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Theress waited amongst the crowd of people 5:50 her watch said. 10 minutes she would be performing. She was scared what if she squeaked as she sang.

She wore a long-sleeved light blue shirt and jeans. and hoop earrings. She was warming u her voice. Some students from her class alreday performed there and some we're at the some restaurant.


She got up on stage...suddenly Jay walked up at the same time. They had stunned faces on. A duet? On this song?

The lights turned to a dark blue colour and turned on them.

The microphone in front of them.

Jay looked back from the audience to theresa.

(first of all the song totally made up but i can kinda think of a tune it;s great and romantic!!! So play along lol)

Theresa closed her eyes and sang out the words.

I believed in my own heart...

And yet I didn't understand....

Something was missing...

I kept trying and trying...

But one part of my heart was empty....

Jay looked at theresa she was amazing! And had a beautiful voice.

I never believed that...

When you take a chance...

I just never opened my heart.....

To the world of dreams....

Where love and laughter...oh...can bring you such joy

jay was pretty good too!

Oh..If i never met you...oh... ohh

You made me safe and sound

You made me happy

You bring liffe to my soul...

You bring joy to my heart!

Theresa felt calmer now, she didn't squeak or squeal, with Jay there she felt like she could do anything....

She felt strong, dependable, steength, wisdom, courage and faith.

She sand her heart out as she looked at jay smiling and singing.

Suddenly jay came closer to her.

She backed away. But the wall was in the way. He stopped and their faces we're so close together as they sang.

Theresa's eyes sparkled in the light as Jay sang with her.

Then the song stopped.

They took one look at themselves and the aundience clapped loudly.

Wow..did i really do that? , Theresa wondered...
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