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Going home or NOT

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What would happen if Mullion liked the way Alan stood up against The Hood and wanted him. Will Alan be safe at school or will Mullion get a hold of him.

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Chapter 2

Scott walked down the long hallway that would take him to the school's main office, he reached the door he turned the knob and stepped into the large room. Mrs. Jackson, the receptionist looked up and smiled when she saw him.

"Hello Mrs. Jackson, how are you today?" Scott asked as he approached her desk.

"Well hello Mr. Tracy. What can I do for you today?" She asked with a kind and friendly smile.

"Well, I need to see the Headmaster; I'm taking Alan home with me today. My father called earlier and left a message with the headmaster earlier, father couldn't make it down here so he sent me to sign him out instead." Scott quickly answered.

"Oh ok I'll ring him and let him know you're here. Just sit over there and he'll be with you in a few minutes." Mrs. Jackson said to Scott as she activated the speakerphone in front of her. After just a few seconds of waiting the headmaster's voice filled the line with a rushed greeting.

"Sir, Scott Tracy is here to see you, he is withdrawing Alan Tracy from school and needs to sign him out with you." Mrs. Jackson said as she smiled in Scott's direction once more.

"Yes, thank you; please send him in please Mrs. Jackson." The headmaster said.

Mrs. Jackson ended the call and nodded at Scott; she pointed at the door to the Headmaster's office and said good-bye. Scott walked into the office to see the Headmaster sitting behind a lot of paper.

I see you are withdrawing Alan from school today. I got your fathers message about you coming instead, I need you to sign some paperwork so that the state will know that he is no longer attending school here." The headmaster said as he stared to fish for the forms in his desk drawer. Once he had the packet, he handed it to Scott along with a pen.

Scott sat down and looked at the thick packet in front of him; he sighed then started to fill out what he had to and signed the spaces provided to him. This was going to take a while, he just hoped his brothers where ready by the time he finished.

In Alan's Room
-Knock Knock-

"Hold on I'll be there in a second, I just need to move some boxes away from the door." Alan said as he started to pull the box of electronics towards the bed area. He then opened the door to see his older brother Virgil.

"Virgil! Hey how are you, do you think you can help me pack a little more? I just have a few more things to throw in some boxes and then I will be done." Alan said as he gave his bother a quick hug.

"Yeah, that's way I came up here. Scott is downstairs with the headmaster signing you out of school. Dad called him right after he got off the phone with us; he knows that you are leaving so the paperwork shouldn't take so long." Virgil said a he looked around the room. "So what do you need me to do? I don't have a clue what you need packed or where you want it to go." Virgil said to Alan as he started to pick up some things to show Alan what he meant.

Alan smiled at Virgil then pointed to the box labeled weird and miscellanies stuff. "I just need you to put all the stuff on that desk, and those shelves into that box." Virgil nodded then got to work. He had almost finished emptying off the first shelf when there was another knock at the door. Virgil moved to answer it, but Alan had other plans.

"Coming, I'll be there in a second." Alan yelled as he turned to his brother throwing him a roll of packaging tape. "Virgil can you tape this up and I'll get the door, it's probably just Scott?" Alan said to his older brother as he walked to the door.

A Few Minutes earlier
Mullion made his way out of the elevator and on to the 6th floor of the dorm building. He smiles as he made his way down the hallway toward Alan's room. He had spent the last few days studying and memorizing Alan's schedule and habits, now he knew everything there was to know about the young blond who was soon to be his prisoner. He had Alan where he wanted him; there was no way he was going to get away. The arrival of the two older Tracy boys was unexpected, but he would just adjust his plan. He would just add two more hostages to his list; he would have fun breaking the older two by making them watch as he tortured their baby brother. Yes, this plan would work; he would get his revenge on Jeff Tracy.

Mullion stopped in front of Alan's room, he could already taste his sweet revenge. He could taste Alan; hear his screams as the young blond begged the larger man to stop the pain, and to release him and his brothers. He could already feel the sick pleasure running through his veins as he raised his hand and brought it to rest on Alan's door.

-Knock Knock-

"Coming, I'll be there in a second." Alan yelled as he turned to his brother throwing him a roll of packaging tape. "Virgil can you tape this up and I'll get the door, it's probably just Scott?" Alan said to his older brother as he walked to the door.

When Mullion heard that he felt little tingles run up and down his spine in anticipation. The door opened up and Alan stared wide-eyed at Mullion, the fear shining in his eyes was almost beautiful.

