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Bobby wants Rogue, Logan wants no one, and Rogue wants everyone. Spoilers for the second movie.

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Bobby was really starting to get very sexually frustrated. Not that it really differentiated him from every other eighteen year old boy in existence. Nor did the fact that his girlfriend was almost as frustrated.

They still hadn't worked out how to, you know.

Professor Xavier had been training with Rogue to help her control her powers, but to say it was slow going really didn't begin to cover it.

They'd come up with several other ideas but none had really stood up after much thought.

There had been the body condom idea, which seemed the most promising, but neither were sure just where the hell they were going to get such a thing and it wasn't really the kind of thing you asked your professors about.

Then Marie had had the idea to borrow Piotr's powers for a little bit, perhaps his invulnerability could stop her mutant powers. Bobby had rejected that idea right off, if he'd wanted to fuck a metal hole there were much easier ways to go about it. And really, the more he thought about it, the more unpleasant it sounded. Metal. Ridges. Ow.

Bobby had suggested mutual masturbation with gloves on, but Marie had demurred, muttering something about spandex really chafing in unpleasant places.

So it was back to the body condom again. Marie had suggested watching each other but one attempt had ruined Bobby's appetite for that. He had a strong suspicion that Marie was thinking of Professor Logan and NOT him. She just didn't have the heart to tell him he was only half right.

It didn't help that Bobby and Logan tended to glare at each other in charged, sexually ambiguous ways that made her want to stick her hand down her pants. It was so hard to choose between the two of them and, really, she wondered why she had to choose at all.

Logan was still in the process of trying to avoid grieving for Jean and since Professor Summers wasn't an easy target anymore, he'd been more than happy to encourage Bobby's male posturing.

She really shouldn't have been surprised when Logan offered to tutor Bobby after he got below satisfactory marks on his hand-to-hand combat exam. It was just a thin excuse for the two of them to try and beat the shit out of each other. Not that she was really objecting, since she occasionally got to watch and damn was it hot.

So when Rogue came by one spring day after English class with Xavier and found the two of them stripped down to shorts grappling on the floor, she decided it was the best of all possible worlds. Well, almost.

Author's Notes: I blame this entirely upon durendal. And Koanju for encouraging it (and then promptly asking for Pyro/Rogue/Iceman), when I told her just how I was ensuring my toasty place in hell.
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