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Some things tie a life together...(part one)

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history repeats itself...

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AN: I crammed alot into this little chapter. Just bear with me, i wanted to move the story along.

Title: "Dusk and Summer" - Dashboard Confessional

Feeling out of control over his own emotions, Pete threw open the hotel door slamming it against the wall as it banged shut and he threw Corbin inside. She stumbled back away from him, still feeling frightened of the look in his eyes. He advanced on her quickly, shoving her back up against the wall. She closed her eyes, prepared for him to hit her, but he just stood there silent. She could hear him huffing in his anger. Quietly he spoke,

"Why did you do this?" he asked her, his voice full of anger and hurt but very soft. Corbin let her eyes squint open and she peered at him and shrugged her shoulders. He continued to stare at her, not sure what he really wanted her to say, if anything, to make him feel okay with this.

"Pete, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to hurt it you. It just sort of...happened. I feel like we don't really connect like we used to and I wanted to feel something real again. You were right when you told me to leave. It's just not working out," Corbin replied, stepping away from Pete's softening gaze. That wasn't at all what he wanted to hear. He shook his head, cutting her off at the door.

"No. Please, I said I was wrong. I want to be with you, I want to work on our problems. Don't do this," he pleaded with her. She sighed and pushed him a little out of her way.

"I'm sorry, Pete. This is how it has to be. I've got to learn to be on my own before I can commit to being with someone else. I've got to get better and you weren't helping me. I'm sorry," she said, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. The door slammed shut behind her and she looked to her left to see Patrick hugging his knees while leaning against the wall. He jumped at the sound of the door and looked at Corbin. She smiled gently at him, prepared to say goodbye to him forever. Walking up to him, she kneeled down to be level with his face.

"Thank you for being there when I needed you and for standing up for me. I want you to know you'll always have a special place inside me. Be good to yourself," she said. He looked at her thoroughly confused. She hugged him quickly and stood up walking to the elevator. She decided she was going to take a cab to the nearest bank so she could get money to get back to Chicago and try and sneak into her old dorm room until she could find a way to get her own place. The elevator took her down to the lobby where she waited patiently for a cab, feeling the most uneasy she had ever felt in her life.


Pete watched her go and just let the door shut in his face. He couldn't move. Corbin had been his reason to go on, she was the reason he recovered so well from his near death experience. She had been the cause of so much pain and so much joy that he wasn't really sure how he was feeling anymore. He sighed stepping out into the hallway just in time to see the elevator doors close. He looked at the floor and saw Patrick sitting with his head between his knees. Pete didn't know what to say anymore. He felt numb. He wanted Corbin back so bad, he was almost willing to do anything for her...almost.


Only one month had passed and Corbin was still living in her old dorm room, hiding from the Resident Advisors and only going out when she needed to go to her job. She hadn't had a drink since the night she slept with Patrick and her heart was yearning. She couldn't believe how badly she actually missed Pete. She felt a huge hole in her life but refused to try and fill it until he came back to her.

She sat on the toilet seat and thought for a second. She was halfway through her month of birth control but suddenly realized that she was twenty four days late on her period. Exactly three and a half weeks.

"Oh no," she mumbled to herself. She shook her head again. No, that had to be wrong...

She jumped up and ran to the living room and saw Denise sitting at her laptop. She got startled by the look on Corbin's face.

"I need you to do me a favor..." Corbin said, her eyes brimming with on coming tears. Denise nodded. "Can you go get me a pregnancy test? I think I'm in trouble." Denise's eyes widened as she nodded and got up to leave.

Corbin was back in the bathroom a half hour later sitting on the toilet waiting for the egg timer to buzz. What was going to happen if she was pregnant? Would Pete actually talk to her? Would he support her or be understanding or would he get scared and tell her he never wanted to see her again? Then she had the most terrifying thought of all...what if the baby wasn't Pete's at all? The egg timer buzzed and if shocked her out of her thoughts. Slowly she stood up and walked to the little stick that was sitting on the counter.

Plus sign. Blue. Positive. You are pregnant.

Corbin gasped and immediately threw it away. There was another test in the box; the other one had to be defective. She retested and minutes later the egg timer went off and told her again what she didn't want to her.

Plus sign. Blue. Postivie. You are Pregnant.

This time Corbin screamed and threw herself back against the bathroom wall, sliding down its length until she collapsed in a heap on the floor, tears steadily flowing from her eyes. Pete would have to be in London by now, that's where the tour was taking them, but she wanted to call him. She wanted him to know she was sorry. She didn't want to repeat his mistakes but she knew that there was no way she could possibly go on. What did she have to live for anyway? She was a twenty-year-old-alcoholic-college-dropout-homeless-pregnant girl. She stood up and rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found Pete's left over pills that he forgot months ago. The bottle said to take two daily, so she took four. Then six. Then ten. It was a matter of minutes before she felt woozy. She lost her balance and fell over landing on her butt. She saw her cell phone resting on the counter and picked it up to dial Pete's number.

Pete was shocked to be Corbin name in bold lighting up his phone. He wondered why she was calling him, considering they hadn't spoken in about a month.

"Hello?" he asked. She didn't answer right away. He sighed, she was probably drunk and calling him to bitch about something.

"Pete..."she said softly. He could barely hear her.

"Corbin? Are you okay?" he questioned, "I can barely hear you." Corbin coughed and felt her body staring to reject the amount of medicine in her system and she starting shivering.

"I'm sorry, Pete, for everything. I love you and I don't want you to ever forget me. I'm so sorry..."she said. Pete felt alarmed. He recalled telling his mom the same thing when he thought he was dying.

"Corbin? Where are you? What are you doing?" he said, quickly jumping out of his bunk and walking to the front of the bus.

"I'm leaving, Pete. I have nothing left and this is the only solution that seemed right. I'm sorry for what I did to you. You don't deserve me. But I love you, I always will. Please forgive me someday." She stopped and curled herself up into a ball on the cold tile floor.

"Corbin, no! Please tell me you didn't. I've been where you are and life isn't that bad, there is a better solution! Please tell me you didn't do that!" he was practically screaming into the phone. She felt the vomit rise in her throat, threatening to spill over her lips. She shot up quickly and let her stomach empty into the toilet seat next to her head. Pete was pacing, he was so far away he didn't know what he could do. He didn't want to let her go but he wanted to call 911. He spotted someone's phone charging on the table in the kitchen area and silently promised them he'd pay the long distance bill. Listening to her throw up meant she was still alive so he dialed 911 to get connected to America and was able to tell someone where she was and to help her fast. He knew how quickly those pills could affect you. Suddenly he heard a dial tone on Corbin's end and he panicked. He called her back immediately but it went straight to her voicemail. Pete slowly sat down on the couch and prayed to himself that she was still alive...
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