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The start of something new

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Lorelai Gilmore recieves a package in the mail. When she opens it, she finds her house haunted by a certain bleached vampire. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series

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Disclaimer: All hail Joss, Creator of the 'verse. And of course, whoever it is that now owns the Gilmore Girls, I have no idea who it is anymore.


The jet landed in New York City a few hours after sunset, much to the relief of Angel. He could live another two hundred years and he still wouldn't trust planes, he was sure of it; at times like these, his age really started to show.
When Angel had told the group what was happening in Connecticut, they were more than willing to help. Immediately, Fred and Wesley started researching by what means Spike had come back, Gunn started sharpening his favorite axe, and Angel started making call, telling people how to get a hold of him. Canceling appointments. Eve gave him a hard time about leaving. Of course, but he could care less. She alone was enough to make him love this trip.

Now, sitting in the car that had met them at the airport, Angel was dreading it. Spike, He was never gonna get rid of him, was he? Angel looked at the people around him; Gunn was flipping through the channels of the car's TV, Fred and Wesley were animatedly talking about some new weapon they were working on together, Lorne was sitting with his legs crossed, idly flipping through a magazine; the only one of them who looked like he actually belonged in this limo. Suddenly, Lorne looked up, a thought having struck him.

"Say, I know someone in Stars Hollow." He remembered. They all looked at him, surprised.

"You do?" Fred asked.

"Oh yea! Patricia LaCosta, I met her in New York years ago. Quite a set of lungs on that little lady. I hope I run into her; if anyone in that town knows what's going on, it's her."
Angel leaned forward, interested.

"You think she'll be able to help us?" He asked

"Angel-cakes, the woman's been aware of the supernatural forever, that's what you get for being a gossip When I first met her, she looked at me, saw I was green, and them told me what a beautiful silk suit I was wearing, which it was. That suit was gorgeous; it was pale blue, with this to die for silver-"

"Lorne, about Patricia?" Angel interrupted.

"Oh, yeah, Well, it turns out the she can read people's aura's. can tell if they're good or evil or lying, that kinda stuff. She's also quite the witch. Big on the healing spells, ones to unleash a person's hidden natural ability, protective wards; she can do bigger spells, but she won't, doesn't like them. She likes to think of herself as a fairy godmother, more than anything. Sweetest little redhead you ever did meet."

William sighed as he heard a car pull up outside. They were here. He had loved the last few months; just him and the girls, hanging out. Him and Lorelei...stupid vamps.
He heard doors shut as Angel and his groupies exited the car. He stood up slowly and headed towards the front door. He opened it before anyone had a chance to knock, and stood facing Angel, Wesley Windham-Pryce, and two people and a demon that he didn't recognize.

"Neighbor'll hear y'knocking and start to wonder." She explained.

"How'd you open the door?" Angel asked, glaring at his grandchilde.

"Picked up a few new tricks, gramps?" Will replied. "Come on in." He said, moving to the side. Slowly, all but Angel went into the house. Angel ground his teeth.

"I need an invite." He growled. Will smirked.

"I had Lorelei invite you before she left."

"Does that work?" asked the cute littlie brunette woman.

"Apparently it does." Will answered as Angel entered.

"You said that Miss Gilmore is gone?" Wesley inquired. Will turned to look at the man.

"Yeah, the bints have dinner with the folks every Friday. 'sides, Lorelei figured it'd be better to have me explain the goin' ons when she's not around; she's still too human to deal with all of this, for the larger part." Will noticed the girl staring at him again.

"What?" he asked gruffly. She jumped; surprised he's noticed her.

"Oh, I'm just trying to understand how you're here. It goes against every law that I know, since you're not exactly dead, so I'm working with the theory that your essence was transferred to the amulet you wore, but that doesn't necessarily explain the non-corporealness, and it also doesn't explainhow you projected out of the amulet, so the only thing that I can really come up with is some sort of trigger that would've released you, I still haven't figured out the rest yet, but as far as I can figure-"

"Fred, you're babbling again? The bald black gut told her. She blushed.

"Thank you, Charles." Will raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I can see who's the Willow of the group. But really, Fred and Charles? That's special."

"Winifred. Fred's just less of a mouthful."


"As long as we're making introductions, I'm Lorne. Oof, is that a troubled aura or what? Can you tone down the anger a little, big guy? You're making me sick." The green guy turned even greener as he made himself at home in the living room. Will looked questioningly at Angel.

"Empath." Angel said with a shrug.

The group joined Lorne in the living room and waited for Will to tell them what was going on.

"On, Monday, a girl was killed by a vampire; drained. First death here in years."

