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Then I wondered how it would be...

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How dare he!

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Title: "Walk Me Home" - Mandy Moore

Corbin felt like she was fourteen again, hiding in her room, entranced with her forbidden fruit. She missed the burn vodka gave her, a sensation no man could recreate. She began to hear rustling outside the bedroom door, realizing Pete must be back. If he caught her he would absolutely throw a huge shit fit. Not realizing how drunk she really was, she stood up fast and quickly ran to the dresser underneath the TV and carefully placed the tiny bottles and the coke cans inside the drawer. She shut it and steadied herself, trying hard to sober up a little. The door to the bedroom swung open, making Corbin jump. She turned to see Pete and smiled at him, trying her best to put on an innocent face. Pete looked her funny; he knew that look, she was up to something. He started to walk towards her and Corbin let her breath out, suddenly smelling the strong scent of alcohol. Panicking, she rushed past Pete to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Pete stopped in mid-stride, wondering what the hell was up with her. When she slammed the bathroom door shut behind her, Pete continued walking over to the dresser where she was standing and opened up the top drawer. He pulled it back slowly, only to find his blood pressure begin to rise. She just wouldn't stop! Completely frustrated and feeling slightly stupid, Pete walked to the bathroom and banged on the door. From inside, Corbin nearly jumped out her skin.

"Get out here!" She heard Pete yell. She sat down on the toilet seat lid, steadying her dizzy head. Pete found the alcohol, she knew it and normally she would stand up to him, but it had been over two months since she last had a drink, plus she hadn't eaten all day and she was drunker then she wanted to be; not quite to the point of throwing up, but still very drunk. Pete banged on the door again, feeling himself getting angrier by the second. He really didn't want to fight with her, especially not today, but she was almost leaving him no choice, he was dumb founded by her decision to drink. He partly felt at fault though, not remembering to remove any alcohol in the room or even requesting for it to be removed. But at the same time, she was twenty years old; she shouldn't need to have a baby sitter. Pete brought his fist down to his side and decided to go do just that. He sat on the bed and dialed the front desk, asking someone to come up to the room immediately to take the booze out and that he would pay for what had been drunk. Corbin shivered, the cool air from the vent creeping up her skirt. She felt completely abandoned suddenly, like even Pete didn't care enough to fight with her anymore. As she sat a shivered on the cold toilet seat, she wondered about her drunken mind, thinking for a minute about what Pete actually meant to her. She pondered the question for a few minutes and no answer came to her mind. She felt startled that she couldn't even place what Pete meant to her. He didn't specifically mean happiness, security, or love, really. He just was just so permanent he had lost his meaning. Corbin didn't like that thought at all. She knew she loved him like nobody else, but she wasn't sure what else there was. Determined, she stood up and walked out the bathroom, rounding the corner to see Pete lying in the middle of the bed staring at the TV like he had never seen one before. She walked over to him, yanking the remote out of his hands and turning off the flat screen. Pete rolled his eyes to look at her, not moving at all. She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"I was just thinking," she began, surprised by the amount of slurring in her voice, "you have become such a fixture in my life that I don't even know what you mean to me anymore." She said, feeling rather confident that she said what she meant until she saw the look on Pete's face go from emotionless, to sad in a rather quick second.

"What the hell?" he asked, sitting up. Corbin wasn't exactly sure, because she wasn't completely sure what she had said to begin with. She continued on with what made perfect sense in her drunken mind.

"Pete, I just mean that you've been in my life for a while now and that it's just that you've sort of become monotonous to me, like you're always there and I always expect you to be there." Pete stood up and slowly walked to her to be level with her eyes.

"I'm SICK of this. I'm tired of your relapses and I'm tired of your excuses and the things you say when you're drunk. I'm done, for real. I can't save you and you don't want to me saved and it's not my place to do so. I'm sorry, Core. You've got to go." Corbin stood staring at him flabbergasted. Did he just tell her to go?

"You drag me out on the road with you, make me drop out of my sophomore year of college and now you're telling me to go?! GO?! GO WHERE, PETER!?! I have no home! I never have, you're all I've had since I was 16! Where the fuck would you like me to go?" Corbin screamed at him. She was furious. Here and now? He was just going to cut her loose. Couldn't he wait until the tour was over...something? Mercy, Mr. Wentz!

"Corbin, I don't care what you do. As far as I'm concerned we are through. I don't care how amazing out sex is it's not worth it anymore. Just GO!" Corbin felt the tears begin to rip throw her body. Alcohol not only made her more emotional then usually, it tended to make her overreact, something Pete should've been well aware of...SMASH!

A tiny bottle of Grey Goose Vodka smashed against the wall behind Pete's head.


A tiny bottle of Absolut Vodka smashed against the dresser behind Pete's back. Without anytime to react, one Pepsi can after the other, one open, one closed, met his thigh was a painful thud as Corbin screamed at him how violently she hated him, grabbed her bag and proceeded to exit both the bedroom and the hotel room with as much noise and force as possible. Pete watched her go silently, the pain in his heart so extreme he thought he was going to succumb to his oncoming tears. He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his sore thigh where the Pepsi cans had hit him. He picked one up and stared at the other leaking vodka laced Pepsi all over the carpet. Soon feeling completely anxious about something, Pete growled softly and gripped the can tight. A second later he hurled it at the wall on the opposite side of the room and watched it explode all over everything in a five foot radius. He felt like it was a nice personification of how his dying heart was feeling at that exact moment...


Upset, angry, frustrated, heartbroken and ultimately drunk, Corbin stabbed at the elevator buttons. She was shaking with fury, how dare he! Her eyes were leaking black tears, her mascara sliding slowly down her face. She closed her eyes and thought as rationally as she could for a moment, but nothing was coming to her. She was homeless. She sighed as the elevator door dinged and wiped at her moist face. She opened her eyes to see a familiar guy standing there, take out in his hands.

"Whoa, Corbin. You okay?" he asked. Corbin breathed deep.

"No, I'm drunk, Pete just dumped me and I'm homeless." She replied. Patrick looked horribly unsurprised. "You knew about this, didn't you?" He nodded solemnly stepping out of the elevator.

"He said if you fucked up again it was over, no question. I just never thought he would actually do it...and now? Seems pretty shitty. You can stay in my room if you want. There a really bug couch in there?" He offered. "Plus I have food," he added with a charming smile. Maybe Corbin was really drunk, but Patrick looked welcoming and warm today. She smiled.

"Some food might help sober me up. Okay, I'll stay with you. Just, don't tell Pete," she added. Patrick gave her a nod and helped her walk back to his room...
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