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The next few days went by really well. Apart from all the pain I was in, I was actually quiet enjoying myself being able to just sit around doing nothing and having the guys and Gabby run round after me. All I did was sit there and give out commands, I felt rather important and powerful, it got boring at times but I soon managed to amuse myself by asking the guys to do something silly. If they ever refused to do something all I had to do was threaten that I'd do it myself and they'd make me sit back down and go do it for me. The nausea and dizziness was gone and the headaches where easing off meaning that my concussion was going. My ribs where still painful but at least now I could breathe and talk normally.
It's Thursday night and I'm in the bus waiting for the guys and Gabby to get back from the show. We would be travelling through the night for to get to the last venue for the shows on Friday and Saturday night and then Sunday we will be travelling back home.

"Hey Carlee we're back." Paul called walking onto the bus followed by Billy, Joel, Benji and Gabby.
"I see that."
"Don't be getting pissy because you're bored and I'm not going cleaning out the toilet again for you." he complained. I laughed remembering the other day when I was really bored and Paul was the only one around so I started asking him to do things pretending they needed to be done to see how far I could push him. I was quiet proud of myself I managed to persuade him to clean the toilet.
"It's so not funny."
"Paul you've gotta admit it was kind of funny." Billy laughed patting him on the shoulder on his way to the bunks.
"How've you been? You better not have been doing stuff." Joel said sitting on the sofa next to me. Benji and Gabby had gone and sat in the dining area.
"No I was a good girl, I've been sat here bored out of my head reading my book." I sighed.
"Aw." Joel grinned. I was about to give some smart-ass reply back but had another coughing fit, coughing up blood. I got a tissue out of the box that I had next to me coughing the blood into it. It wasn't much blood; I'd been having these coughing fits on and off all day. The doctor said it was normal for this to happen so not to worry but it was fucking horrible. When I recovered from my coughing fit and turned back to Joel he looked really worried.
"Carlee are you ok, I'll call a doctor." Joel panicked searching for his phone.
"Joel, Joel calm down I'm fine, well not completely fine obviously but it's nothing to worry about."
"CARLEE YOU'VE JUST BEEN COUGHING UP BLOOD AND YOU'RE TRYING TO TELL ME IT'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!" Joel said in his panicked state attracting the attention of Benji and Gabby who now also looked worried. Paul and Billy walked through from the back to see what was going on.
"Joel seriously calm down, the doctor said it's normal it just means my ribs are starting to heal up." I said Joel relaxed a little and sat back down but he still looked worried.
"But you're coughing up blood how can that be normal?" He said quietly.
"It is trust me or at least trust the medical experts." I smiled reassuringly. He gave me a little smiled back.
"How long have you been like this?"
"Since this morning."
"And are you...does it..."
"Joel it's fucking horrible coughing up your own blood but no I'm not in any more pain than I was in or anything. Stop worrying so much, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, would you like to come?" he smiled and nodded. Just then there was a knock on the bus door.
"Sorry to interrupt, Carlee are we ready to go?" Steve asked.
"Erm yeah I think so, Guys are ya'll ready to go?" I said looking round the bus at everyone. They all nodded so I gave Steve the go ahead and we where on our way to the last venue.

The next day we where all up around noon-ish because we all stayed up late having a little party because it was nearly to the end of the tour. My doctor's appointment was at one o'clock which meant I would have to leave in the next half hour because I had to find where it was.
"Joel if you still wanna come with me your going to have to get a move on because I need to leave now." I called to him in the back of the bus.
"Yeah coming now." He called back appearing ready to go seconds later. "Ready?"
"Yeah lets go." I said walking out the bus door. "Don't look so worried Joel you look more nervous than me, it's only a check up nothing to be worried about I'm getting better." I smiled, he smiled back weakly nodding.
We found the doctors in no time and when we got there I wasn't kept waiting that long. Everything went well the doctor clarified that indeed my ribs where getting better and reassured Joel that the coughing up of blood was perfectly normal and nothing to worry about as long as it stayed as just a few drops if it got any worse then I should come back for a check up.

