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Lorelai Gilmore recieves a package in the mail. When she opens it, she finds her house haunted by a certain bleached vampire. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series

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Disclaimer: Joss', not mine. The closest I get is my Spike calendar. Gilmore Girls, obviously not mine, or else I'd be filthy rich and be able to afford more than a crappy apartment.


Giles hung up the phone and rubbed his eyes. He cursed Angel for calling him like this, now. Right when everyone was finally starting to feel the least bit normal, he had to call and expect them to come.
He moved to fix himself a drink, knowing that he was going to have to tell Buffy. She was going to want to go help him; she always did. Angel would call and Buffy would drop everything and rush to the prat.

Giles stopped in the middle of his drink as a thought assailed him. There was a new Hellmouth. He couldn't understand how it had happened; all the books said that the three Hellmouths in existence were all that were left frond when the last of the pure demons were forced out of the world. No new Hellmouths were supposed to ever open. Unless... Giles sat down, the thought stunning him. Closing the Sunnydale Hellmouth had only succeeded in opening a new one. Sunnydale's had been the largest of the three; it only made sense that closing it would open a up new, smaller Hellmouths; sort of fissures- all over the world. Giles remembered all the extra activity that had been appearing out of seemingly nowhere. If destroying their Hellmouth caused a chain reaction. Opening new ones all over, then...
Giles eyes widened in horror.

"Good God, what have we done?"


Dinner was over, the girls had both left, and Richard Gilmore was still in his meeting. Richard sighed wearily; dealing with Wolfram and Hart were always complicated, but this was worse than the rest.

"...So explain to me, Lindsay, what exactly this amulet had to do with the Hellmouth?"

"Well, that was no ordinary piece of ugly jewelry. That amulet held the essence of the newest champion of the people; the second vampire with a soul. A few improvements have been made since the first one, this guy doesn't brood as much." He told him wryly.

"What?! You mean that I sent my daughter a-a /vampire/? She never mentioned anything." Richard couldn't believe it; one of his conditions when entering this agreement was that his family remains safe.

"Relax Richard, your daughter is as safe as can be. Spike won't hurt anyone, the soul kinda takes the fun outta torture for him. And besides that, Angel and his little entourage should be arriving sometime tonight, and there's nothing that the original King of Soul likes better than to 'Help the helpless, or hopeless, or mildly pathetic.' She'll be fine." Richard's interest piqued when he heard about Angel and his worry over his daughter forgotten.

"They're coming tonight? Well, that's good news, at last. When are you performing the ritual?"

"Full moon is in two weeks. As soon as it pops up, we're gonna go have some fun." You could hear the smile in his voice.

"Two weeks?? Are you sure he'll stay that long?"

"Over the next few days, Things are gonna start getting very interesting. Believe me, he won't even think of leaving."


"The Hellmouth is getting g ready to pop. Soon, all the nasty things you can't even imagine are gonna start crawling into that town. He'll go into tragic hero mode and forget about everything but the poor innocents."

"Well, is there anything that I should be doing? Until Angel's out, I have nothing to do."

"Well, if I were you, I'd invest in a cemetery or two."


Angel walked back into the room heavily. Everyone could tell by the look on his face that it was not good news.

"Well, what'd he say?" Gunn asked hesitantly.

"Seems that the Council found out about our new place of business. Giles seems to think that we've all turned to the Dark side. Needless to say, he was not thrilled to hear from me." The looks on his team's faces ranged from resignation to anger to disbelief.

"What?! So we go and try a new way of fighting, and they just assume that we're evil? How narrow-minded can you get?" Fred exploded

"Well, in all fairness, we are working for the most evil company in a handful of dimensions. It's expected that they'd be a little wary." Wesley told her.

"So, does this mean that they're not going to send reinforcements?" Gunn asked him. Angel shook his head.

"Just the opposite, actually. He'll probably send his strongest and best, just in case we are evil. Evil guys and a Hellmouths always equal something bad." He turned to Will, "You know who that means." Will nodded.

"Buffy. Scoobies." He tilted his head. "I wonder if they'll send Faith too. Bloody bint's enough to make any man happy at night." He grinned inwardly; he always seems to know what to say to piss of Angel.

"What is wrong with you? We're on top of a Hellmouth again, and all you can think about is getting laid! What is with you and Slayers?" His grandsire yelled at him.

"Gee, I don't know Peaches. Must run in the soddin' family!" The two stood glaring at each other, both ready to pounce. Will couldn't help but hope the Angel would break first. The idiot would fly right through him and into the wall on the other side. There were advantages to being a ghost; he could bug Angel to his heart's content and he couldn't do anything about it.

"Gee, it's like my family reunion al over again." Lorne laughed nervously. That seemed to bring the two vamps back long enough to remember where they were.

"Spike, you can't have her. Either of them." Angel told him evenly. Will relaxed a bit and turned to leave.

"I don't want them, you bloody bastard; I just love to piss you off." He called over his shoulder. He left Miss Patty's and headed up the street. He had better things waiting for him at home.


"Dawn, get the phone!" Buffy yelled from the shower. The phone continued ringing. Cursing, Buffy ran out of the shower, stopping ling enough to grab a towel. Who knew where Andrew might be lurking around in this place? She reached the phone just before it's last ring.

"Hello?" she answered breathlessly. "Giles, hey!" she greeted brightly, wringing out her hair.

"Buffy, I just received some very disturbing news; I-I wish I didn't have to bother you with it, but there really is no one else..."

Buffy listened numbly as Giles filled her in. She forgot about her shower, forgot about her hair dripping on the wood floors. She stared blankly at a scratch in the green wall of her living room. Tried to concentrate on anything but what he said.

"Hellmouth opened...dead girl...Angel...Wolfram and Hart...evil...hundreds of Hellmouths...catastrophe...." She closed her eyes and tried to force the words out of her head. She couldn't. She licked her lips, her mouth suddenly dry.

"Giles?" She whispered. "When do I have to leave?"
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