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I'd trade wisdom back in for innocense

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ultimately, it's her decsision

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Corbin sat down on her suitcase when she was tired of walking. She had taken the bus as close to Pete's house as she could get and then walked a little way and stopped. She sat shivering, huddling into herself to try and get warm. She couldn't believe this was her life. She could see the light on in Pete's room from where she was sitting across the street and wondered what he was doing. He was probably moping about in his usual fashion, causing some kind of drama. She imagined he probably drove home, stormed in the front door and freaked out of his parents over something stupid. He probably marched upstairs and put on some whiney music and texted his friends about how horrible his life was. The truth of the matter was that Pete had it good. Damn good. Corbin was homeless, pregnant, alone and freezing. She sighed and watched her breath drift away in the air. What she wouldn't give to be little spoon in Pete's bed right now¡¦


Pete could think of nothing. It was pretty much all he felt, he had been sitting on his bed staring at the wall for hours. He was numb all over. He didn't even need his pills to take away his anxiety because he had none. He was in a vegetative state and found nothing that was able to pull him out. He drove home from the hospital in complete silence, refusing to let his mind go over the words again and again, "The DNA is not a match." He walked into the front door, half noticing the way his parents looked at him in concern. He probably looked as pale as a ghost. He felt like one. He felt all of his plans for his life slowly slipping between his fingers. The girl he loved was carrying a child that wasn't his, but his best friends. He had a hopeless feeling deep down in his body and couldn't think of how to rid himself of it. He missed her. Regardless of what had happened, he wasn't sure he cared that it was Patrick's baby and not his. He just wanted Corbin. He had always just loved her for everything she was, even her mistake. He loved every flaw on her skin and every mark on her soul. As his eyes drifted sightlessly around his room, they suddenly landed on a picture of him and Corbin and he smiled at it. She gave it to him the week he was recovering in the hospital. He still attributed that picture to how fast he recovered. He kept the little post-it note she gave to him with it attached on the frame:

No matter how low you think you've gotten
No matter how much you think no one cares
I'll always be by your side. I love you, Peter.
- ¢¾ Corbin

He sighed. They looks so happy there. What happened? And where was she now? Her promise seemed do empty, even though he knew he was the one who had pushed her away. He grabbed the picture and stared at until his vision got blurry. His mom suddenly yelled up to him and Pete snapped back, wiping at the tears he didn't remember crying. A few minutes later there was a knock on his bedroom door. Pete put the picture from down and slowly walked to the door, ready to tell his mom he wasn't hungry and he just needed to be alone, but when he opened the door, it wasn't his mom at all.

"Patrick? What are you doing here?" Pete asked, feeling extremely uncomfortable for the first time ever in Patrick's presence. Patrick pushed past him and sat down on the bed closest to them. Pete shifted in his spot, no sure what to say to his long time friend. Patrick groaned suddenly and stood up.

"Ever since she told me, I can't stop thinking about it. A kid? Dude, I'm still a kid! I'm not even sure I like children. I don't know what to do here and I can't stand the thought of what this must be doing to you. I just want you to know how sorry I am. I shouldn't have done this to you but I wasn't thinking. I just got wrapped up in the crazy moment and I wish I could take it back. God, do I ever¡¦" and he sat back down again. Pete didn't know what to tell him. He was about to walk to the other bed to sit and talk to Patrick when another knock came on his door. Pete huffed, turning around to open it,

"Mom! Can you please just give us a minute? I'll be down¡¦" but his voice got lost in his throat when he opened it to see Corbin. Her hair was wet from what he assumed was snowfall and she looked frozen. Forgetting all their problems for a minute, he quickly ran to the other bed and drug the blanket off of it and wrapped it around her, rubbing her shoulders. Corbin smiled at him wearily, secretly astounded by the care he was showing her. Patrick rubbed his hands on his thighs uncomfortably; feeling like the air in the room suddenly became extremely thick. Corbin sat down on Pete's computer chair and wrapped the blanket around her tighter, just noticing Patrick sitting on the opposite side of the room. As she had nothing but time to think lately, she had increasing got madder at him for just letting her leave, regardless of the skank in his house. Pete just realized who the people were sitting in his room and cleared his throat. Corbin stood up and walked over to Patrick and sat down next to him, so they were both facing away from Pete. Pete wanted to give them as much privacy as he could, so he sat down at his computer and pretended to be looking for something.

Corbin wasn't sure what she was going to say to Patrick, but she had figured out her own personal solution, and just wanted to make sure he was okay with it. Patrick couldn't bring himself to look at her. He felt so bad for letting her go yesterday.

"Patrick¡¦I just want you to know I've figured out a solution that works for me. I just want your okay on it," Corbin spoke up first. He nodded at his feet, waiting for her to continue. She sighed, "I'm getting an abortion. That's all I can think of that will make everything relatively okay." Patrick's head shot up and he looked at her, his jaw hanging open slightly. He shook his head. An abortion? But, that was so¡¦final. There had to be another way.

Pete was only half looking at the computer, mostly trying to hear what Corbin was saying. He spun around in his chair when he heard her mutter abortion. He looked just in time to see Patrick look at her stunned. He knew that was the last thing Patrick would want to do about their situation.

"Corbin¡¦I¡¦abortion? Why? Can't you just give it up for adoption, something? Anything? Why this?" he questioned her, He just couldn't understand why someone would choose something so incredibly irreversible.

"Because I can't expect you to just drop everything in your life to help me. I wouldn't want you to. And no offense, but I don't think of you like this. You¡¯re my ex-boyfriend's best friend. I don't want to be a problem for you anymore. This is the only solution that makes complete sense." Patrick tried his hardest to get his brain around what was happening. He felt like ultimately he really didn't have a say in what she did because it was her body. Pete stood up and began walking to them.

"Core, I just think you should think about how you'll feel after it's over. If you're sure this is what you want, they we will support you," Pete said, sitting down behind Patrick. Patrcik turned around to stare at him. It was just like Pete to put his ideals into everyone's mouth when no one wanted him to speak. But he nodded, feeling pretty worn out mentally. Corbin nodded.

"I know this is what I want."
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