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The mating game

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Cordy just can't stay dead. After her death, she finds herself back among the living and with the Winchester boys, the new Champions of the People. A vision eventually leads the trio to New York, a...

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AN/: Hey, It's getting' a little naughty! Not too much for now, but I'm planning on kicking up the rating the next few chapters. Hope ya like it!

DISCLAIMER: Still not mine. Belongs to Joss and the CW.

Dean looked back at Cordy, who an hour ago had forced Sam to the front seat so that she could sleep in the back.
He looked at her hair lying across her face, her slightly parted lips. He looked at the few inches of bare skin where her shirt had ridden up over her stomach. She was really really hot, He decided.
Sam watched as his brother kept stealing glances in the rearview mirror. He found it hysterical how the two of them would always secretly check each other out when they thought no one was looking. Dean turned and glared at him as he started chuckling.

"What're you laughin' at Sammy?" He asked in hushed tones.

"You, man. You spend all your time looking at her, pretending not to like her, and thinking nobody notices. She does the same thing."

"I do not." After a beat, "She does?" Sam nodded.

"Oh yeah, all the time." Dean smiled before trying to cover it up.

"Come on Sam; how do you have a girl that hot in your car and not look at her? I'm only male, doesn't mean I'm in love with her." He explained, trying to brush the whole thing off.

" I know. Believe me, I do quite a bit of looking myself; but with you, it's the whole puppy love kinda look." Dean's voice lowered to a rumble.

"You ever look at her like that again, and I'll push you're eyeballs in, got it, little brother?" Sam just laughed

"You are so whipped!" He was still laughing as Dean hand connected with the back off his head.


Cordelia woke up to the sun streaming into her eyes and Dean singing along with Metallica at the top of his lungs.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word, and never mind that noise you heard.
It's just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your he-"

" God, I don't remember setting my alarm clock to 'sing-a-long with the Oldies." She groaned, rubbing her irritated eyes. Dean looked back and gave her a grin.

"Well, good mornin' sunshine! It's almost eleven, you really think we could keep quiet much longer?" He teased her. Sam passed her a paper bag and a bottle of orange juice.

"We stopped for food a while back; didn't wanna wake you." Cordy opened the bag and pulled out a jelly donut. She looked inside again and saw that they had gotten her an éclair too.

"Okay, are you trying to make me fat or did you just not know what I like?" she asked, biting into the donut.

"Well, I happen to like my women with a little meat on 'em."

Dean looked back in time to see her rescue some jelly that was about the fall out of the donut and suck it off her finger. As she gave a sigh of appreciation, Dean forgot everything he was going.

"Dean, look out!" Shouted Sam, grabbing the steering wheel. While looking in the rearview mirror, Dean had started drifting into oncoming traffic. He swerved back to his own lane and pulled over onto the side of the road.

"That's it! You are not driving!" Sam yelled at him, getting out of the car. He walked over to Dean's side and pulled him out.

"Hey! What the hell d'you think you're doing?" shouted an angry Dean.

"You're obviously sleep-deprived; you've been driving all night. I'm gonna drive. "

"I'm fine Sam, get in the car!"

"Either I drive, or she does." Retorted Sam, pointing at Cordelia. Dean's jaw twitched as he glared at his brother.

"You hurt my car, and I'll make sure I'm an only child." Dean threatened, getting into the passenger seat.

'this girl is messing him up bad. ' Sam thought as he climbed into the driver's seat and continued driving in silence.

"...So can I ask a question, or is Mr. Grumpypants gonna bite my head off? Cordelia asked bluntly.

"What?" Dean asked, annoyed. This woman was getting to him too much.

"How close are we to New York?"

"We'll be there by tomorrow morning." Sam answered patiently.

"Augh, good! I can't tell you how happy I'll be to get there! I haven't been to New York since I was seventeen!"

"I know what you mean; I haven't been there since-well, since we helped a friend out there." He told her, a smile playing on his lips.
Dean suddenly jerked up.

"That's it! I knew there had to be a reason you wanted to go to New York! You wanna hook up with your art chick!"

"No! We're only going because of the vision."

"And cause you haven't gotten laid in months!"

"Dean, shut up! We are going because of the vision, not because of Sarah."

"Uh, who's Sarah?" Cordy butt in.

"Oh, Sammy's art dealer girlfriends who we met when she sold a killer painting a while back. Smart, rich, stubborn; cute lil' thing. Sam her shoulda taken my advice an' married her."

"So she's me." Dean looked her over one before answering.

"You're bitchier. And hotter." Cordelia wanted to smack him, but it was probably true. She was the Queen C; no one was bitchier than her.

"So, we pimp out Sam, let him get his happies, and then we go find Angel?"

"We are not pimping me out!" Sam told them both. They just ignored him and went on talking.

"So, who all's with this Angel guy?" Dean asked. He was hoping to hell that he had a girlfriend. It would somehow make bringing Cordy there easier.

"I don't know. The only One I know for sure is his son Connor." She answered quietly.

"Whoa, vamp's got a kid?"

"It's a long story; the important thing is remembering that I don't wanna be alone with him, okay? So if it ever looks like we might be, you guys come and get me, k?"


"Because we kinda have a history." She explained. Sam's eyebrows shot up.


"It was all really predestined and supernatural, and I kinda wasn't...there when it happened, and we ended up sleeping together."

"You slept with your vampire lover's son? This is like a mystical soap opera."

"Hey! If you want a mystical soap opera, you should meet Buffy!" She retorted. "Anyways, I got pregnant, gave birth to an evil goddess, and went into a coma. Yada yada, you know the rest. But Connor was kinda in love with me; like, stalker- love, so don't leave me, okay?"


Dean couldn't even speak, he was so angry. Why did her having relationships do this to him? He wasn't a jealous guy, but hearing about other men around his Cordy made him want to hurt something. If he was around this Connor kid, he knew he would try and kill him.
And since when had she become his Cordy? Hell, this was worse than he thought. Between this and her little jelly thing earlier, all he wanted to do was kick Sam outta the car, throw her across the back seat, and pound into her until she screamed for him.

He could see it; her lying under him, writhing around and gasping for breath as he slammed into her again and again and again until she was too hoarse from screaming to speak and he could barely move. He saw her on top of him, riding slowly, letting him fill her all the way before pulling back up. Her skin would glisten with sweat and she would moan as she lowered herself back down, slowly killing him with every movement.
He would reach for her breasts, pulling them down to his waiting mouth and then-

"Ow!" something hit him in the back of the head.

"Hey! Are you even listening to me? Are you okay? Cause I've told you three times to open up your mirror so I can put my make-up on, and your totally spaced out."

"Yeah, I'm fine." He muttered, flipping down the mirror for her. "Everything's great."

The lyrics are from Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'; they aren't mine, either.
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