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The keg. It's bleeding, I think I need to help it die...

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Sit back, sit back. Relax, relapse.

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AN: I'm half sick, so if this gets weird, it's just cos I'm delirious. But, omg, I went to see Say Anything last night and they were fucking AMAZING! Max Bemis=god. If they come to your city, you had better go; I swear it will be a life changing, religious experience! As always, enjoy and review! (Please review!)

Title: "The Keg is Bleeding" - Say Anything


Corbin sat on the large bus, at 3:30am, throwing a banana peel that helped Ditty Kong win the race. She sighed as Ditty raised his arms in triumph; she wished she could feel so elated. It had now been two months and she had taken her beatings as a merch girl and as a roadie and now she was done. She had demoted herself to just being Pete's girlfriend, full time. That alone was a damn hard job.

She got startled as a hoodie was hurled in her direction, which she immediately recognized as Pete's. She looked up at him and he smiled. He looked half asleep, but completely cute in his pajamas. She pressed pause on the GameCube as he took a seat behind her and placed his head on her shoulder.

"Can't sleep?" he asked. She nodded, shrugged his head away and leaned back against the couch. Pete looked at her carefully. Even though they hadn't spent more then two hours apart at a time in the last two months, he felt like he hadn't seen her in forever. This tour was really beginning to piss him off. He wanted nothing more than to settle down slightly with Corbin, he wanted to be able to really see her everyday, which was something he wasn't able to do while on the road. He always felt so tired and drained; he was never able to devote the time that he wanted to give her. He glanced at the clock by the flat screen TV and yawned at the four a.m. Corbin sighed for the billionth time that night and laid her head on Pete's lap. Pete stroked her hair and smiled at her as she wrapped her arms around his back. She took a deep breath; she always loved breathing in the smell of his body wash. That smell always reminded her of the first night she kissed him, and the first time a guy ever made her wet without even touching her. He was pretty much her first everything and unlike most girls, she never questioned if there was something more, something better. Suddenly feeling extremely frustrated, she sat up and looked him in the eyes. Her light brown hair was sitting just below her shoulders and proved of the restless sleep she was having before committing to the video game. Pete stared into her brown eyes, registering the look of rushed excitement in her gaze. Without hesitation, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers gently. Corbin was in no mood for gentle, and pressed her lips against his harder, forcing his mouth apart with her tongue. Quickly getting the hint, it appeared to be urgent that they get their clothes off as fast as possible.

Hastily yanking her shirt over her head, Corbin positioned herself to strattle Pete's legs. Pete reached up and pulled her hair lightly, forcing her to lean her head back as he began kissing her neck. She reached down between their bodies and rubbed Pete's growing hard on through his pajama pants. He groaned into her neck, moving so he could grip her waist. He grabbed her and laid her on her back on the couch, leaning down to kiss her neck again, this time trailing his kisses lower. He kissed her breasts and she unhooked her bra and tossed in on the table behind them. She gasped as he sucked gently, Corbin wriggling underneath him. She missed being able to make love to Pete because they were never alone. Even now they both knew they were running a large risk of waking someone or having someone walk in on them. Forgetting the potential consequences, Corbin slid her sweatpants and panties down as Pete quickly yanked off his own pants. He reached down to feel her wetness, Corbin groaning as he slipped two fingers inside her. He watched her face with a smile; he always did like making her feel good. After he was satisfied that she was ready to go, he moved her so he could lie on his back and Corbin rushed to push him inside her. As she slid down his length, she moaned his name causing Pete to push his hips up to meet her. Corbin threw her head back and dug her nails into his Clandestine tattoo on his lower abdomen. She bounced up and down on him as he breathed heavily, both of them trying desperately not to make too much noise. Corbin warned Pete of her oncoming orgasm, sat down and ground their hips together as she felt an amazing sensation rip through her body. Pete thrusted himself up into her one last time as he came, letting her name gasp out of his mouth. Satisfied, Corbin collapsed onto Pete as he tried to catch his breath, rubbing his thumb up and down her spine.

"We should do this more often," she said, giggling lightly. Pete chuckled.

"We should."


As the bus rolled onto the next venue, Corbin was sitting in the back room, listening to her Ipod and minding her own business. The door suddenly flew open and Pete bum-rushed her, laying kisses all over her neck. Rolling her eyes and yanking her headphones out of her ears, she pushed Pete away.

"What's wrong?" said asked, knowing the only time he ever spontaneously jumped her was when he was mad and no one would fight with him. He sat back on his legs and sighed.

"Nothing, I'm just tired of being on this bus, I've got cabin fever," he said standing up and pacing. Corbin closed her eyes, because pacing made her crazy. After letting him burn a path in the carpet for several minutes, she yelled,

"Just sit THE FUCK down, Peter!" Startled he looked at her and quickly sat next to her. "We have two days to get to the next place, which we will make it plenty of time. Let's ask to get a hotel, take a real shower and just enjoy space from everyone for a while, okay?" Pete nodded and laid his head on her shoulder.


After checking into the hotel, everyone had their own room, because they were all starting to jump down each others throats. Just earlier that day Patrick's fuse snapped at Joe because he left the peanut butter open on the counter the night before. Little things were becoming big ones and everyone needed a day.

Pete threw open the door to the 40th floor suite he was sharing with Corbin and smiled. Space! Sweet, sweet space. Corbin shoved in the door behind him, longing for a hot 45 minute shower because she was feeling like a total grease-ball. She threw her bags onto the king size bed and immediately began stripping. Pete smiled at the familiarity they had, it was not uncommon for them to just be naked in front of each other, or do gross, embarrassing things in each other's company. Stealing another glace at her curvy body, Pete walked into the bathroom to pee as she stepped into the hot water.

"I'm going to leave for a little to see if the other guys want to do something or just chill alone, so I'll be back," he said, zipping up his pants and sticking his head into the shower. Corbin smiled at him and nodded, leaning forward to give him a super wet kiss. After he left, Corbin relished in the peace and quiet, with only the running water to keep her company. She was so over touring and couldn't wait to settle down with Pete in a month's time. She stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in an oversized fluffy towel and looked around the suite to see everything that was there. There was a flat screen TV in the bedroom, as well as the huge bed, there was a stereo system and kitchenette. Wondering if there was snack in there, Corbin padded over to the cabinets and the fridge to rummage for something to munch on. She grabbed a small bag of pretzels and then opened the fridge for some water. Her eyes landed on the water but drifted over to the shelves on the door. She saw her oldest and closets friends there, in the miniature variety. Without a second thought from her conscious and her gut instincts, she grabbed the tiny bottles of Grey Goose and Absolut and two cans of Pepsi, retreating to the bedroom and shutting the door behind her...
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