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Nearness of you

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Lorelai Gilmore recieves a package in the mail. When she opens it, she finds her house haunted by a certain bleached vampire. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series

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Disclaimer: have I mentioned today how much I love Joss Whedon and the Palladinos? Without them, we wouldn't have the wonderful shows these stories are based on. (Even if 'The Man' ran the Palladinos out of their own show, evil rich men.)


Chapter Five:

Stars Hollow Gazette

Tragedy strikes Stars Hollow.

Early Tuesday morning, the body of Angela Bern, 16 was found in the woods by Robert Levvy, 69. Levvy was out walking his dog when he stumbled upon the scene.

"I was so shocked I couldn't move for a minute," Levvy told reporters. " The poor girl was just lying there, as still as can be. I just can't believe it."

An autopsy found that Angela was anemic. She had somehow injured herself sometime Monday night and bled to death in the forest. Her parents say they had no idea she wasn't in bed that night.

"She must've snuck out to meet her friends. She was always with those girls."

Her mother, Darlene Bern stated. "She was such a sweet girl."

Angela is survived her parents Steven and Darlene, and her sister Rebecca. The funeral service will be held at the Stars Hollow Presbyterian Church on Thursday, November 18 at 12:00pm.

The entire town was a wreck. The last person to die in the town was 83; to lose a child

hurt them all. Everyone in town attended the memorial service for Angela. Almost every

business closed.

Lorelei kept herself busy by concentrating on the real reason Angela had died: Vampires.

She got on the Internet and found out everything she could. Will helped when she asked,

he would've done more, but she was determined to learn as much as she could on her

own. He did tell her what supplies she should get in case she was attacked. Being the

fashionista she is, she already had a large collection of cross necklaces in her jewelry box

left over from the eighties. She now wore them with a devotion that would've made the

Church proud. Will also helped her stock her closet with enough stakes, crucifixes, and

Holy Water to arm half the state. He also talked her into buying a crossbow, which he

hoped Angel, who had called to say they couldn't make it until Friday- would teach her

how to use. He wished that he could teach her himself; standing behind her, his arms

encircling her as he taught her how to properly insert the shaft of wood into the- he broke

off his own train of thought and shook his head. Now was not the time.

As far as he could tell, they were prepared, now all they had to do was wait.


Will was sitting on the couch, staring at the black screen of the TV. He still couldn't

believe that there were vamps here. He knew there were vamps in most towns, he just

never thought that they would be /here/. This place felt like it was straight out of a

storybook; the quaint little town, the quirky characters, festivals almost every month, it

seemed. It was a place apart from the rest of the world, and now the world had violently

forced its way in.

Lorelei came down the stairs wearing a dark blue dress that hugged her very nicely. Will

turned to look at her, and lost the ability to form words. God, she was more beautiful

every time he was her. When he looked at her like this, well, really any time he looked at

her, all he wanted to do was touch her, even to just put his hand on her arm would be

heaven. And he couldn't.

Lorelei felt him staring, and when she looked over, she could see the heat in his eyes. The

way he looked at her; the love, desire, the pure animalistic lust, it made it almost

impossible to stand straight, let alone walk.

They stayed there, staring at each other across the room, electricity practically crackling

between them. Anyone who saw them would've agreed that they made mental copulation

seem possible.

Will knew he had to get away from her before he went insane.

"So, big date or somethin', luv?" he asked, trying to break the spell.

"Oh. Um, it's Friday, Will."

"Right, dinner with mum and pop." She nodded. Silence stretched.

"Rory's coming back with me tonight."

"Yeah, Angel n' the rest are comin' too."

"Right." She said, taking a step closer to him. Will stood and backed away, pulling his

duster around him.

"I think it's better if you stay over there, ducks. Right now, I want you so bad it hurts,

and if you come any closer, it'll kill me." He told her bluntly. She stopped.

"Me too," he looked at her, the surprise on his face comical.

"Look, just because we can't actually do anything doesn't mean we can't see where this

goes, does it? Just think about it; all that no-touching stuff is gonna make the anticipation

climb so high, that when we finally can visit the physical side of things, the whole town

might explode." Will chuckled. He loved her optimism, even though she was wrong.

"Luv, I'm most likely stuck as a ghostie. There's no way this is just gonna disappear. I'm

never gonna-"

"Yes you are." She told him firmly. "You will. I mean, why the hell would they bring

you back from the dead and leave you as solid as a holograph? They- whoever they are-

need you. You're supposed to be back, supposed to be solid. Maybe they knew that

vampires were coming here, and you're their champion again." He looked at her, love in

his eyes. He couldn't believe how she just accepted all of this, accepted him. There were

no hoops, no insults, no lurking in the shadows until everyone was gone. She wasn't

ashamed of him. She thought he was a champion.

"Um, tonight when I get back I'm so gonna need a shower. Wash the smell of wealth and

corruption off of me. I've also heard that, uh, there's an exorcist convention in Iowa, all

the big cross-wavers and Holy Waterers are there, not a single one left in the state; so, I

guess that if I for some reason found you sneaking around in the bathroom while I was in

the shower, I couldn't really do anything about it." She smiled to herself. Yep, the look

was back.

"You could tell me if I missed a spot." To hell with subtlety.

"Well, I suppose Peaches could entertain himself for a bit." He spoke, trying to be

nonchalant. Kinda hard to do when he'd unintentionally slipped into his bedroom voice

already. That, among other things, was certainly hard to ignore.

"Uh, you better go, you're gonna be late." He told her, pulling his coat even tighter.

"See ya tonight." Lorelei told him, a twinkle in her eyes. With a smirk, she headed out

the door. Will sighed and carefully sat back down. She was going to kill him yet.
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