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Chapter 20- Secks

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Ashley, this one's for you. Ha, guess what band I'm seeing tonight. I'll give you a hint. "We have to take our, clothes off!" hey, it applys to the chapter! oops, i've said too much!

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It was two days before Pete got out of the hospital.

It was one week that I stayed with the boys.

It was five weeks until they came back home and it was a month before the record was released.

It seemed like forever until life got back to normal, and more and more, as the days passed that Pete's words were getting to me.

As stupid as it was- he was right.

There was this un-defined feeling, chemistry, if you will every time Patrick came back home from business or other little jobs. My heart was leaping towards un-known territory.

Patrick's feelings.


I decided to visit Ashley's grave.

It was a somewhat sentimental thing that calmed my nerves.

The bad thing was that I was growing quieter as the leaving date approached. The boys were leaving on warped tour fairly soon, and it was pulling the strings of my heart of how long I would have to go in an empty house, again.

The grass swayed slightly as a summer breeze whisked by and I smiled as I gripped a dandelion in my fingers. I closed my eyes and blew it out, wishing for something obvious.

"What'd ya' wish for?" My heart skipped a beat out of fear before I looked up and smiled at the sight of Patrick who was standing, car keys dangling in his grip.

"Something," I mumbled and stood up, walking, Patrick soon following. Patrick reached out and gripped my hand, but I looked down and lightly pulled away.

I climbed into the passenger seat and closed my eyes, listening to the engine start as Patrick wordlessly drove back to the house, the house I had grown up in, the house he had recently started to call home. As soon as the car stopped, I was out and walking through the door, shedding my hoodie and shoes. Patrick came in after me and sighed.

"Jenny," he called and I turned towards him.

"What?" I asked and he gulped.

"What's the matter?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Nothing," I mumbled and kept walking, him following up the stairs.

"Don't lie to me, Jenny," he persisted and I shook my head, pushing my bedroom door open. Patrick closed it behind him and watched as I whipped around.

"I'm /fine/, Patrick," I hissed and suddenly felt horrible. "I'm sorry," I whispered and Patrick shook his head.

"Jenny, what's going on?" he asked in a whisper and stepped closer. I looked away.

"Why do you care so much, Patrick?" I croaked and I saw him bite his lip before answering.

"Because I love you," he whispered and my eyes widened, head whipping towards him and my lips parting.

"What?" I asked and Patrick gulped, hands shaking with slight nervous fear.

"Jenny, I..." he paused and I pursed my lips together before taking three shaky steps and stopping right in front of him.

"Love you," I finished and he nodded, head falling and looking away.

I picked his head up in my hand and let his eyes sparkle with hope into my own, my heart skipping a beat almost every other time, building up anticipation.

His finger's curled around my waist and the other hand rose to hold the back of my neck and it felt like the world stopped, my breathing leaving and heart racing so fact I couldn't feel it any longer.

In those few moments it took for us to move towards each other, my eyes fluttered close and I sighed as finally we kissed, Patrick's soft lips landing on my own. A few moments later it became passionate, lips parting and head tilting, my nose brushing against Patrick's glasses, a light giggle escaping my lips and into the heated kiss.

Patrick's hand soon fell from my face and slid down my side to hold my waist, slightly stepping backwards towards the bed. My hand entangled in his hair and slightly jumped as my legs hit the side of the bed. He pulled away and my hands fell to the color of his polo, waiting for his eyes to open.

And when they did he caught mine and smiled.

"Everything I could ever wish for would never compare to this," My breath hitched and I bit my lip, his hands sneaking up to the bottom button on my shirt.

It unclasped and he leaned forward again, capturing my already sore lips in another heated battle. The air of the room was soon in contact with my bar stomach as Patrick pushed back the sleeves of the shirt, it falling down my arms, one strap of my bra falling with it. Patrick pulled it back up and I tugged on his shirt, his arms lifting, lips breaking just for enough time to pull it over his head.

It was then that I fell onto the bed, crawling backwards and watching intently as Patrick pulled his own jeans off before climbing over me, arms holding himself over my impatient body. He leaned down and started to place butterfly kisses on the nape of my neck, my eyes fluttering closed as he kneeled on one side of me, hands reaching down to unclasp the jean mini-shirt I had worn out today.

A slight moan escaped from the back of my throat and I clenched my stomach in as Patrick's fingers hooked into the fabric of my panties, pulling them down. I sat up as he finished, him kneeling in front of me, watching almost nervously as I slipped off my own bra before lying back down and bit in my lip, still just a tad scared of the looks.

He leaned forward once more and caught our lips together, my fingers gripping the sides of his boxers and tugging them slowly down until he kicked them off, the slight sound of it hitting the ground growing distant in my ear. Patrick moved is head to my ear and kissed there before whispering.

"I love you Jenny," I closed my eyes and gripped the sheets as he slowly entered and paused for only a second as we both whimpered, savoring the moment.

As Patrick thrust back in, I moved my arms to wrap around his neck, slightly scratching at his back, as I bit my lip in pure ecstasy. Things soon sped up and I arched my back, throwing my head back as my toes curled into the sheets, climbing further up the ladder of pleasure.

"Jenny," Patrick breathed and I closed my eyes tight, his lips landing on mine as we both finally reached that spot, stars blanketing my vision as I came back down to earth and struggled to catch my breath as Patrick fell next to me, his hand falling to rest on my stomach before reaching down for the sheets and covering us up.

I rolled over and wrapped my arms around his torso, breathing somewhat going back to normal and listening to his heart beat, it slowly softening and slowing back down to it's normal pace.

"Jenny," Patrick whispered after our breathing was steady and I tilted my head up to catch his dancing eyes and lazy smile, a toothy one to say the least.

"Yeah?" I breathed and Patrick kissed my temple before my cheek and before my lips he smiled, seeking down to lye right next to me on his side.

"You're amazing," he whispered and kissed me, my eyes fluttering closed as sleep started to fall over me. I yawned as he drew away and snuggled as close as possible.

"Yea, well, you're amazinger," I whispered.

It was true.

Oh, so true.
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