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Ryan's not sure Ana will appreciate his surprise...

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There was a loud knock on the apartment door interrupting Ana and Ryan as they tried hard to understand the instructions for the new heater Ryan had bought. Ana had argued with him all morning but he had insisted on buying the heater for her apartment telling her she would get ill if she didn't keep warm. It really bothered him that she lived in such a crappy place and all he could think to do was buy things for her to make it nicer. Ana tripped over the cellophane packaging and cursed before opening the apartment door.
"Yo." It was the big guy from the club, the guy Ryan has seen exchange something with Ana.
"Hey what's up?" Ana said standing back so he could enter the apartment. Ryan put the instruction pamphlet down. "Ryan this is Jim, Jim this is Ryan."
"Hey man." Jim held out his hand.
"Hi." Ryan stood to shake Jim's hand politely feeling a little intimidated by the size of the guy. It wasn't so much that he was tall, Ryan was tall himself but the guy was just really well built. Ryan sat back down to continue adjusting the settings on the heater.
"Is he cool?" Jim asked Ana quietly as he quickly looked over to Ryan.
"Oh yeah not a problem." Ana smiled.
"Ok well we're loaded up again so I thought I'd see if you wanted in this week." Jim said sitting down at the small table. Ana's eyes darted to Ryan feeling the judgment before it had even been made. Ana understood what she was involved in was not something Ryan would approve of and not something he would understand either. She would rather have had the conversation with Jim in private but she felt she had to start being honest with Ryan at some point.

Ryan was watching from across the apartment as Jim laid some bags on the table in front of Ana. She inspected them, fiddling with some pills through the plastic as she discussed their prices. Ryan felt a little like he was in some kind of candid camera show, would someone jump out in a moment and tell him it's all a big con?
"I can definitely shift these I know people who'd probably take the lot." She sounded like the old Ana again; her body language and even her expressions seemed different, hard, and cold.
"Well do you think maybe we should sub for some more?" Jim frowned at her. Ana pondered his idea and then shook her head at him.
"No I don't want to carry that much."
"Yeah yeah you're right." Jim acknowledged the fact. Ryan was having trouble acknowledging any of it at that point.
"Did you hear about Forty Fives?" she asked Jim and he nodded. "I'm starting to think it's safer to do personal only and not serve for everyone." Ryan felt like laughing. What the fuck was she talking about?
"Well listen just shift the usual and call me later in the week ok?" he stood from the table.
"Yeah that's cool but you have to tell that Sally bitch to stay out of my face." Ana sounded harsh.
"I already did." Jim smiled as he made his way to the door. "Hey man nice to meet you." He said politely as he nodded his goodbyes to Ryan and left.

Ana collected the bags of drugs from the table and disappeared into the bedroom with them putting them in their hiding place until work later that night. She stood in the doorway watching Ryan push the heater back against the wall, ready to warm the apartment.
"It works." He told her switching it on and standing back.
"Thank you." She was still waiting for him to say something, something about what he'd just seen. Ryan just took a deep breath and looked back at her. "Listen Ry..."
"You know what?" Ryan told her. "I don't think I want to talk about it right now." Ana scoffed at the tone of his voice. "And don't you dare look at me like I'm being unreasonable." He added annoying Ana even more with his attitude to the situation.
"Ok don't spit your dummy." Ana said making him turn to look at her.
"I'm confused." He said making her feel a slight rush of nerves. "You're like a different person right now."
"Oh come on Ryan it's not that big a deal." She said trying to soften her voice for him, trying to be less like the girl he never wanted. "I need to make some extra cash somehow." She tried to explain.
"It's about the money?" he asked and she nodded. "What do you need the money for?"
"Just stuff." Ana replied screwing her face up at him.
"I'll give you money for stuff if you stop selling drugs." Ryan offered quite seriously. Ana just laughed at him and walked back into the bedroom.

Ryan was pissed off with her for being so stupid, for risking her own safety just for some extra cash. He didn't understand how she could justify that and he followed her into the bedroom. "Would you stop doing it if you had the money some other way?"
"Don't fuck with me Ryan." Ana snapped at him.
"You don't do it for the money; you get something else out of it."
"That's not true." Ana replied throwing the jumper she was about to put on back down on the bed. "It's expensive living in the city."
"So I'll help you."
"Do you know what that would make me Ryan?" she shouted at him and he flinched slightly.
"It wouldn't make you anything." He spoke with a stronger voice stepping closer to her as if he needed to prove he wasn't frightened of her.
"It would make me your whore." She then said and she sat down on the bed as if beaten by the conversation. "I don't want to be some kind of whore." She whined and completely out of the blue she started to cry. Ryan was confused, one minute she was angry the next she was crying. One minute she was beautiful the next she was horrible. He sat down beside her and put his arms around her pulling her into a cuddle. She cried for a while and Ryan sat holding her wondering what the hell he'd got himself into with this girl.

