, Nick found himself drawn back to the shimmering wall of sand that concealed Pamdleeland. He hesitantly placed his hand on the cool surface, a silent plea forming in his mind.

"Pamdlee," he whispered, "are you alright? Do you need our help?"

The sand pulsed faintly in response. An image flickered in his mind – a grand chamber, ornately decorated, yet devoid of life. A single, shimmering tear hung suspended in the air.

Understanding dawned on Nick. Pamdlee was lonely. The city, though magnificent, was a hollow shell without its people.

The next morning, Nick gathered his team. He shared his vision, the weight of Pamdlee's loneliness settling heavily on them.

"We can't abandon her," Keiko declared, her voice resolute. "Pamdleeland deserves to be filled with life again."

A plan began to take shape. They would use their newfound fame to rally the townsfolk, to spark their sense of adventure. They would turn Pamdleeland into a beacon, a city reborn from the sands of time, a testament to collaboration and the power of human connection.

Their journey had just begun, but this time, they weren't just a team of misfits. They were the pioneers, the bridge between two worlds, and the hope for a dazzling future – the future of Pamdleeland.
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