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and I don't know how to be fine when I'm not... (Part 2)

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end of the fight and the morning after

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AN: Sorry it had teken me so long to update. I've been feeling pretty uninspired lately and my mind has been preoccupied. I've also been writing (with bridget's help!) another story that is near and dear to me. It's called "Love is Only Love" and if you havent checked it out yet you should because it's about everyone's favorite celebrity couple: Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross. That's right, it isn't a typo. Don't miss that one ^^. As uaual read and review my fellow FOB fans!

Title: "Just So You Know: - Jesse McCartney


Pete felt the pain in his heart increase as he felt his shirt get wet from Corbin's tears. He wasn't sure why she was crying, but assumed it was something he said or did.

"Baby, please stop it. I'm sorry," he began. He reached up and started to stroke her hair, he knew she liked having her hair touched. She pulled away from his shoulder and looked at him, her face damp from the massive tears.

"No. You shouldn't have to apologize anymore! I'm awful. I treat you like shit; I don't know why you stay around. I would've given up on me a long time ago," Corbin said, walking away from him and collapsing on her bed. Pete stared at her. She was right; she did treat him like shit a lot. But he was used to it, as terrible as that sounds.

"Core, there are so many things I need to tell you, baby. I can't do this anymore. You need me and I'm not here for you. I'm taking a break, for us. After this tour I'm going to lay low. I feel like I'm missing too much time. I can only have one thing in my life and right now all I want is you," Pete said. She fell quiet and just peered at him. Even in her highly inebriated state she felt touched...amazed that Pete was finally doing what he wanted to do instead of what he thought he should be doing. Pete continued,

"I know you'll probably forget this later, but I love you more than anything right now; more then the band, more then the company. Just...say you don't hate me. I know sometimes it's hard to be with me, but just tell me that I shouldn't give up yet." Corbin was astounded. He sounded so sad and worn out that all she wanted to do was take it back, but words sometimes just don't repeal that easily.

"Five minutes ago I hated you," Corbin said, trying her best to make sure her words were articulated correctly, "but I don't right now. I had no idea you felt that strongly about changing your life." Pete nodded. He walked over to her bed and lay down, pulling her aside of him. Grateful to be able to lie down, Corbin settled her head on his chest and just let him course through her veins. She knew that no matter how easy it seemed right now, that all the hard stuff would come about later.

Pete woke up sometime later, hearing the sounds of Chicago in full swing outside the bedroom window. Even asleep, he could see Corbin in an exuberant amount of pain. He even felt a little bruised on his chest from where Corbin had hit him. She woke up a little after him and she squinted in the midday sunlight. She raised her hand to her head and groaned. Pete nodded at her pain, not really sure what she wanted from him at this point. She closed her eyes again, giving Pete more time alone in his mind.

He felt a little relieved having told Corbin that he was taking a break from Fall Out Boy after this tour. Granted he still had months ahead of him before he would be able to seriously discuss anything, well, serious with Corbin. But he was sure he wasn't leaving her here alone anymore. He felt that even if all of her friends and people near her knew about her disease, she would still find a way to get what she needed. He knew Corbin well enough to know that she will stop at nothing until she had what she desires.

He carefully crawled out from underneath her and grabbed her suitcases and started to carefully place all of her belongings inside them. He began to think about what it would be like having Corbin around all the time. She may have caused him a great deal of pain just in the last day, but he still classified her under his "headache relievers." She had always been the one person he knew he could call whenever no one else would listen to him. When he was to busy being self-involved she was always the only one to let him know he was going to come out the other side unharmed, no matter how much he didn't believe her.

Corbin let her eyes open and felt herself smile at the sight of Pete carefully putting her stuff into her suitcases. She remembered everything that had happened earlier and everything he had said. He was right, as hard as it is to believe, Pete was right this time. She couldn't continue to do this. She never wanted to end up like her mother, alone and broken. Pete was her saving grace and even though she could tell that the next few months were going to be hell, it was what needed to happen. She needed a babysitter and there was no chance she was ever going to get any alone time at all on the tour bus. She was going to be surrounded by people who knew all about her and what she was capable of and they weren't going to put up with her shit anymore. Slowly Corbin stood up and trudged to the bathroom, feeling like her head was going to crack open. She took some Tylenol and walked back into her room. She was leaving school, she couldn't believe it. One more year left and she had to go. Pete leaned down and zipped up her last suitcase, totaling six, and spun around to face Corbin.

"I don't know if I'm ready for this, Pete," She stated honestly. He nodded.

"Me either." He walked up to her and placed his tattooed arms around her body tightly. She relaxed into him and breathed deep. Even though the challenge ahead of them was going to test them beyond measure, they were going to do it together. Pete was going to continue to feel whole and continue to keep Corbin deep inside of him where she belonged, no matter what some people tried to convince him and she was going to try her hardest to be understanding. She didn't want to hurt Pete anymore, he didn't deserve it.
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