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The thing about prophecies

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Buffy goes to LA after finding the remnants of a prophecy concerning her. The problem? The only other copy of the prophecy is in the offices of Wolfram and Hart. Complete summary inside. set after ...

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Disclaimer: Yeah, big mean Joss hogs it all, as usual. It's not mine.

England, 3:15 am
Giles woke at the insistent sound of knocking on his door. /'Who the bloody hell would be knocking at such an un-godly hour/?' he thought, glancing at the clock on the bed stand. Groaning, he pulled himself out of bed and walked toward the door.
"I'm coming!" He called out, entering the living room."This had better involve an apocalypse or the return of God to be getting me out of bed like this!"
" How bout the coming of Scoobies and coffee?" a voice called from behind the door.
"Buffy!" Giles exclaimed, unlocking the door. He opened it to find Willow, Dawn, and Andrew. Looking like they were going to fall asleep where they stood, and one very chipper Buffy bearing coffee and donuts.
"Buffy, what is it? Are you injured? Apocalypse?" Giles asked, ushering them all inside.
"No," replied Buffy as she set down their breakfast on the coffee table in the living room,
"It's a research party!" Giles stared at her, his sleep-deprived brain unable to comprehend what she was saying.
"What? You woke me for research? Now?" He replied incredulously. Willow looked up at him, tiredness in her eyes.
"Not just you, ALL of us. I don't understand it. I just know research and donuts."
"Yeah," whined Andrew, fidgeting around.
"And besides, it takes like a super huge vanilla-caramel macchiano to get me up in the mornings, and that's just regular coffee. It tastes funny."
Buffy stood up, looking at them all like they were crazy.
"Hey people, I said we need to research! And for me to say we need to research, you know that it's gotta be important. I mean, I'll take sleeping over looking at moldy old books any day, but this is special. I can almost promise." She finished. Giles sighed, rubbing his eyes.
"What are we supposed to be researching, now?" He asked.
"Well," Buffy started, plopping down on the couch next to a sleeping Dawn.
"I was fighting this demon in a crypt in the cemetery about two blocks from here, and after I killed it, it kinda 'BLEW UP and 'THREW me into a wall. OH! And the wall had a secret compartment in it and then I found theses." She said quickly, opening her duffel bad to reveal the swords and cross. " And on the other wall was this box-thingy." She told them, pulling out the battered box. Giles raised his eyebrows at its condition.
"It wouldn't open." She explained sheepishly, handing it to Giles.
"There was this scroll inside of it, but I couldn't read it. It seemed important. The demon I fought, he didn't seem like your average, run-of-the-mill bad guy' he seemed like he was there to guard the crypt or something. Course, I didn't think of that when I was fighting him, I just kinda, fought him." She finished with a shrug, bouncing up and down on the couch.
Willow stared at her.
"Buffy, how much coffee have you 'drank? She asked worriedly.
"Oh, two cups regular and Andrews Meccachino-whatsawhosit, but with
/'three/ extra shots of espresso." She answered Andrew looked at her indignantly.
"First off, it's a MACCHIANO. And second: /' hey/! I'm all sleepy and grumpy because you decided to drink my delicious macchiano? That's so unfair!"
"Will you all be quiet?" Giles exclaimed.
" Now, Buffy, where did you get this scroll? What crypt?" Buffy looked at him, noting the graveness of his face.
" Um, it was the Santini Crypt, I think." Giles blanched, unable to hide his concern.
" Giles, what is it? Do you know what it ways?" Willow asked. Giles started cleaning his glasses.
"It's in Latin. Um, I-it's a prophecy, the DeSeo prophecy, really. It's been looked for everywhere but the most obvious of places: the crypt of DeSeo's sister, his most trusted friend. DeSeo was a-a seer. The last vision he had was of a future Slayer, who had passed certain trials, and of how she affects a coming apocalypse. He wrote it all down, lest something were to happen to him. There were many people who wanted that prophecy, to work it to fit their own will. DeSeo had it hidden, and called upon the Ko'arth demons; guardians from another dimension, to protect it from those who wanted it.
According to the legend, it was not meant to be found until certain events were in motion, and then only the one the prophecy concerned could find it. The one that the prophecy was meant for was the only person who could kill the demon, which leads me to believe that it must be you, Buffy."
Buffy smiled weakly, her coffee high seeming to have rushed out of her.
