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Trouble for Alan

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What would happen if Mullion liked the way Alan stood up against The Hood and wanted him. Will Alan be safe at school or will Mullion get a hold of him.

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Bitter Sweet

Disclaimer: I don't own the Thunder Birds, or anything associated with them. I only own Tony. If angst, slash, and rape and other mean things offend any one, then just don't read it.

One year later.

A black man sat in a dark corner, watching his cellmates with a grim on his face, while they kill each other in cold blood. He was just waiting for the right moment to make his escape, oh how he longed to get out of this prison. He wanted to get revenge on this family, this one person: Jeff Tracy ex-astronaut billionaire, Leader of the Thunder Birds. And what better way to get it through his youngest son, Alan.

'He looked so good when he stood against The Hood on Tracy Island. The way his face held the look of defiance, he looks like he would be fun to break. After I get out of here I'll hunt him down, and then he'll be mine.' The man in the corner smirked to himself.

The thought of hurting and causing pain to the beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed boy, made him shiver with a sick delight. Within his mind formed a plan that will cause the young Tracy to break and never be put together.

At Wharton Academy
"Hey Alan, what's up? Did you see that rescue that happened last night? It was so cool, the way Thunder bird 2 swooped in and stopped the tower from collapsing in to Tokyo Bay."

"Yeah that was so cool the Thunder birds saved the day again! Man I wished they would recruit. I would join in a heartbeat. So Tony what are you going to do? I was wondering if you could help me with my Chemistry work, the Finals are coming and I need help, but only if you have time." Alan said

Tony nodded his head and hobbled over to the table and chairs in the common room. Alan followed with both of their backpacks. After reaching the table and putting their stuff down Alan pulled out his chemistry folder.

"Okay, Alan what in chemistry is that you are having trouble with?" Tony asked as he pulled out his chemistry folder as well.

"I can't get how that when you mix these chemicals together you get a highly unstable compound." Alan said as he opened the folder to show him what he meant.

Tony look over his work for a minute or two, then gave it back to him and pulled out his work and compared the two sheets.

"Alan you have that all wrong, the atomic number should be 48 not 58, that mass is not right. Plus I don't think selenium does that with hydrogen. The chemicals are right but..." Tony was telling him till a kid ran up to them.

"Hey guys, check what's on the news, they said that some dude broke out of maximum security a week ago, and has been sited in Boston airport getting off a flight from England. " the kid said as he jumped into Alan's lap.

Alan pushed the kid off him and looked at the T.V. to see if the news was still on.

"Did the say who it was?"

"No not yet, they will in a little bit though."

"The man at large is 6'2", has black eyes and hair, scar that was given to him in prison, his name is Mullion, he was last sighted at Boston Logan airport. He was leaving the airport in a black sedan. He is armed and dangerous; so don't get to close to him. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please contact you're nearest police headquarters. Thank you I am Penny Crew with KK220 news" said a slight woman with brown hair and green eyes.

After that everyone went back to they were doing before the news came on. Alan just sat there with a pale look on his face. His friend Tony looked at him and grabbed his shoulder to get his attention.

"Alan. Alan? Alan is everything all right? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Alan just shook his head and said he didn't feel to well, so he was going to lay down for a bit. As Alan waked down the hall he pulled his cell phone out to call his dad. While he dialed the number he has a feeling that Mullion was out for revenge.

"Hello, Jeff Tracy speaking, can I help you?"

"Dad, hi this is Alan."

"Hi Alan what do you need? Is everything all right? You sound stressed out."

"Dad I was watching the news an they said that Mullion has escaped from Maximum security. He's said to be in the Boston area, also he is armed and dangerous." Alan said to his father over the phone.

"Don't worry I'll send Scott and Virgil to come and get you from school. I don't want you to be there if he is loose, he may want to use you for revenge." Jeff told his youngest son.

"All right I will start packing and get ready for them to pick me up. How long do you think I have to wait till they get here?"

"About an hour or two, if not less with the way Scott drives his car when you or your brothers are mentioned."

"Okay, I'll see you when I get home. Bye."

"Bye son."

Alan hung the phone up and pulled out his suitcase and began to pack his clothes, and electronics. He had to be ready by the time Scott arrived.

Meanwhile On Tracy Island
Jeff Tracy sat at his desk after speaking with his youngest son Alan. He then picked up the phone and called his eldest son Scott.


"Scott, this is your dad is Virgil with you or are you still in the concert?" Jeff asked his son.

"No, Virgil is here we're just leaving to go to the hotel when you called. Why what's up." Scott to him

"Well I want you and Virgil to pick up Alan and then come home."

"Why? Did he do something again?"

"No, I want you all home for that Mullion has broke out of Maximum security and is in the Boston area, he is also armed." Jeff informed his son.

"What! Mullion broke out? But the prison is in England how did he get here?" Virgil said for Scott had put the speaker on.

"He came here on plane."

"All right dad I am heading towards Alan's school as we speak. Is he going to be packed and ready or do we need to help him pack?" Asked Scott

"I told him you would be there in about an hour or two, but you are almost an there so you might have to help." Jeff replied to his Eldest son.

"All right dad will call you when we're heading home okay." Scott told his father

"All right Good-bye and have a safe trip." Jeff answered

"Bye Dad." Both Scott and Virgil said

"Lets go, Virgil I want you to go and help him pack and I'll go talk to the Headmaster." Scott told Virgil as he pulled in to Wharton Academy's dorms

"Right, I'll meet you up in Alan's room after you tell the Headmaster." Virgil replied.

The two boys got out of the car and went into the building, while Scott went to the Headmaster's office, Virgil went to the elevators and pushed for the 6th floor.

Unnoticed a black man was watching them enter the building where is prey lived. The man quietly walked into the building and walked up to the elevators and pushed the up bottom.

'So the Tracy brats are here, I wont be able to just take one so I'll take all three of the just so they can watch as I break their little brother.' Mullion smiled to himself.

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