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I know that you'll be my downfall

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There's about to be a what?!

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Title: "Wow! I can get sexual, too" - Say Anything

Somehow, Patrick found the courage to stand and walk to the bedroom, leaving Corbin to sit and stare, disbelief taking over her mind.

"Oh god," she said quietly, putting her head in her hands. She couldn't believe that she had just had sex with Patrick, she wasn't even sure she liked Patrick at all.

Patrick sat down on the bed and felt at a loss for words and what he going to do about Pete. It was only eight pm and he couldn't believe what was going on already. Corbin felt tears begin to well up in her eyes. Pete...what about Pete? She just revenge fucked his best friend, which was probably the worst thing she could've possibly ever done. She groaned at the thought of Pete's reaction and laid down on the couch, staring up at the white ceiling, wanted nothing more then a very large drink. She opted, instead, to sleep her thoughts away, sort of hoping for an Armageddon so she wouldn't have to deal with what she did in the morning.


Unfortunately for her, morning did come and she was woken up by Patrick slamming the door while walking out of the hotel room. Corbin sighed and rubbed her eyes, making a face at the black smudges on her fingers. She stood up and trudged to the bathroom, feeling disgusted at her own reflection. Splashing water on her face, she heard the door to the room open again. She felt her heart speed up, knowing that she would never be able to look at Patrick again in the same way. She slowly exited the bathroom, peering around the corner to ensure as little awkwardness as possible. Patrick was sitting on the couch, checking out of the room and Corbin sighed. Granted, he was really cute; she just couldn't understand what would convince her that sleeping with him was a good idea. She walked over to where her bag was sitting and picked it up. She wasn't really sure what she was doing now, but stood there staring at the back of Patrick's head.

He knew she was standing there, but felt of unsure of what he should say to her. The screen told him check out was complete, but he continued to sit and stare. Corbin sighed again, then turned around and walked out of the hotel room. She stood at the elevator waiting for something. She wanted someone to come and tell her what she should do now. She was pretty sure she wasn't allowed on the bus, and she had no money to get back to Chicago.

"Corbin..." she heard a voice from behind her. She turned around to see Pete standing there looking at her in question. He thought she would be long gone by now. She felt her stomach flop and her heart fall to her feet. Her Pete...she still couldn't believe what she had done. Her eyes stung again as the tears threatened to fall. He took a cautious step toward her; he didn't want her to cry over him like he had been over her all night. She was thrown off by the amount of sadness in his eyes. Hadn't the break up been his idea? Overwhelmed by the amount of dreadfulness she was feeling, Corbin's face scrunched up and she let her tears roll. Pete walked closer to her, close enough that she could smell him and he was fresh out of the shower. The scent of his body wash and cologne made her feel even sadder and she began sobbing, suddenly wishing she never saw him ever again...she didn't deserve to.

"Core," he said getting even closer to her, "Corbin, baby? Please don't cry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it; I don't want you to leave. You can't leave me..." he said, only stopping because his throat felt tight. He was fighting a strong urge to break down, but he didn't want to cry in front of her. He carefully put his arms around her shoulders; he just wanted to be near her. She shook her head and began to push him away. She shoved at his shoulders with her might until he finally let go and looked at her.

"I can't," she began quietly. Pete went to say something but she continued, "You don't deserve me. I'm not good enough for you, Pete. Please just walk away." He didn't move. He didn't understand. He knew she had problems but they always managed to get through it, he wanted to always be there for her.

"No, Corbin. I want to work this out. I want us to be okay. I need you in my life," he said. She stared at him and felt her eyes widen. Why now? Why did he want to fix everything when it was already too late? She just couldn't help it as the tears started to multiply. She felt on the verge of collapse and hiccupped as she tried to find her breath to be able to tell him...

"Pete...there's something you should know," she said. He nodded, still inches from her face. He looked at her curiously, waiting to hear her say that she needed him, too. She took a deep breath and wiped at her tears.

"I slept with Patrick last night," she said in a whisper, hurt by her own words. It was different actually admitting it out loud; it made her feel even worse. Pete looked at her, disbelief growing on his face. He shook his head and stepped away from her. Corbin hung her head, thoroughly ashamed for hurting Pete like this. As if on cue, Patrick stepped out of his room and into the tension-thick hallway. Pete spun around to see him and felt odd. Patrick didn't look any different, but the guy he knew would never have done this to him. Patrick saw the hurt in Pete's face and knew that Corbin had said something.

The three of them stood there, no one sure what the other was going to say. The only sound was of Corbin sliding down the wall, burying her head between her knees and sobbing. Pete looked at her, his heart wrenched when he saw her like that. He was mad at her for sleeping with Patrick, but even madder at Patrick for letting it happen. Not wanting to cause a scene, Pete broke the silence.

"Why did you do this?" he asked Patrick softly, keeping his voice as clear of hostility as possible. Patrick didn't know what to say. He wasn't really sure why he did it to begin with and had no idea how to explain the situation to his friend. Pete sighed, beginning to get angry.

"Why did you do this? You knew she was drunk and you should've known better!" he said, his tone beginning to rise. Patrick walked towards him, ready to defend himself. He wasn't going to be the bad guy.

"She threw herself at me, Pete! What was I supposed to do? She needed someone and I was there for her," he said. Corbin let the tears leak silently from her eyes as she listened to them begin to fight. She never meant for this to happen.

"You were sober, Patrick! You could have stopped her at any moment but you didn't! Don't you understand what you've done to me? I thought you were my friend! How could you DO this?!" Pete yelled. Patrick shook his head. He didn't know how to explain it, but it just felt right with Corbin.

"I'm not sorry and I'm not apologizing. Maybe you should be asking that slut what she was doing instead of blaming me!" Corbin's head shot up from her lap and she stared in awe at Patrick. Pete's face twisted into a very mean expression and before he knew what was happening, Patrick felt Pete's fist collide with his face and he stumbled backward. He turned his head back to stare at Pete, and prepared to fight with him. Corbin jumped to her feet and ran toward Pete. She grabbed his shoulder, but Pete spun around and grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall. He was huffing and staring her right in the eyes. She squinted at him, furious with his sudden rage. Patrick stood stunned for a minute at Pete's quick reflexes and then realized what he was doing to Corbin and advanced on him. He grabbed Pete by his hoodie and drug him to the floor, kicking him when he was down.

"Patrick, stop!" Corbin yelled at him, but Pete grabbed Patrick's ankle and yanked him down on the floor with him, where Patrick landed with a thud. Pete quickly climbed on top of Patrick and began to raise his fist to punch him again, but Patrick was prepared and stopped his fist throwing Pete off of him and slammed him hard against the floor, Pete's head colliding on the carpet with a thump. A door opened a few feet away and Andy, Joe and Bob came rushing out of the room to the spot where the guys were fighting. Bob reached down and forcefully drug Patrick off of Pete and slammed him against the wall. Bob yelled at Patrick to calm down. His face was flushed and his breath was shallow, but he yelled at Bob that he was fine and he backed off of Patrick. Patrick turned his head to look at Corbin who was staring wide eyed at Pete. Andy stuck his hand out to Pete, which he grabbed thankfully and hoisted himself to his feet. He straightened out his hoodie and glared at Patrick and then Corbin. She was still up against the wall and felt fearful of Pete for the first time in her life. The look in his eyes was enough to scare anyone. Even Joe looked unsure of what Pete was going to do next. He quickly walked up to Corbin and grabbed her hand, dragging her down the hall and back to the room in which he was staying...
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