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Uh oh!

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Title: "Uh Oh"- Brooke

Happy to finally have some food in her system and to be doing something other then being upset, Corbin stared blankly at the TV on the far wall. Patrick wasn't sure what to say, or why he even invited her into his room in the first place. He never really liked her, mostly because he just didn't agree with her lifestyle choices but also partly because he was jealous. He would never admit it to anyone but it annoyed him that Pete kept such a young, messed up girl tied down for so long. She was his best kept secret for all these years and Patrick never understood it. He found himself sort of upset at the fact that Corbin was more his age and that Pete had her around all this time, pretending that her problems didn't exist or weren't important enough to deal with them. He watched Pete toss his money away on sending her to rehab but never really trying to help her get better. He knew Pete well and knew that he last year or so with Corbin had been entirely selfish on Pete's part. He just couldn't bear to see her with anyone else.

He, like a lot of people, always entertained random fantasies, one of which he was sort of this knight in shinning trucker hat for Corbin. Like he just knew how to help and she rushed into his life forever grateful to his help. But ultimately he knew that would not be the case. He had never known someone with an alcohol problem and really wanted nothing to do with it, but as he was watched her tired eyes stare emotionless at the TV before her, his heart sort of felt heavy. He knew what Pete could do to a person mentally with all his indecisions, and just wanted to hug her and let her know that not all guys are like him. Most are, but not all of them and Patrick liked to consider himself an exception.

"Patrick?" she suddenly said out of nowhere. He shook his thoughts from his mind and turned to look at her sad eyes. She looked like she hadn't slept in days and her eyes were slightly red and puffy. He nodded. "Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked. Patrick screamed inside, he didn't want to be asked this. He didn't show it on his face, however and just took a good look at her for the first time in his life. Aside from the mascara swipes under her eyes, they were beautiful eyes. A light brown with long dark eye lashes. Her eyebrows were obviously trimmed to perfection and her nose was the perfect size. He checks were flushed slightly and it looked cute on her and her lips were perfect too. They curled up in the most delicate way and were full but not too full. Her hair was a light brown with flecks of blond throughout that seemed to just be natural highlights. Patrick sighed, beginning to feel his heart race.

"You're gorgeous," he replied with more sincerity then he wanted to use. Corbin stared at his pale blue eyes. No one had told her she was gorgeous in a long time. Three years to be exact. She wasn't all that drunk anymore and she realized that all this time she had been tricking herself that Pete was the end all and be all. Corbin mustered up all her courage and just said it,

"Will you kiss me, Patrick? I want to remember what it's like to be kissed for real." Patrick didn't know what to say. He really didn't want to kiss her to be honest, but part of him just wanted to remember what a real kiss felt like too. He had broken up with his girlfriend and was feeling pretty out of the loop. Decided with caution to the wind, he leaned forward and placed his lips on hers. He didn't want her to think he was enjoying, so he kept the kiss light hoping she wasn't into it and would back off. After a few seconds of them attached and neither pulled away, both got the idea that maybe they each needed this more then they wanted to admit. Patrick reached his hand up to place it on the back of Corbin's head, pulling her closer to him. She scooted over on the couch until she could feel Patrick's knee up against her thigh. Corbin placed her hand on his knee and the pecking between them grew heavier and she took the first initiative to open his mouth to let her tongue slip in. Patrick hesitantly french kissed her back.

He cautiously placed his other hand on her thigh and when he did, he received a positive moan in response. Feeling slightly more at ease with the situation, he began slowly running his hand up and down her thigh, still not completely sure he wanted to do this with her. Corbin sighed into his kiss and reached her hand up to the back of his head and entangled her fingers in his fine red hair. Patrick felt surprised by the tingle that went through his body and had to choice but to moan at her touch. Feeling encouraged, Corbin took the initiative to begin really getting ready to be with Patrick for the night. She carefully pulled her knees up on the couch so she was kneeling in front of him. Slowly she leaned into him as she brought her legs around Patrick's back so she was able to sit on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she gripped his waist with her legs. He slid his hands down from her hair and rested them on the small of her back. He slowly began to let his hands creep up her back under her shirt, Corbin loved the feel of his rough hands sliding up her spine and began to gently grind her hips into him. Feeling encouraged, Patrick took the initiative to slide her shirt over her head, which Corbin did gladly. She ran her hands down the front of his chest and rested them on his belt and waited for him to let her know it was okay to continue. He brought his hands up to her bra and started to fumble with the clasp which was enough of a sign for her and she frantically began to unbuckle his belt and undo his jeans.

Trying not to disrupt their rhythm, Patrick slowly laid down on the couch, pulling off Corbin's bra as they went. Corbin stayed attached in their kiss as she tugged on his jeans. Patrick leaned up a little to help slide his jeans off and Corbin hurried to shove her skirt up over her hips and remove her panties. Without hesitation, Corbin slid her hand into his boxers to feel him very erect beneath her and she was more then ready to consummate the moment. She took it upon herself to sit down on Patrick, which she did carefully, sliding him fully inside. She gasped at the feeling; she had almost forgotten that sex could be full of lust and wonder, not just motions you have to go through. Patrick moaned into her neck as she slid herself up and down his length. He was enjoying the feeling of something new and different, having a beautiful girl want to be so close to him. He wasn't stupid and knew that he was going to pay for this indiscretion in one way or another but for right now; he just wanted to be a part of this temporary distraction. Corbin was in another world, surprised by Patrick's attention to detail when it came to her pleasure and she made sure she let him know how much she appreciated it. Each of them only letting out satisfactory moans every now and then, they started panting into their hurried pecks and kisses. As her orgasm neared, Corbin began to huff louder, feeling an overwhelming desire to scream. Patrick felt his whole body tighten, amazed with the amount of lust he was feeling and he had never experienced anything as necessary as this before in his life. Corbin finally let herself go and gasped out an 'oh god' as she had the most intense orgasm she could ever remember. Patrick too let himself feel it and buried his head in the nape of her neck as he let his own pleasure go. Corbin sat still for a minute, still on Patrick's lap, and tried to catch her breath liking the light kisses he was placing on her neck.

After a few moments of soaking in their post-orgasmic glow, reality began to set in. Corbin felt her face flush as she backed away; pulling her skirt down over her thighs and Patrick wasn't looking at her. In fact, he was trying everything he could to think of something to say that would make him just disappear. He slowing reached for his pants and awkwardly pulled them on and just sat there, both of them at a loss for what to do next...
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