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It's gettin' hard to be around you, there's so much I can't say (part one)

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Things go from bad to worse.

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Title: "Just So You Know" - Jesse McCartney

Corbin's biggest problem is her lack of self-control. Pete was too scared of her sometimes to be able to tell her no, not to do it. He wanted to help, but selfishly he didn't want to piss her off so she wouldn't leave him. He tried already and trust him, the grass isn't greener any where else. Corbin was it for him and he knew it, he just didn't know how to help her fix her problems. He always put her into rehab because he just didn't know what else to do. He was shocked to find out that Denise had no idea about Corbin's problem and assumed no one else around here knew either and that fact scared him shitless. He was still holding her, hating himself for letting her do this again. He wanted to trust her all the time, he wanted to believe her when she said she was fine but from thousands of miles away, as they have found themselves before, he can't see what she's doing and has no choice but to believe her. He sat her up slightly and leaned her against her bed again, taking the wash cloth into the bathroom and soaked it. He came back and sort of rung it out on her, trying to get enough water to make an impact on waking her. Corbin twitched suddenly and then her eyes opened, squinting. Pete stood up, turned the light out and Corbin opened her eyes, the light from the hallway enough for her to see Pete standing over her, his face relatively emotionless. She knew she scared him but she couldn't stop. Going to rehab would help her only for a short time, then she would crave it and stop at nothing to get it. She couldn't help it.

"Corbin? What's going on?" she heard Pete ask in a low tone. The pounding in her head was unbelievable; she thought her brain was going to liquefy and fall out through her ears.

"Pete?" she whispered. He kneeled down to be on her level, "I'm sorry," it was all she could think of with the way her mind felt. Pete nodded.

"It's not enough anymore, Corbin. I don't know what to do with you. I can't keep spending money on sending you to rehab for you to just relapse all the time and why does no one around here know about your sickness?" Corbin didn't know what to say. Pete was giving up on her and that really didn't give her any other reason to live.

"I feel like dying," she said softly. Pete just looked at her. She had said this before only because the pain in her head was so bad. "If you aren't going to be here for me I might as well kill myself," she added. Pete sighed.

"Yeah, whatever. Come on," he said standing up. He reached his hands out for her to grab and she just stared at them. She was fucking serious.

"Come on, I'm taking you home with me. I can't let this happen anymore. We're pulling you out of school and you're going to travel with me, I obviously can't trust you." Corbin didn't like those words; she didn't like hearing that Pete didn't trust her. She stood up to protest, immediately regretting the decision to stand so quickly. She lost her balance and fell back onto her bed. She groaned and held her head for a minute that looked back at Pete.

"You can't do that," she slurred. She was angry now, he had no right, "I love it here, I hate being on the road with you, I hate who you are out there. You can't do this!" she exclaimed. Pete shrugged.

"You don't have a choice. It's either that or more rehab which I'm not paying for anymore, so you really don't have a choice," he replied.

"Pete! No! You can't do this. I want to stay in school. I promise I'll get better, please!" Corbin began to beg him. She wasn't kidding when she said she hated who he was on the road. He was a total tool and it made her crazy! Pete walked to her closet and pulled out her suitcases.

"When you wake up later, we are packing. I'm so sick of this Corbin!" Pete yelled and threw her suitcase down in frustration. He quickly felt like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He wanted to violently hit Corbin and try to knock some sense into her. He was at the end of his rope, but he knew better then to let her go, to end the relationship. Feeling completely out of control of her emotions, out of pure frustration and total anger, Corbin picked up her cell phone and hurled it at Pete's head. He ducked but her phone smashed against the wall behind him and he turned around to meet Corbin's burning gaze. If it was ever possible to see fire it someone's eyes, it would be now.

"What the fuck?!" he yelled at her. She continued staring him down. She was heated and was quickly feeling more violent by the second. Without a second thought, she charged at him and shoved him against the wall. After he got over the initial shock of being slammed up against the wall by his girlfriend, he reached out and grabbed her arms, trying to prevent her from punching his face.

"I hate you, Pete! You never cared about me! All you want to do is control me and make me like you! I FUCKING HATE YOU!" Corbin screeched at him. Now, on top of feeling like he was going to have a nervous break down, he felt on the verge of an emotional one, too. He had no opportunity, the events of the night had happened so fast, to let her knew he was done with it all for a while. He felt overwhelmed from taking on too much responsibility and he also felt like now was the time to grow up. He wanted a home to call his own and a family he built. He was twenty-seven and it was time. He couldn't believe he still had to deal with this shit from Corbin. He felt pangs in his heart when she yelled that she hated him. He wanted to think it wasn't true, but In vino veritas or 'in wine there is truth.' Maybe this wasn't right. Maybe he was merely trying to help someone who just wasn't willing to change. Pete looked Corbin in her eyes, she was panting, her chest was heaving and he just wanted to cry. Pete was never a crier but this was sending him over the edge. Everything in his life just seemed to be crashing down rapidly.

Corbin wanted to spit on him; she wanted to cause him physical and emotional harm. She hated him. Somewhere inside her drunken brain was the feeling of total hatred, but the feelings of Pete's hands on her suddenly made her feel funny. She couldn't explain it, but she felt a weird amount of some much needed comfort. She felt her anger melt away and finally saw what was in Pete's eyes. He looked scared, he looked worried but most of all he looked hurt and Corbin started to cry...
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