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When Harry tests a portal five years after the defeat of Voldemort, he get sent to a world filled with pirates. What happens when he joins the StrawHat Pirates? What about when he finds out that Vo...

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Disclaimer: As much as I wish otherwise, I do not own Harry Potter or One Piece; plus, would I be placing this on a fanfiction website if I did own either of them

AN: The characters that will be from the One Piece universe will be as follows: Luffy

(Duh), Zolo, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, & two OCs. The OCs are Zarx (a martial artist constantly sparring with Zolo, he also has a whip & a dagger) & Alahandra (a woman who ate the Makai Makai fruit, a fruit that allows the one who ate it to turn into a demon). In addition, I will be using the Japanese names for the cursed fruits and plan on Harry eating the Goro Goro (Shock Shock) fruit or a made up one, you get to decide what fruit he will eat.

Chapter 2

"Oh my aching head," Harry said as he woke up.

"Don't get up yet, you hit the water pretty hard," a slightly high-pitched voice next to him said.

"Huh...Whoa what are you!" Harry yelled as he saw the owner of the voice.

"My name's Tony Tony Chopper; I was a reindeer before I ate a cursed fruit called the Hito Hito fruit," the reindeer like person said.

"What is a cursed fruit? And where am I?"

"A cursed fruit is also called a fruit of the sea. If you eat one, you will gain a remarkable power, at the cost of never being able to swim again. As for where we are, you are on the ship The Mary Go. If you will wait here, I will tell the crew you're awake; and don't get out of bed!" With that, Chopper left the room, leaving Harry alone with his thoughts.

'So either the portal sent me to another dimension or through time. Oh well, better get some sleep,' were Harry's last thoughts as he fell asleep.

(With the rest of the crew)

"So how is he Chopper?" a man with three swords asked.

"He seems fine, but the funny thing is that he has a strange scent. He is human, but there's something else in his scent I have only smelled in the cursed fruits," said Chopper.

"This seems suspicious, first we barely escape from that strange pirate ship; then this kid suddenly appears out of nowhere," another man in a white martial arts outfit with a whip on his belt stated.

"Oh, calm down Zarx, your too paranoid," an orange haired woman named Nami said to him.

"Hey I know. Let's invite him to join our crew!" another guy with a straw-hat on yelled.

"Luffy, would you please not yell, and besides, we know nothing about him," a guy with a nose about half a foot long snapped at him.

"Let's play it by ear; just to be safe," a redheaded woman with eyes like pits of hell, suggested.

"Yeah, let's do that. Anyway, I need to go get started on dinner," a man in a black suit said & walked off.

(With Harry 13 hours later)

When Harry woke up, the first thing he noticed was the lack of Hermione's weight next to him. Then he remembered the previous day's events.

"Oh crap,"

"What?" A voice from the door asked.

"I just remembered yesterday's events. Hey, why do you have three swords?"

"I fight using Shintiriou, the art of three swords. I use one in each hand and one in my mouth. By the way, I'm Rorarora Zolo. Who are you?" the newly dubbed Zolo asked.

"My name is Harry Potter. Was there a stick looking thing with me when you found me?"

"I don't know, you'd have to ask Sanji, he's the one who dove in after you."

"Hey Zolo! Sanji sent me to tell you that dinner's ready, and since our new pal here is awake, why don't you come to," a tall muscle bound man said coldly then walked off.

"What's that guy's problem?" Harry asked Zolo.

"Nothing, he just doesn't trust very easily and he's incredibly paranoid."

"Reminds me of a guy I knew called Mad Eye Moody. He was so paranoid; he would only eat and drink what he made."

"Zarx did until he tried Sanji's cooking. Sanji has the title of the best cook in the world."

"I can't wait to try his cooking then. Could you show me to the place where you guy's eat?"

"Sure, follow me."

(At the Dining Hall)

"Did you get Zolo?" the straw-hat guy asked.

"I told him dinner's ready and invited our 'guest' as well." Zarx told him.

At that moment, Harry and Zolo walked in.

"Hey smells good in here." Harry said as he walked in.

"Thanks, this isn't even my best cooking. By the way, I'm Sanji; the man in the straw hat is Luffy; the beautiful woman with orange hair is Nami; the other beautiful woman is Alahandra; the other man is Ussop; and you've met Zolo, Zarx, and Chopper."

"My name is Harry, and I'm either from a different time or dimension," (Harry had decided earlier to tell them about where he was from.)

"COOL!" Luffy yelled hurting everyone's eardrums.

"Why don't I show you a map of the world and you can tell us if you're from a different time or dimension." Nami suggested.

"We could also tell you about the world to help you get better acquainted with it." Ussop also suggested.

"Thanks," Harry said shyly.

(Fifteen minutes later)

"Okay I'm definitely in another dimension. The world I came from doesn't look like this," Harry was looking at a map of the world that Nami had gotten for him. The others had explained to him about it being the Golden Age of Piracy and how Luffy was trying to become the King of the Pirates.

"So could you tell us about the world you came from?" Alahandra asked.

"I guess so. Since I'm not in my past I can't screw up the future. Okay, in my world magic is real, and people can use it are called witches and wizards. People who can't are called Muggles. Now, when I was born, there was a dark lord who called himself Voldemort. Because of a prophecy, he killed my parents and tried to kill me but failed. When he failed to kill me he was turned into a spirit for thirteen years.

(Read books 1-5)

"When I got back to my relatives house after my fifth year; I decided that I didn't stand a chance against Voldemort, so if I was going to die, I was going to take that scaly son of a bitch with me. I started training practically nonstop after that. When I got back to Hogwarts, the only times people other than Ron and Hermione saw me was at meals or in my dorm when I was asleep. At the end of the year, the final battle began. Voldemort attacked Hogwarts. After wounding him badly, he pulled out a portkey and dragged me, Ron, and Hermione with him to the graveyard from my fourth year. Ron and Hermione held off the inner circle while I dueled with Voldemort. In the end, I killed him which killed the last surviving Death Eaters through the Dark Mark. Celebrations lasted over two months. Now five years later, I got married to Hermione, and the two of us work together making new spells. I was testing a portal spell when I got sent here and you know the rest," Harry then grabbed a glass of water and took a long drink.

"Harry, do you think you could show us some magic?" Alahandra asked hesitantly.
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