"So, another prophecy about me, huh? I usually don't like those kinds. They tend to end with me dead. Like that one from a couple months ago, where I bled to death saving that kid, remember Giles?" She shrilled, getting slightly hysterical.
"Buffy, please, you were only gone for about five minutes. We performed a healing spell and got you a transfusion and you were fine. You were gone much longer... before." Giles faltered. Then, remembering what he was talking about, he continued.
"And 'that kid', as you call her, is prophesied to save the world herself, you know."
Buffy looked at him, tears in her eyes.
"Giles, I've died 'three times. Three! I really don't wanna have to do it again for a long time. Please tell me that I don't have to do it again." By now the tears were running down her face. Willow moved over to her, and Dawn, now awake, put her arm around her waist. Giles sighed, looking around helplessly.
"I-I don't know, Buffy. There's so much damaged here that UI don't know. So far, what I've found though, doesn't see, terribly uplifting.
"Why?" Asked Dawn, her eyes wide with fear. "What's it say? Does something happen to Buffy?"
"I don't have the entire prophecy, so I really don't know." Giles shrugged,
"Well, what does the stuff you have say, Giles?" Buffy asked, her face a mask.
Giles looked down at the paper in front of him where he'd written down the translation of the text. Clearing his throat, he read:
"One who died thrice
Shall join the Destroyer
Bring the world asunder
Bring strength
The mortal
Brings death
And bring the world...."
"What, Giles? Bring the world what?" cried Buffy.
"I don't know. That's all I have. From what I've read though, I doubt it's puppies and kittens. It sounds like the Slayer whose died three times will join some force of evil or another, bring chaos to the world, give him strength, making herself weak, which presumably, ends in the destruction of the world." He replied quietly.
They all sat silent, unable to comprehend.
"...But, Buffy wouldn't do that. She's good. She beats the bad guys, not helps them." Spoke up Andrew. Giles nodded.
" Yes, but there's so much damaged in this, we really have no idea what is missing."
"W-well, somebody's gotta have a whole translation, right? I remember reading about DeSeo in the Watcher's library. He made two copies, right? With guards at both of them." Dawn said. Giles looked up, hope in his eyes.
"Yes, yes he did. The Council must have some idea where the other copy is." Buffy stood up.
"so, there's another one somewhere? I can just go and kill another one of these demon guys and we can find out what it says?" Giles nodded.
" Possibly. I'll go over to the library right away. Andrew will be coming with me; it'll be good practice for him. I suggest the rest of you go get some sleep. I'll send someone for you once I find anything."
Buffy, Willow, and Dawn said their good-byes and headed for bed. Andrew stood next to Giles.
"So," he started nervously, "it doesn't look good, huh?"
Quietly Giles replied. "No, it doesn't."
"...So we're gonna research now?"
"yes we are," Giles answered, heading toward the door, " and we're not going to stop until we know something."
England, 6:00 am
Knock, knock, knock. "Miss Summers? Mr. Giles wishes to see you in the library, if you please."
"Augh! Go away!" Buffy yelled.
"Um, Ms. Summers, Mr. Giles was really quite insistent. He says that it's regarding your discovery last night?"
Buffy climbed out of bed and pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt. "Stupid Watcher." She mumbled as she headed toward the door. "Couldn't discover something in another three hours?" Opening the door, Buffy saw the unfortunate Watcher-in -Training Giles sent to get her. The poor guy was practically shaking in his boots.
"Um, Mr. Giles thought you might like a-an escort to the l-library." The WIT (Watcher-in-Training) stammered. Buffy rolled her eyes.
"'Fine! Just cause I got lost going there the last time; everyone assumes that I'm stupid or something! Lets go!" She grumbled, taking off.
"M-miss? It's this way." The WIT said, pointing in the opposite direction. Embarrassed, Buffy turned around.
"Fine. Lets go."
Looking up from the pile of books spread between him and Andrew, Giles saw Buffy, along with the bright and wager WIT he's sent to fetch her. Now, the poor man looked haggard, weary, and slightly shell- shocked. Actually, he looked a lot like Giles did usually.
'' Is that the effect she has on Watchers? We all come away looking like we've survived years of torture? ' He thought. "Maybe I should've sent Andrew too.'
" Okay Giles, what'cha find? You know where' the other copy is?"
" Well, yes, I do." Giles replied, dismissing the poor WIT. "It also turns out there's more that one way to kill these demons. Apparently, very large 'bombs get the job done as well, which is how the other copy was stolen."
Buffy paled. "What? By who?" She asked. Giles looked up at her, eyebrows raised.
"Wolfram and Hart."
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