"Well, there's vamps everywhere, Spike; there's bound to be a death here or there. Every town has some kind of demon hunter. The one in this town must've just missed this vamp." Will shook his head, vehemently.

"There's not a demon hunter because no one in this town knows about demons. Well, one guy might-Kirk, but he also lives in his mum's basement and can't watch R-rated movies."

"Well, there' has to be somebody."

"There's no-one! I see everything that happens in this soddin' town, I know everyone! There's nobody, Angel! If there were, I wouldn't have called you, would I?" Angel knew that to be true, and stayed quiet.

"Actually, Spikey-bear, there is one person who knows about demons." Lorne spoke up. Will tilted his head.


"Hello, Patty, luv."

"Will! I haven't seen you today; you missed our lunch. Oh, I see you brought some friends- handsome ones." She exclaimed, her eyes roaming over the group. "Lorne?" she asked, surprised to see her old friend.

"Patricia, darling, you look absolutely stunning! I'm surprised you didn't know I was here, I've been in town an hour already!" He hugged the woman, scooting away when she tried to cop a feel.

Well, I felt something, but I didn't know it was you. A lot of new things have been coming in, and most of them plan on staying, it seems. Something's going on." Lorne turned to the group with a smile.

"What I tell ya? Always two ears to the ground." Will still didn't get it.

" Hold a sec. What's all this about Patty?" Patty waved a hand at him.

"Oh, Will, you had to know I was a witch; couldn't you sense it? I've known about you since the start."

"What?! Then why the bloody hell didn't ya say anything?" He asked.

"Well, I saw your soul. When I felt that, I knew you were special. But why couldn't you sense me, I wonder?" she tried to usher the group into the house, but all but Will and Lorne had turned to Angel, wanting an explanation.

"Angel, is there something you forgot to mention?" Wesley asked.

"Yeah, like how Bleach-boy over here's got the same package deal as you. Thought you said he was evil." Gunn crossed his arms, wanting an answer. Angel sulked.

"He's not that special. I had one first, y'know." Will smirked.

"Well, well, well; looks like Peaches is none too happy to share his 'Souled Champion; title. Wonder why that is?" Angel glared at the younger vamp.

"Just because you have a soul now doesn't mean she'll want you. She told me, the cookies are practically mine, okay? You got half-baked cookies, I get the done thing!"

"Have you gone completely mad?" Will asked.

"Buffy. She's not for you." He growled. Will shrugged.

"Y'can have her, mate. I've moved on. Found somethin; better than a lifetime of violence and meaningless sex."

"What?" asked Angel. That wasn't really the reaction he was expecting.

"I. Don't. Want. Her." Will told him slowly. He turned and walked into Patty's house, leaving Angel at the mercy of his friends.

"You know, you could've told me he had a soul. I based all my work on the fact that he didn't have one, and now that he does, I have to start all over again." Fred scolded him, heading inside. Wesley and Gunn followed her, Angel lagging behind.

"...things have been weird, y'know? Sense a'smell is off. Can't smell magic anywhere. That's why I didn't sense you. I can touch some stuff, if I concentrate hard enough. Still all Casperly, though." Will was telling Miss Patty when they waked in. They turned to Angel and co.

"I think I know a way to bring Will back to normal, but I can't do it alone." She told them.

"Why? Is it dangerous?" Angel asked.

"Not really, I just don't have the power for it. I deal with small stuff; this is bigger than I've done in al long time. I'll need to find someone to help me." Wesley nodded, sitting on her couch.

"I'll see who I can find. Now about the recent activity; what have you sensed?"

"Oh, things have been coming in from all over. Thankfully, they haven't killed anyone yet, besides poor Angie. They're laying low for now, but they're getting restless."

"Do you know why they're here?" Fred asked.

"All I know is that it's big, and it's going to change this town for good."

"Apocalypse." Gunn stated.

"No, nothing like that, not yet. This just affects this town, it doesn't go any further that I can see. It's bad."

Will set his jaw, realizing what was happening.

"A Hellmouth." They al turned to him.

" A Hellmouth is gonna open here, that's why they're all squattin'. They're just waiting for the fireworks." Angel nodded.

"It would explain the activity. Not many have felt it yet, just the older ones. Once it's stronger, more will come." They all sat silent, taking in the news.

"The Slayers must not've heard yet." Will spoke.

"I'll contact Giles, let him know. He's head of the Council now." Will nodded.

"Angel," he spoke to his grandsire. "Don't tell 'im about me." Angel sat a moment, before nodding his agreement and leaving to make the call. Everything was about to change.
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