"Shit! Virgil Mullions here!" Alan said as he tried to slam the door, his panic slowing his actions.

Just as Alan tried to shut the door, Mullion pushed it back open and walked into the room with a predatory look on his face. Alan Tracy would finally be his, and nobody else's.

Alan stumbled as he backed away from the larger man, Virgil grabbed him and pulled him behind him, he would protect his brother at all costs. The look on Mullion's face sent shivers down his spine. Dread was quickly settling in his stomach.

"What do you want Mullion? Why are you here? We have done nothing to you that you didn't deserve!" Virgil said as Mullion came closer to the two brothers.

Mullion let out a harsh chuckle and continued to walk closer to his prey. He could smell the fear that Alan Tracy was giving off. Oh what fun this would be.

"You have done nothing to me? Oh but you have, you put me in jail, you sent me there to rot. That was something that was not in the plans for my life, but now I have you two here. I can get my revenge, you will be begging for mercy before I am through with you! Hahahah!" Mullion said as here stared at both boys.

Virgil Mullions stare with disgust at the way he was looking at his little brother. Alan whimpered and he pushed his brother further behind him, shielding him from Mullions stare. Just then the door opened again and Scott walked in, before Virgil could warn him. Mullion grabbed Scott and held him at knifepoint.

"I thought getting my hands on you was going to be harder than this." Mullion whispered into Scott's ear as he slowly added enough pressure to the knife to cause Scott to gasp in surprise. "Now I am only going to say this once, come with me and I won't cut his throat out and give him a Columbian necktie. Now come on you little brats, I have places to go and things to do." Mullion said as he motioned them toward the door.

Alan started to walk out of his room with Virgil right behind him, followed by Scott and Mullion. The made it to the elevator, just as it opened to see Tony come out with another friend of his.

Tony and the kid froze when they saw what was happening and backed away. Alan looked at them and shook his head 'no' when Tony's friend was about to jump Mullion. He then mouthed my brother, and jerked his head in Scott and Mullion's direction.

They seemed to understand what was going on and ran to their room in a hurry. Mullion herded the Tracy's in to the elevator and instructed Virgil to push the button for the 1st. Now all he had was to get them off of the schools campus.

When the elevator reached the first floor he told them to head outside and directed them towards Scott's car. Once they reached the car he directed Virgil to tie Scott's hand and Alan to tie Virgil's before he tied Alan's hands together himself. He then got Scott's keys and put the two eldest in the trunk together. He then grabbed Alan and tied his feet together, before shoving him into the back seat and buckled him in.

He got into the drivers seat and started the car. He pulled out of the school area and drove down the highway to an old abandon boathouse. It hadn't been used in about 6 years; it was the perfect place to hide his boat. Once he reached the boathouse he would load the Tracy boys onto it and take off. From there they would head toward Canada. Once they reached land again it was only a quick drive to an abandoned coalmine, there he would be able to have his fun without interruption. Alan would finally be his.

Alan's POV
'Oh my god what are we going to do? He keeps looking at me, what does he want with us? I just want all this to be a nightmare, just one horrible dream. I just want to wake up and forget about all of this." Alan thought to himself as he tried to avoid Mullions gaze.

I could only watch and wait as Mullion continued to drive. I looked out the window at my surrounding trying to figure out where he was heading. The only thing in this direction was an old boathouse. It had not been used by anyone in years; I could only guess this was where he was taking us. My suspicions were confirmed when the car came to a stop at the door to the boathouse. Mullion got out of the car and opened the back door. I tired to struggle as he reached in the car and roughly dragged me out of the car. He left me lying on the ground while he opened the door to the boathouse, then walked back to me and dragged me to the boat that was waiting there. He lifted me and carried me onto the boat then down into the cabin where he threw me on the bed then tied me to it. My heart raced as I open my mouth to scream, before I could get a sound out Mullion put his hand over my mouth.

"Scream and I'll kill your brothers in front of you. You are mine now and you better get used to it Alan, because I don't intend to lose you. Not even your father will get you back!" Mullion said and he put a gag over my mouth.

Mullion walked out of the cabin to most likely to get my brothers and bring them onboard. The silence of the small cabin was deafening, as I lay there and tried to listen for sounds of Mullion or any one of my brothers I tried to fight the tears that had been threatening to fall for the last few minutes. As the sound of a struggle was heard overhead the tears began to fall, I could not fight them anymore. I just wanted to go home and be safe with my family.

'What does he mean that I am his and his only? I belong to no one.' I thought as I closed my eyes and waited for the tears to stop.

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