When we got back to the bus we all hung out together lazing around until the show that night. I had to stay on the bus because I had some phone calls to make for work. When the guys got back we where all exhausted so we just sat and watched a movie. Benji and Gabby cuddled on one sofa, Paul was lay flat out on the other sofa minutes into the movie he was snoring, Billy was sat on the floor leaning on the sofa Paul was on and I was lay between Joel's legs on the floor as Joel was leaning on the sofa Benji and Gabby where on. We all must have fallen asleep before the movie ended because the next morning when I woke up everyone else was still in there places from last night asleep and the TV was still on. The only person who had moved was Billy. I gently got up so I didn't wake Joel and joined Billy in the kitchen area for some breakfast.
"Good night's sleep last night?" Billy laughed.
"No my necks killing me and my ass." I said trying to get the crick out of my neck.
"My back killing me. I'm surprised any of us managed to fall asleep in the places we where especially with Paul's snoring." Billy said.
"I know bloody hell I never realised he snored that badly." I laughed. Just then Benji started to wake up a little. He rolled over obviously not realising that he was on the sofa and not in a real bed, he fell off the sofa landing on Joel. They both jumped awake.
"What the fuck..." Benji grunted.
"Benj what the hell are you doing!" Joel shouted pushing Benji off him. My and Billy burst out laughing.
"I fell off the sofa what are you doing down there anyway?" Benji grunted.
"Fell asleep here like YOU fell asleep on the sofa." Joel grunted back. Benji came into the kitchen area getting a cup of coffee and sitting down next to Billy who was sat opposite me. Joel followed sitting down next to me. All the commotion woke Gabby up. She sat up rubbing her head.
"What's going on?" she said still half asleep.
"We fell asleep during the movie last night and you've just missed Benji falling off the sofa landing one Joel." I smiled. She looked from Benji to Joel and started laughing.
"How did you manage that?" she said grinning walking into the kitchen area to join us.
"I don't know I just did." Benji said not finding the funny side of it yet. He never was a nice person to talk to in a morning.
"Paul still sleeping?" Gabby said looking towards Paul who was still flat out on the sofa. We nodded looking over towards him.
"Is he still alive he's been sleeping for like fourteen hours and not moved at all?" gabby laughed.
"He's fine he can sleep though a bomb going off next to him." I said knowing what it's like when doing a wake up call for him. Just then Benji got an evil grin on his face and jumped up disappearing off into the back off the bus.
"What are you up to Benj?" Billy asked.
"Nothing." Benji replied guiltily.
He returned seconds later with a feather and some toothpaste still grinning evilly walking past us and kneeling down next the sofa that Paul was sleeping on. I caught on to what he was up to.
"Benjamin you tight git." I laughed. Benji just smirked at me and continued with his little plan. He put toothpaste on Paul hand then tickled his face with the feather, all four of us watching in amusement. To Benji's disappointment Paul rubbed his face with the other hand. Making me laugh at his plan backfiring. He tried again but this time Paul rubbed his face with the hand with the toothpaste on it. We all laughed that his plan actually worked. Benji gave a cheer. Just then Paul stared to wake up feeling that there was something on his face and looking at some of the toothpaste still on his hand then seeing the feather and toothpaste in Benji's hand.
"Benjamin Madden I'm going to fucking kill you!" Paul shouted getting up, Benji ran off and Paul ran after him. We where all in fits of laughter seconds later we heard shouts of pain from Benji and laughing form Paul. Minutes later Paul walked into the kitchen area calmly with a satisfied look on his face.
"You get him?" he grinned.
"Oh I got the little fucker." Paul smirked.

We hung out around the bus for the rest of the day Benji and Paul where still plays arguing at anything and everything. They did their last sound check for the tour and then later that night played their last show for this tour. We where all sad that the tour was over but glad in a way because we where all now exhausted. After the show we went for a pizza then went back to the bus. We weren't setting off on the road until the morning so Benji and gabby went out for a walk together, just friends my ass. Billy and Paul where making the most of the huge selection of video games we had on the front of the bus and me and Joel where lay in his bunk together just chillin. He was lay little bit further up then me and was stroking my hair.
"Another tour over." He sighed.
"Yeah at least this time it was a little more pleasant than past ones." I smiled.
"Yeah defiantly." He agreed and kissed the top of my head softly. "I love you."
"I love you too." I smiled sitting up a little to kiss him on the lips then lay back down.
"So where are you staying when we finish tour?"
"Don't know I've not really thought about it I could go to mine and Gabby's, I might go and see my sister..."
"I thought you didn't get long with your sister?" he asked. I shrugged.
"We're not close but at the end of the day she is my sister. She's just had her second child I now have a nice and a nephew." I smiled.
"Aw congratulations aunty." He smiled at me.
"Failing them there's always a hotel." I like staying in hotels I get good deals and loads of free stuff from the company.
"I was thinking maybe you'd like to come stay at mine?" he asked hopefully.
"Joel I..."
"You don't think it's a good idea do you?"
"Well thing is..."
"If you don't want to it's fine."
"Joel will you let me finish." I said getting a little frustrated at him.
"Sorry go on."
"What I'm trying to say is I'd love to stay with you it's just I really want to go see my sister and then I'll have to sort something out with mine and Gabby's house so while I'm busy doing that I think it would be best if I stay in a hotel for a few weeks but after that I'll give you a call and take you up on the offer to stay at yours." I smiled.
"You really mean it?"
"yeah I really mean it, of course I want to stay with you it's just you know what it's like for your self too when you come back off tour getting back to normal and you have to go into the office to sing all the papers and shit. Give it a couple of weeks and we'll sort something out then. Ok?"
"Yeah." She smiled and kissed me. "Keep in touch though."
"Will do."

We left early the next morning dropping the guys off at their houses one by one Paul first then Billy, Benji and Joel then me and gabby got dropped off at ours. I hate it when you just get back off tour with all the washing and shit to sort out getting back to normal. As soon as I got home I rang my sister to arrange a time for me to go and visit her and the new baby. We arranged for me to drive to hers in the few next days and spend a week with her. I decided to leave it a couple of days before I left so that I could get everything sorted from after tour.

The next week and a couple of days went by really fast. I went to my sisters and we actually got a long really well, that's a first, the baby was so cute she's called Caitlin Rose. Me and Joel talked almost everyday on the phone, apparently gabby and Benji had been spending more time together too. When I got back from my week at my sisters I quickly went home and did some washing and sorted a few things out before Joel came round to pick me up. An hour after I had got home there was a knock at the door. I answered it and let Joel in.
"Hey come in, I've just to finish this bit of washing off but then I'm ready to go." I said as he followed me into the kitchen where the washer was.
"How was your sister?"
"Great, the baby's so sweet."
"Made you change your mind on wanting one?" Joel smiled.
"No defiantly not any time soon. I was glad to be leaving by the end of the week." I laughed making him laugh too. I did want kids eventually but not any time soon, I want to live my life first.
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