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Chapter 2 - Backtracks and a Backlash

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get inside their heads....

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The noise in the small venue was almost unbearable for her, squinting her eyes narrowly she tried to understand what the hell the bartender was saying, she gave up and handed him $10, not getting much back in the way of change either.

"Totally robbing me blind..." She muttered to herself and leaned against the bar. She knocked back the shot and felt it ooze down her throat and eventually make her stomach roar, she always wondered what the heck was going on her stomach when she swallowed neat shots like that.

Feeling those hot sweaty hands on her skin was both sexually satisfying and relieved her of the future anxiety she knew she'd have, if she'd had to find him herself.

"You're being unsociable." He said in her ear, noticing now that the noise had stopped....or was it music? Who cared...
Her hand went up behind her and she felt the thick rough hair of her lover's head.

"You like me that way Pete, then you can have me all to yourself..." She said, he smiled and planted warm kisses on her neck.

"I want you to meet some of my friends. They want to meet you!" He smiled, she turned and their bodies pressed firmly in the crowded club. Her eyes were searching his.

"I'm not good with strangers."

"I'm not asking you to be good."

"You won't talk me into it."

"Stop being a brat! They're good guys!" He whined. She giggled and threw her head back as she did, she put her fingers in his hair and messed it playfully.

"I am very spoilt." She said in a soft tone and kissed his lips loosely, her hips pressing against his. His hands pulled her waist into his and he leaned her back, kissing her in a manner totally inappropriate for the club.

"Not at the bar kiddies!!" He yelled and they stopped without looking at him, they just looked at each other.

"So who are these friends?" She asked, he grinned, displaying that dorky smile.

He took her command of her hand, he forgot how small they were compared to his and how many times he had squeezed them too tight when he'd been towing her at parties, gigs or festivals.

From the first time he'd set eyes on her at the party, he'd made a sound resolution in his mind to have her. No matter how long or what he had to do, he wanted to sweep her off those pretty feet and make sure he arrested her heart.

He didn't have to work hard to do it, his charm and wit had already got him half way and bottle of wine, the rest. In all trueness, they were a couple that made people gag. Opposites attract and repel everyone else around them. Fact.

Pete was complicated, creative, emotional and sensitive.

Bea was a black or white girl, in-tune with her body and mind, fiery and stubborn.

They were both passionate, affectionate and honest.

As a couple they were compatible, sociable and inseparable.

She'd given him confidence when no-one knew he needed it, when she didn't understand his confused head, she just listened and supported his decisions. When he was on the floor, she would be pulling him up and when he stepped astray, she reigned him in.

He'd given her romance in a way she'd never knew existed, he made it OK for her to express herself in the ways people made you feel weak for. He'd shown her the grey areas of life instead of black or white and he had always from day one, made her feel more than a woman.

Bea was 17 when she met him, he was 22, in the bloom of youth. Her parents strongly resisted the relationship but with the honesty they both had, they proved to her parents their responsibility. That was before they knew that she was sleeping with him before she was 18, they gone mental crazy and tried to ground her but she just packed a bag and ran away to his place. They were always super careful and it felt so right to be with him that way that she resented feeling guilty or wrong for it.

Those days seemed so trouble free, sure they had drama but on nostalgic evenings, it seemed to pitter into the smallest of significance when they looked at their lives now. As proper grown ups they had to make decisions that would affect their lives, make choices, choose friends, change their own flaws. It was tough. And the sweet fabric of home sweet home life was wearing thin and fraying at the edges. Careless words had trampled on their rose colored glasses and had definitely ruined the greener grass on the other side.

"This is my new friend Patrick Stump!" Peter said proudly, with his arm around him.

"Hello Patrick Stump!" She said with the cutest emphasis on the 'P'.

"Hi!" He said, his eyes were shifty. She just stared at him and took him for a second.

"Patrick is joining our new band! He is a gifted singer but the screaming is still up to me." Pete said, again with pride. She smiled wide.

"Of course, nobody can scream like you baby!" She said warmly, Pete slung his arm around her and squeezed her tight.

"You're studying Medicine?" He asked,

"Trying to....not the brightest spark in the class though, flagging behind a little....." She said, there was her honesty creeping out.

"What?? Don't listen to her, she's amazing and she'll be an amazing Doctor because she has a big heart!" Pete said, he kissed her neck firmly.

"And you work hard..." he whispered in her ear. She smiled and Patrick looked a little bemused.

He would learn from these two that it's perfectly normal to have affection and openly show it when you're in a relationship with someone you love. If the fact it puts people off bothers you then the only people who miss out are you. Although, he would still get embarrassed when he'd hear them making love in the apartment, especially if his girlfriend was staying. They'd lie there awkwardly, inhibited and shy. Deep down because they knew they didn't have Peter and Beatrice had. There was never vulgarity, it was maybe a bit noisy sometimes but they never intended to disrespect anyone. Bea would always apologize in the morning but would make them laugh with witty comments regarding her 'sex torrettes' or her trying to find out what a real orgasm was.

That's why it was such a shock to everyone when they hit the patch. It appeared maturity was changing them both and suddenly after 2 years with each other, they hit a road block. After this road block, their lives destined to head in different directions and like a road that split, would lead them apart emotionally, physically and mentally.

He never left her, ever. He was emblazoned in her memory and it was so raw, a wound that would not heal and re-open every day. He'd graced her life with his wonderful spirit and she hoped he was satisfying another woman's life the way he did hers because if he was, then she he was doing some good in the world with that capacity he had to love.

He kept everything from her in a box, so cliché but so needed because he wouldn't let her little memories slip away with time. All the photographs, of which all were happy, all the love letters they used to slip each other and emotionally, he put every kiss, touch, whisper from her in that box too.

He'd opened it several times, there were moments when a song would instantly take him back to her and he'd be reliving the times so vividly, he felt she was actually there with him.

They inevitably crossed paths at times, looks were given, silent words were spoken and feelings were thrust up but they always kept strong. They never went back on their words to be free of each other's lives. In the back of her furthest mind point, she could never go through what she'd had to go through to end it with him again, it was a risk she couldn't take, her heart just would not survive and the prospect of living without love again was too much to lose.
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