The bar she worked at was busier than when Ryan had first been inside and he was thinking he should probably leave seeing as Ana was so busy. He was trying to catch her eye behind the bar to let her know he would be back at the hotel waiting for her.
"Can we get some fucking service?" Some guy shouted as Ana tried to keep up with the orders being called out. Ana uncapped two bottles of beer and placed them down in front of another customer, taking his money. "I said can we get some fuc..."
"I know what you fucking said!" Ana shouted at the guy. "Try shutting the fuck up and waiting your turn." She added taking a different order.
"Bitch!" the guy shouted. Ana quickly turned and grabbed the guy by his collar over the bar. Ryan stood from the bar stool.
"Wait your fucking turn you prick!" Ana shouted in his face. The guy laughed, seemingly impressed by her feisty nature and as she let go of his shirt he nodded. Ryan saw Ana smile and she continued to work. He decided not to catch her eye, he decided to leave. He got a little scared that maybe he was getting in too deep with her, maybe she wasn't the girl he liked so much. He was confused. Who was Ana exactly?

Ryan's phone slowly stirred him from his sleep as it vibrated on the pillow next to him. He reached out for it and answered.
"Yup." He mumbled his mind still in his dream but his brain dragging him into reality.
"I'm in the lobby." It was Ana's voice but she sounded a little like she was fighting her brain for some reality too and he sat up. "Ryaaaaaaan!" she laughed down the phone.
"Ok, hang on do you want me to come and get you?" he rubbed his eyes with his free hand.
"Wow yeah." Ana sounded drunk. "Could you do that? That would be great if you could do that." She laughed some more as Ryan got up from the bed. "Could you do that?" she asked again.
"What time is it?" Ryan asked pulling his shoes on and grabbing the key card for the room on his way out.
"Fuck I don't know." Ana replied.
"You're drunk?"
"Wait by the elevator." The phone went dead and Ana frowned as she wandered around the lobby looking for the elevators. Moments later Ryan appeared in front of her, he looked tired but she noticed straight away how gorgeous he looked with his hair all messed up and his lips pouting. "Come on." He said taking her hand and pulling her into the elevator with him.

Ana watched him hit the buttons for their floor and then stand back to look at her and she laughed at his expression.
"Wow you're seriously cute when you're pissed off." She told him. "Look at you all smouldering." She leant herself against him, stroking her hand across the material of his t-shirt.
"Smouldering?" Ryan asked.
"Well." She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't fucking know." She laughed.
"How come you've been drinking?" he looked at his phone. "It's 3am." He added.
"We had some drinks after work." She told him as she slid her hand down to his crotch; Ryan looked her straight in the eye and moved her hand. "Oh Ry don't be mean." She leant her head on his shoulder and he could feel her getting heavier.
"You're fucked." He then said pissed off with her seeing as he was only in New York a few days.
"I want to be." She grinned at him but he wasn't amused. "For god's sake!" she suddenly pushed herself away from him and tried to look offended by his lack of interest. "Do you ever have any fun?" she asked him.
"You don't have to be a bitch." Ryan replied.
"I think I do!" she gasped at him then she frowned when she realised she wasn't entirely sure what they were talking about.
"Fuck's sake." Ryan took her arm when the doors opened and walked her to his room.
"Ryan." She moaned as she dropped hard onto the bed in front of him. Ryan kicked his shoes off and looked down to her. Her eyes were already closed and he could hear her heavy breathe. "Ryan." She said his name again.
"What?" he asked pulling his t-shirt off over his head.
"I really really like you." She told him.
"Do you?" he asked unbuckling his belt.
"I don't usually like people." She mumbled. "But Ryan I really like you." She let out a long sigh and drifted off to sleep.

