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Redemption Song

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Lorelai Gilmore recieves a package in the mail. When she opens it, she finds her house haunted by a certain bleached vampire. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series

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Disclaimer: Oh, just the usual; it's not mine, blah blah blah, Joss is god, blah blah blah, we owe him our meager little lives and should make sacrifices in his name... that must be the brainwashing speaking. GG isn't mine either, in case you wanted to know.
AN: There's a few things in here that might be a little different than btvs. I'm not sure, as I'm a little hazy on how the show explained it. Please just go with it

Chapter Two:

After they had calmed down enough to breath, the man explained as best he could about the world they never knew existed. After answering numerous questions and showing them his vamp face, they almost believed him.

"-but I thought vampires were supposed to be all smooth and seducing and not have a weird, bumpy face; and while we agree you have the sexy thing down, there's still all the rest, right?" He rolled his eyes at Lorelei.

"You're so completely Hollywood-ized, it's unbelievable. Those are the fairy-tale vamps. luv; the ones they make up so you can sleep at night. The real vamps, the real demons; now they're somethin' else entirely. We're true monsters." He spoke bitterly, thinking back.
Lorelei looked away, sensing that something was bothering him.

"You know, you never told us your name, and as you're currently haunting us, I think that it's only fair that we know it." She informed him, changing the subject.

"It's Spike."

"Spike? Oh, there's gotta be a story behind that." He smiled grimly.

"It's not one that I'm proud of." Lorelai was trying to think of a way to get his mind off of whatever he was thinking about.

"So, did your mother name you that or is there something else? Cause I don't think I can call anyone who's not a big burly biker or teenager in a bad rebellious stage 'Spike'." He raised an eyebrow and smirked. He could see what she was trying to do.

"Y'can call me William." A huge grin broke across her face.


"No." Rory started in too.



"Billy Idol?"

"How about just 'Idol'? I like that one."


"Ol' British Billy?"

"Pretty Billy?"

"Little Willy?"

" 'Ey!"

Lorelei smiled mischievously at him.

" We can keep this up for a long time."

"Yeah, now that we have food coming, we're good to go for hours." He sighed, beginning to see he couldn't win this one.

"Will's as far as I go."

"I like Will." Lorelei declared.

"It's much more approachable that William."

"But not as funny as 'Little Willy'."

" We'll have to make do, I guess."

"So, Thelma and Louise, y'two birds got any names?" Will asked. He had now figured out how to lean against wall without falling through, so he did.
Lorelei batted her eyes.

"You can call me Trixie, and this is Bambi." She told him breathlessly. Rory rolled her eyes.

"I'm Rory Gilmore, and the insane babbler is my mom Lorelei." Will looked a little disappointed.

"So, I'm not haunting hot lesbians, then," he muttered. Lorelei looked at him coyly,

"Well, there was that one time..."

"Ew! Mom!" Will chuckled. He might enjoy it here.

"Y'two seem to have taken to the idea of spooks pretty fast." He observed.

"Well, I've always believed in the supernatural. You should meet my mother, I've always known she wasn't human."

"Maybe she's a robot." Will suggested. Rory wrinkled her nose at that.

" I think even Grandma's too lifelike for a robot."

"Believe me, some robots van be very lifelike." He spoke knowingly.

"I sense the beginning of a very dirty story."

"One for another time, luv."

"There seem to be a lot of stories meant for another time."

"Well, my life wasn't like a normal persons. Our town was kinda known for its quirks."

"Where did you live?"

"Place called Sunnydale; little town in California. Attracted all sorts of tourists of the unusual and undead variety."

"Sunnydale. That's the town that just fell into a crater or something, right? What happened? Rory asked.



