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On the road again

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Cordy just can't stay dead. After her death, she finds herself back among the living and with the Winchester boys, the new Champions of the People. A vision eventually leads the trio to New York, a...

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Disclaimer: It's all Joss' and whoever owns Supernatural. Obviously, not me. But wouldn't it be cool if I did?

On the Road Again

"We are not goin' to New York! There's something goin' down in Montana, that's where we should be."

"Well, the vision didn't show my friends in trouble in cow country, it showed them in trouble in New York." Dean gripped the steering wheel tighter. She was getting on his nerves. She shows up one day, says they're the new champions, and then expects them to jump up and drive off every time she started floating off the ground. Women.

" Darlin', the last time you told us you had a vision, it was because you wanted to go to Canada and visit North America's largest Mall, and the only way we'd go there was if there was somthin' to fight; how do I know you don't just want shoes to go with you fancy new outfits this time?" Cordelia huffed.

"That was one time! God, do you whine much? Listen, I wouldn't use my friends as a way to get to New York, okay? There's nothing in this world more important than them. They're in trouble."

You know, she had been perfectly happy being dead; why'd the PTBs have to send her here of all places? Why with these two? It was Spike and Angel all over again.

"Well, from what you've told me, I think your friends can handle themselves, don't you?" Cordy ignored him and turned to the back seat, smiling sweetly at Sam.

"Sam, don't you think we should be going to New York? I mean, the Powers That Be want us there, obviously. Should we really risk their wrath by going to Montana so that Dean can get his 'Brokeback' on with some farmhand?" Dean nearly swerved off the road at that.

"Woman, I am not gay! I'll pull over and prove it to you right now!"

"Geesh, is somebody a little homophobic? Remind me to never take you to California."

Sam rolled his eyes as he watched them. He wished they'd just hurry up and sleep with each other; there was an obvious attraction, and the sexual tension was bringing them both to a breaking point.

"Dean, I'm with Cordy on this one. After all, she is the one the Powers chose."

That was something that confused the hell outta him. He had the occasional vision himself, so why didn't the Powers That Be make him their link? Not that he minded not getting the brain-melting headaches that Cordelia had described to him in great detail. He also didn't mind being all human, either.

"I don't get you two. Montana's serious; these people are turning up without their heads; do you want that on your conscience?" Dean shot at them. Cordelia turned to look at him, her face more serious than he'd ever seen it.

"And my friend might lose his soul. Do you want the victims of one of the most sadistic vampires in history on your conscience? Because if we don't get to New York and Angel's new agency soon, they will be."

"So there's another vampire loose in the world, so what? Even if we're too late, all we have to do is stake 'im, shouldn't be that hard."

"You make it sound so easy; just walk in, jab him with a stick and /poof/. You've never faced Angelus. And I don't want to have to kill me best friend." She turned away from him, but no before he saw the haunted look in her eyes. "You haven't seen what he can do." Dean glanced over at her, his hands tightening even more around the wheel.

"Did he hurt you? I swear, I'll kill that son-bitch if he hurt you." He didn't know why it bugged him so much, but the thought of some monster touching Cordy-

"Well, of course he hurt me; he hurt all of us. The first time around he mostly went after Buffy, so I was okay; the second time, he was more interested in me. Angelus tends to go after the girl Angel loved at the time, so right then, it was me."

"Whoa, he loved you?" Sam asked, knowing the thought of it must be eating away at Dean.

"Oh yeah, we had a thing. A very angsty, platonic thing, but a thing nonetheless."

"You mean you loved him too." Dean asked, his voice dangerously low. Cordelia didn't notice his anger and continued on.

"Yeah. Started out as lust when I was about sixteen and he was dating Buffy, and over the years it turned into friendship and then love."

Why did that bother him? Why did it matter at all who she had loved? Dean practically growled.

Sam noticed how tense Dean looked; he was pissed. Sam couldn't help but egg him on.

"Must be some kinda guy to inspire those kind of feeling for so long." He commented. He smiled as Dean started grinding his teeth.

"Well, duh. Tall, dark, and eternally young? Plus he's quite the hottie. And the whole atoning thing's kind of a turn-on; he's got brooding down to an art. And if you could see that guy fight! I'm surprised my pants stayed on all those years. I mean, even when he was Angelus, I wanted him. Actually, Angelus maybe brought it out more. Then he was funny and dangerous along with everything else. Course, I would've ended up having to kill him, but I've always been attracted to Angelus, I guess. The whole bad boy thing."

Dean was fuming. Even evil, this guy got her off; he hated it. It this guy was gonna be around, it was better to have him in the less-threatening, less attractive souled- form. Damn this woman, ever since she'd shown up he's had nothing but trouble. Well, at least she was hot.

"We're goin' to New York."
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