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Confusion that never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks

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Pete POV

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"Pete! Dude, we've got to start getting ready," Patrick said standing over him. Pete's eyes flew open and he noticed that he was the only one not up and moving.

"Yeah, dude. Get out of my room," Jon told him with a smile on his face. Pete groggily stood up. He was having a weird dream about a certain boy and decided he was just going to keep it to himself. He put his shirt and pants on and slowly trudged back to the room he was sharing with his band mates. He walked in to see Joe sitting on a reclining chair, his head in his hands. Andy came out of the bathroom with some Tylenol and handed it to a grateful Joe. Pete smirked, /fucking drunk/, he thought with a smile. He glanced at the clock and saw it was after three and cursed himself for sleeping so long. This gave him about 2 hours to get ready, something he usually didn't do.

He looked at Patrick and Andy who were laughing at each other hysterically over their outfits, which they had all decided on together. Patrick had on a slightly mismatched fucking four piece suit, while Andy resembled an image you would get if you thought of Mark Twain complete with bow tie and...leather pants? Joe seemed to be fumbling with the pain in his head as well as his own little bow tie. Pete ungraciously threw on his characteristically tight pants, purple button down and suit coat, thinking he looked pretty average until he put on his half cloak and giggled a little at himself. He looked dumb and he loved it. He stepped out of the bathroom and everyone just cracked a smile at each other. This was absolutely ridiculous...

After winning their Viewer's Choice and being beat up by the guys from Jackass, Pete was really looking forward to the after parties.

They arrived at the party at the 40/40 Club and Pete was sitting across the room in the VIP booths, examining all the celebrating. He spotted the kids on the other side of the club and felt himself almost combusting with pride. He couldn't believe how far they had come so fast and he felt like a pleased older brother, or something.

Red Bulls could only take him so far before he felt like puking, so now he was bored. He stood up, wanting desperately to congratulate the kids again; they needed to know how much he believed in them all along. He walked down the stairs, looking for a way to the other side of the club when he heard someone call his name:

"Pete! Motherfucker! Get over here!" He turned around to see a blonde girl shoving her way through the crowd to him.

"Hey Ashlee," he sighed. She smothered him in a huge hug and she seemed slightly, well very drunk. "Whoa, you okay babe?" Pete questioned her as she stumbled back from him. She nodded and laughed. Behind her, Pete saw Ryan storming off toward the back bar and his stomach flipped.

"Shit!" Pete mumbled to himself. He then was distracted by Ashlee calling his name and he thought of the perfect way to take his mind off of Ryan. He took Ashlee's hand and started to drag her along with him, pushing his way down a hall throw throngs of famous people yelling meaningless congratulations at him and a few whispers about where and why he had Ashlee Simpson in tow. He knew he was going to pay for this in the tabloids tomorrow, but at this point he was just trying to get back to the familiar feeling of a girl on top of him. He walked up to the balcony on the stairs and sat down in an empty booth, pulling Ashlee's body down on top of him. She immediately attached her mouth to his and despite the overwhelming smell of vodka on her breath, he continued to make out with her, desperately ignoring his surroundings. People must have been looking at them in shock, if not disgust or confusion. Pete opened his eyes to look at Ashlee squeezing hers tightly shut and he decided to look around to see him anyone really was looking at them and no one up there was, but from downstairs you never know. Suddenly, there he was again. He was haunting his mind and everywhere he looked, there he was. It was enough that he had to shove all the feelings he had inside away during the show and the numerous times they ran into each other backstage.

Ryan then ran smack into someone, tripped and fell flat on his back. Pete's initial reaction was to jump up and see if he was okay, but Ryan's eyes slowly rolled over in his direction and Pete shut his eyes, trying to will Ryan to stop looking at him.
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