"Told ya I saved the world. Sunnyhell was on top of a Hellmouth, which is basically a spot where all the nasties in hell like to try and climb out of, an' all sorts of big bads were also attracted too it. Bit ago, there was a battle, fightin' the First Evil, the name pretty much sums it up. We were up against thousands of pure vamps, no human in 'em, and I had on the amulet, as it was meant for a champion, someone more then human. Middle of the battle, I start getting this tingly feelin', getting all warm. Suddenly, it shoots this beam of light out an' the sun is bein' channeled through me into it, killin' all the vamps. All the good guys who were still alive got out...Buffy didn't wanna leave me... pretty soon the earth started crumblin' down around me, whole town fallin' in. The light was finally too much for me an' I started dustin'...Hurt like hell.
That's how I died, an' that's what happened to the town, though y'won't hear that on the telly. Most likely hear somethin 'bout 'unstable foundations' or some rot; you'll never hear the truth. You never do."

They were all silent. Will was staring at nothing, remembering back. Rory and Lorelei sat, taking it all in. Lorelei looked up at Will, for some reason trusting him.

"I think I believe you now."


It was decided that Will would stay with them, as he was, after all 'their ghost'. Will was a bit disappointed though, when he was told that the bathroom was strictly off limits, and the first time they caught him in there while they were in the shower, they'd call the first exorcist they could find.
The girls spent the rest of the night, as it had become, telling Will about themselves. Somehow, the three got on the subject off relationships and spent hours bashing their exes; Jess, Buffy, Luke, Dru, Dean, Jason. It was soon decided that Will had the worst taste, but that they all sucked at relationships.
Will told them about his life- becoming a vampire, being evil, the chip, the soul, the Scooby gang. He explained about demons and Slayers, described flowered onions to the junk food queens. By the time morning rolled around, they knew everything there was to know.

"Augh, do you realize that it's seven in the morning?" Lorelai groaned.

"I'm gong to bed." Rory told them, stumbling off.

"Will, you need sleep? Do ghosts sleep?" Lorelei asked.

"Not that I've noticed, Thelma. Might step outside for a bit, see if I burst into flames."

" 'K." she yawned. "Don't get any deader."

"Night." Will responded.

Will walked through the door and onto the porch. The sun beat down on him, and he couldn't feel a thing. / 'Figures.'/he thought as he sat down on the stairs. He didn't move from his spot for quite some time, until a truck pulled up and a flannel-clad man climbed out.

" C'n I help ya, mate?" he asked the man as he neared the steps. The guy looked at him suspiciously.

"No thanks, I'm just here to see Lorelei. Who are you?" he asked, glaring at him.

"Name's William. An y'might not wanna go in, the bint's sleeping, she had a long night." Will leaned back, looking smug. " You're Luke, right?" Luke was taken aback.

"Um, yeah. What do you mean she had a long night? Why are you here?" Will tilted his head and looked up at Grizzly the Mountain Man.

"I'm an old friend. I'm in town, an' Lorelei invited me to stay for a bit."

"A bit? How long's 'a bit'?" Will shrugged noncommittally.

"Don't know, mate. As lone as she invites me with open...arms." Luke's face filled with rage. Was she sleeping with eh guy? She's given him an ultimatum less than two days before, and she was already with someone else?

"I need to talk to her. I'm her fiancé'." Will smirked at that.

"Yeah, I heard all about you, big guy. I'll tell her you came by. All right? Tell her t'give you a ring when she wakes up." Luke was seething as he got into his truck. She wouldn't do this to him; she loved him. She loved him.

Will couldn't help but chuckle as Luke drove away. It'd been awhile since he had seen such a murderous rage on someone's face. Not since that time with Anya... The laugh died in his throat. He remembered the hurt on Xander's face, on Buffy's. He remembered the dull ache in his heart after he and Anya had finished. He had just wanted to forget, wanted the pain to stop. Now the pain was still tearing him apart and the memories still haunted him .He made his way back inside, having lost any joy the sun offered

He'd sought redemption once and thought he'd received it. Now he knew that he hadn't; these were his sins and he would forever suffer for them. Spike's sins.
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