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Chapter 3 - I Would Have......

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Short but important none the less....

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As she witnessed the horrifying scene before her, she felt fate was dealing her a severe blow but didn't understand why. How could this have happened, the chain of events that lead them both to be in this trauma room, at the same time, in this situation because of when he had chosen to what he had done was too much for her to absorb as a coincidence.

Why have you done this? What was so bad in your life that you had to do this? Why? Peter, I don't understand and I always thought I would but you're lying there like you have just given up hope of ever being happy. Where did it go wrong? You don't understand what you've done, you don't, I hate you! I hate you!!

Those words were sobbed in her mind as her sore eyes could only watch as the wired him, pierced him, drained him, all the things that were 2nd nature to her but seemed like a complete violation when she saw them done on him.

Why?? She asked again before closing her eyes and pulling darkness over her eyes so she could just try and make sense of this mistaken situation. She thought if she opened them again, she'd see another man lying on that, it was still Peter.

I will never forgive you for this! How could you be so selfish! If you wanted to die, you should have let me know first!! I would have talked you out of it, I would have loved you away from it, kissed you away from the tendencies. I would have made everything alright.

I would have made everything alright, Peter.
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