Ryan stared at the papers on the desk in front of him. All he could think about was Ana and whether or not he could handle having a girlfriend like that. He hated the fact that she turned up drunk and he hated that she involved herself with drugs but he loved to be with her and he felt happy when she had told him she really liked him. Ryan thought he had found a solution to their problems and he hoped he was right as he signed his name on the contract in front of him. Ana told him the only reason she couldn't afford a better apartment in a better area was because the deposits were so high and she couldn't raise the cash.
"Excellent." The real estate agent said with a smile. "I hope your girlfriend enjoys living there."
"Yeah so do I." Ryan laughed taking the keys.
"Well if she has any problems just tell her to call the office and we'll be more than happy to help."
"That's great thank you." Ryan replied. He was feeling nervous at the thought of telling Ana what he had done but he just hoped she could take it as a gesture of friendship. The whole point was for Ana to be living in a nicer area, then she could get a better job, some new friends and hopefully wouldn't need to sell drugs to subsidise her lifestyle. It was only a six month contract on the apartment so if she didn't like it she could move again soon enough. He was sure she would prefer it though, it was only a small apartment but it was clean and in really good condition plus it was on the Lower East Side which he knew she would enjoy.

Ryan continued on his mission to make Ana's life better and as he wandered aimlessly around the shop his eyes drifting over the stock his mind imagined Ana's possible reactions, good and bad.
"Can I help sir?" a salesman offered.
"Um yeah." Ryan stopped and tried to gather his thoughts. "I wanted to buy my girlfriend a new bed." He explained finding it odd but nice to refer to Ana as his girlfriend.
"Not a problem." The salesman replied. "What kind of bed did you have in mind?"
"I want a double bed, wooden I think." Ryan followed the salesman further into the showroom and they began to look at some of the beds on display. Ryan sat down the on the one he liked and as he patted his hand on the mattress all he could think was how much he would like to make love to Ana on it. "This is cool. How much?"
"This one sir is $1500 it has a solid oak frame with...."
"Would you be able to deliver today?" Ryan asked him not interested in the bed's credentials.
"Um yes for a small fee we could make a delivery today."
"Cool I'll take it then." Ryan smiled at the salesman as he eyed him, wondering how this kid could afford to spend that much on a bed. "I want some bedding for it and she needs a new duvet and pillows."
"Of course sir, follow me." Ryan picked out some bed linen for her and some blankets and cushions. He was quite enjoying himself when his phone rang and interrupted his shopping spree.

"Morning." It was Ana and Ryan smiled when he heard her voice, tired and gruff.
"Sleepy head." He said hearing her chuckle slightly. "Are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm really sorry about last night." She told him.
"Don't worry." Ryan handed his credit card to the salesman across the counter. "It doesn't matter."
"Where are you?"
"Just bought you a present actually." He said happily.
"Yeah?" he could tell she was smiling. "Where are you then?"
"Just doing some shopping." He told her as he punched his pin number in. "I won't be long, order up some lunch or whatever but wait for me ok? I have a surprise for you."
"Wow a surprise? Ok then." Ana replied.
"Cool." Ryan took his card back. "Hey I know what I meant to ask you."
"What's your favourite colour? Ryan asked her.
"I don't know." She replied a little phased by the idea of surprises and shopping trips plus the hangover she could feel rattling around in her skull. "I like green."
"What about chocolate brown?" he laughed but she didn't understand what at.
"Um yeah." She replied curious of what he had planned for her.
"Ok well I'll be back soon. Don't go anywhere." Ryan sounded so cheerful it made Ana feel a little left out.
"Bye." She said placing the phone back down and sitting for a while wondering what he could have been up to.

Ana had spent the two hours that it had taken Ryan to return to get washed, dressed and eat some lunch. Her mind had been racing with ideas of what her surprise was and she felt relieved that he obviously wasn't that mad with her for getting drunk. She didn't really remember how she got back to the hotel or even how she had got so drunk in the first place. Ryan kissed at Ana's lips over and over as if they were covered in sugar. He placed his hands around her bottom and lifted her to the edge of the dressing table behind them. Ana reached out for him pulling his mouth firmly onto hers and then pulling his body further between her legs. Ryan smiled when he felt Ana's legs lock around him loving the sensation of her body wrapped tightly around his. He fondled her breasts through the material of her dress, pleased she wasn't wearing a bra and when she leant her head back he kissed sweetly at her neck.
"Ryan tell me what my surprise is." Ana moaned reaching between them to unzip his trousers. He moved back a little so she could and he just grinned at her.
"Go in my pocket." He told her. She giggled excited that she would find out what her surprise was. "Other one!" he laughed and she slipped her hand into his trouser pocket.
"That's not my surprise." She said as she held up a condom.
"Not exactly no." he laughed at the frown on her face. "You put that on for me and I promise I'll tell you what your surprise is."
"Promise? Straight afterwards?" she smirked when he nodded and she delved into his trousers making his eyes widen slightly.
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