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You slendered threads and things to treasure (part two)

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AN: Hm...i don't even know how I'm getting where I'm going in this story, but it's going there...

Title: "Dusk and Summer" - Dashboard Confessional

Corbin wasn't sure how long she was out. She actually wasn't at all sure where she was. She heard a faint, incessant beep, and when she tried to move, she felt something tug at her skin. She looked down to see an IV strapped to her hand and the beep was telling her she was alive. Feeling alarmed, she looked around the dim room. There was another bed not too far away from hers and she noticed someone in it. She smiled to herself. He was always the only one to care.

"Pete?" she said. Her voice was extremely raspy and she could taste vomit in her saliva. She still wasn't sure how she got there, but she figured he had something to do with it.

Pete had fallen restlessly asleep, taking the red eye out of London to be by Corbin's side. He remembered how badly he needed someone while he was in the hospital, he could only imagine she felt the same way. His eyes snapped open when he thought he heard his name called. He looked over and saw Corbin looking at him, at light smile on her face. His heart raced, he felt so relieved to see her awaken. Slowly, he stood up and approached her. She looked terrible, but he imagined he didn't look to gorgeous either after almost dying and having his stomach pumped.

"Hi," he said to her softly. She smiled. "How are you feeling?" he asked, carefully sitting next to her on the bed. She scooted over a little to allow him room and sighed.

"As I good as I can, I guess. What happened? How did I even get here?" she asked him, her voice barely above a whisper. He told her how she called him and how he called 911 and had taken the last flight out to get here. Corbin let her eyes close as she listened to his voice. She heard every word and was amazed that he still cared so much about her. After all this time and all the pain...then she remembered, her baby...

"Pete? Did the doctors say anything else about me? Is everything okay?" she asked. He raised his eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" he questioned her. She wasn't sure if she should just say it, or if she should forget it, but she really wanted to know if she was still going to have a baby.

"I want to know if I'm still pregnant," she said. Pete just stared at her. His stomach did a back flip when he heard those words. Pregnant?

"When..." he cleared his throat. He wasn't sure if he was happy to hear this or upset. He and Corbin weren't even together anymore and a baby just wasn't something he had in his immediate life plan.

"I found out yesterday. I guess I kind of freaked out," she said, smiling. Pete wasn't laughing. He wasn't finding any of this even remotely amusing. He stood up and backed away from the bed. Patrick...hadn't she...what if...

"Holy shit," Pete muttered to himself. Corbin looked at him in question. Pete shook his head. "That baby might not even be mine!" he said, suddenly feeling an insane amount of jealousy. He was still entertaining thoughts of him and Corbin settling down, him taking a break from the glare of Hollywood for a while, but now? He wanted Corbin to have his children someday, but he couldn't be sure that this was his child. Corbin slowly sat up, feeling every muscle in her body scream in pain. She felt like she had been hit by a large truck.

"Pete, I know. But there is a better chance it is yours. I just need you to be here for me right now, please?" she asked him. He continued to stare at her, realizing his jaw was hanging open and he snapped it shut.

"I want a DNA test for I commit to anything, even remotely, with you," Pete replied. Corbin let her eyes linger on him for a moment before looking down and the white sheets. How could she have been so stupid? Pete had never done anything wrong or to hurt her in any of the four years she had known him. She screwed up so badly. She remembered how much she hurt when she was in Pete's position, watching him suffer not only inside of his mind, but watching everything and everyone around him suffering too. Corbin felt a tear slip down her cheek and she sniffed. Why did she always have to do this?

"I'm so sorry, Pete. You don't deserve this. Please, just go," she said. She felt like she had no right to even be near him anymore. She caused him nothing but pain and anguish all the time and he needed otherwise. His mental state was always too fragile for him to have to deal with Corbin. Pete didn't know what to say. Every time she told him he didn't deserve her, he felt like yelling, 'what's better then you?' He didn't want anything else and the more he looked, the more he realized that there actually wasn't anything better. Even with all of baggage, Pete never cared to see if some one was out there like her, without all the excess, but the excess is what made her Corbin. It's what made her the girl Pete loved, unconditionally. His love without boundaries. He was about to say something when a nurse walked in and started to fuss with Corbin and her many wires. Pete backed away to sit on the bed and let his eyes travel to her stomach. She would look so beautiful carrying his child, he just knew it. But he couldn't help but wonder if the child really was Patrick's...

Corbin asked the nurse if she knew if she was still pregnant. The nurse said she didn't know but offered to go find someone who did. A few minutes later a doctor came in to inform her that she was still in fact with child, but she was very lucky. Corbin then requested a DNA test, just as Pete wanted and the doctor brought a nurse in to draw some blood. He promised to let her know by the end of the day.


Corbin sat on her bed, rubbing her growing belly. She sighed; she knew she had lost him. The news was so devastating to Pete; he left without even a goodbye. The only thing left was to tell Patrick he was going to be a Dad.

Upon her release from the hospital, it once again left her homeless. She had nothing but boxes in her old dorm room and wished against reality that this would be Pete's baby. She wanted to lie down next to him on his bed and talk about baby names and where they were going to put a crib. But that wasn't going to happen, ever. She still knew deep down that he wasn't going to stay away forever, they weren't meant to be apart.

Corbin trudged down Patrick's street, dragging her small suitcase behind her. She saw his house merely feet away and keep walking on, despite her mind telling her to run to Pete's house and beg for forgiveness and his love. She was empty inside without it...

She lifted a shaky hand and rang the doorbell. Shivering against the Chicago wind, she stood there for a while. He was home, she knew he was. She rang the doorbell again, this time hearing shuffling coming from inside the house. The door opened and Patrick stood there, shocked to see Corbin standing on his front porch looking so lost and alone. She smiled at him gently.

"Um...what's up?" he asked her. Corbin shrugged. What's the best way to tell someone your one night stand resulted in a child?

"Nothing, really. I just really need to talk to you. Can I come inside? It's freezing out here," she said, beginning to approach the doorway. Patrick stuck his hand out to stop her.

"Now's not a good time, Corbin. I'm sorry," he said. She looked him puzzled. He wasn't looking her in the eyes, but staring at his hard wood floor like he expected it to toss her out. Corbin was about to ask him why when a slender figure emerged from the living room to stare at Corbin. She looked from the girl to Patrick and was able to put two and two together. Corbin was always one to have a healthy amount of self-confidence but seeing Patrick with the model-like girl made her feel about two feet tall. She refused to cry in front of him again, let alone over this.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Patrick. I just...there's something you should know," she began. Patrick nodded and told the girl to go wait for him. He walked outside with Corbin and shut the door. She sighed and looked at him, scared to death of the news she had to bring him.

"What's up? I really can't talk too long," he said. Corbin wanted to hit him. This wasn't something she wanted to rush, but he was basically giving her no choice.
"Well, since you're in such a hurry...I'm pregnant. And it's not Pete's. Just thought you should know," she said, standing up and running away from his house as fast as she could. Patrick stood frozen. That couldn't be was only one time. He turned to see her walking as fast as she could away from his sight. He shouldn't have let her leave...
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