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A New Titan

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What's it gonna be? A girl? A boy?

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Theresa screamed in pain.

Jay sat there with her comforting her.

Atlanta was there because she was the godmother.

The baby was to be borned tonight.

It was a warm night in the month of July.

The baby was to be born on July, 20.

Amazingly that was the day after Theresa's birthday. July 19th.

They we're having a party with the gods and goddesses until Theresa felt a bit weird.

Everyone was shooed out and Hera and Persephone tried to help make birth to the baby.

Theresa was in pain. But soon it would be all worth it.

The pain was so hurtful it was hard to describe.

The nurse saw a head a beautiful head.

Theresa swelled tears in her eyes. It was the most terrufying feeling but yet worth to experience.

When she was pregnant she could sense and feel the magic. She could feel part of her...part of Jay.

The fighter..and leader.

The descendants of theseus and Jason.

She could feel love, happiness and fate in this child.

The baby was crying uncontrollably.

It was all too new to it.

Atlanta couldn't believe this moment.

It was amazing, it was a miracle and the baby was a miracle. She couldn't imagine what sorts of powers it could have.

Theseus wasn't physic, Theresa had a special gift just for her. She had powers of a god. She couldn't imagine what this one was gifted with.

Jay soothed Theresa's hand one held on to her tightly. She winced all the pain into her hands.

She was glad Jay was with her and her best friend. And her family outside the door.

This was all too unbelievably happy moment for Jay. His own kid....he wanted Theresa to feel alright but he knew she had to feel such pain to get their baby into this world.

Soon the pain was to be gone.

Persphone held the baby in her arms and..

"it's a girl" she said.

Persephone looked at the baby and smiled then handed the baby to Jay.

Jay starred at the face.

It was round and delicate.

But it was crying in fear into this new world.

It calm down a little. You could see a bit of brown hair from her head. the same colour as Jay's.

The baby opened it's eyes.

There we're two green orbs popping out of the porceline eyelids.

Jay handed the baby to Theresa.

Theresa gently held it around making it snug in her arms.

"Ohh...." She starred at it's beautiful eyes, just like hers.

"You will be...Tracy, my dear baby girl."

She glanced at it one more time.

"Tracy.." Jay whispered.

he promised Theresa would name it...and he loved it...Tracy...

If they we're related to Theseus and Jason...Tracy would be related to both...

He liked this, he truely did. He knew his life with this miracle and his love will be the most extraordinary thing to him.


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