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PASSIONate drunks and cold-footed Slayers

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Buffy goes to LA after finding the remnants of a prophecy concerning her. The problem? The only other copy of the prophecy is in the offices of Wolfram and Hart. Complete summary inside. set after ...

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Chapter Three

Angel was pissed. What had he been thinking, relying on Spike like this? You'd think that after all these years; he'd remember what a self-centered. Lazy excuse for a vampire he was. But no, instead, he did the stupid thing and relied on him, again!

He hadn't seen the blond menace in the last day or two, though that wasn't anything too strange. But for Spike to miss out on maybe having to break a few necks, that was weird, and might just earn him a staking.

Barging into Spike's apartment, Angel walked into the living room and paused. Slouched down in his recliner, bottles of JD scattered around on the floor, sat Spike, staring at a blank TV.

" I finished season one." Spoke the drunken vamp, without looking up. " I gave myself a week to finish it, an' now it's done, in just a day." Spike laughed manically; his faced screwed up and the laughter turned to sobs.

Angel opened his mouth, prepared to chew him out for missing the divorce settlement he was supposed to supervise, but closed it quickly. He'd known Spike for too long, and he'd never seen him like this, not for Dru.

"Spike, what's going on?" He asked quietly.

"Well, Fred came up an' was helpin' me with ma hair, and I started thinking, ' she's a lot like ol' Red, all smart an' cute an' quirky.' But as usual, that led to thinkin' about Buffy, an' how she still thinks I'm deader than usual, an' how she's with the bloody Immortal. It's not even that I still luv 'er or anything, it's just that she's... Buffy.
Well, that led to watchin /Passions/, hoping that it would take my mind off of 'er, but it wasn't working, so I thought that maybe drinkin at the same time would help, and it did, but them the bottle was empty, so I got another one, and another one, and another one, and then the season was over, an' all that was left was the bottle, and that wasn't enough to stop the thinking, so then I started to brood, like a bloody poofter! But I can't help it!" He rambled on. By now, the tears were flowing quite freely.

Angel couldn't help but stare; he was a mess. '
/Way/ worse than I ever was' he realized.

"Look at me, I/ am a poof! I never would be cryin or brooding if I still was evil! I would just killed 'er or something! Not /cry about it!" standing up abruptly, he stumbled toward the door. " That's what I need! I need ta kill something. Ya coming?" He asked as he headed out the door.
Angel stood there a minute, taken aback by the sudden mood swing. "Crazy vamp. Bleach must be frying his brain." He muttered before running out the door to find his emotional wreck of a grandchilde.


A few hours later

" Um, Buffy? Just a quick question before we walk into the big bad law firm. You did tell Angel that we're coming, right? Cause I just think, walking into evil inc., a slayer, witch, and two WITs, unannounced; it could leas to trouble...and possibly not getting any help either." Blathered on Andrew nervously.

" Andrew, quit worrying. This is Angel's chance to prove that he's not evil and can be trusted. If he's good, he'll help, and if he's evil, we'll kill him. Besides, if we have to fight our way in and out to get that prophecy, we will." Buffy told him, walking up the stairs to Wolfram and Hart.

Reluctantly Andrew followed. She can say what she wanted, but all Andrew could thing about was Spike, and the If- you- tell- her- I'm- alive-I'll- rip- you- arms- offiness of him. 'This is not gonna end well." Andrew thought as he fell in step next to Dawn, who he thought was looking particularly pretty today. She kinda reminded him of Princess Leia. 'They're both brave, and have brown hair, and they talk really loud and stuff. That's so cool.' He thought, catching up to her. ' Jonathan would be so jealous."

"So, are you excited about your first official mission for the Watcher's Council?" he asked her. Dawn looked at him, confused.

" Andrew, how is Buffy making me come because she doesn't trust me enough to leave me home considered a mission?" She asked.

"Well," Andrew started, looking at her as if it should be obvious " Buffy's one of the heads of the Council, and she told you to come. That equals mission." Andrew tilted his head, getting into his reminiscent mode.

" I remember my first mission for the council. I was to come to this very building and retrieve a newly activated slayer; but first, I had to face the formidable Angel, Master Vampyre. He-"

"- Andrew, shut up." Dawn said, interrupting the starts of his monologue. Sometime during his captivating tale that had been told a few hundred times, they had arrived at the front doors of the law firm.

"Whoa, it's bigger than I remembered." Andrew breathed, eyes wide.

Buffy slowed down and hesitated at the doors.

"Um, Buff? You okay?" Willow asked worriedly, Buffy stared at the doors, answering quietly.

" What if he's evil again Will? I mean, I can put on a show for the others, and from half-way around the world it doesn't seem like that big a thing, but now, being here... I don't wanna have to kill him again. It's not that I still love him or anything, but... He's still Angel, y'know?" She turned to Willow, her face troubled, " What if I have to kill him again?"

Willow hugged her, knowing how she was feeling. A few months ago, Willow had to kill Kennedy. She had turned, working for demons who had kidnapped the girl who Giles had read a prophecy on earlier; who was later going to save the world. She had also killed Buffy.
Yes, she'd never loved Kennedy, but it was still one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do.

"Buffy," She whispered, still holding onto her " We're going to go in there, Angel won't be evil, and everything will be fine. If it not, we'll probably die before you can kill him, so you won't have to worry about it, k?" Buffy smiled in spite of herself.

" You promise?"
Nodding, Willow promised. Buffy took a breath and strode forward.

"All right guys," she called to Andrew and Dawn, "Let's go."


"Well, I don't get why you had to stab the thing after I told you not to! Besides, you know it's one of those weird demons that you can only kill by mixing its saliva with silver or something like that. What's wrong with you?"

"Well, what else was I supposed to do, ask it to stand still so that I could stick a hunk of metal in its mouth? Yea, that would've gone over well!"

"Well did you have to stab it when I was/ standing right there? / I'm covered in demon slime!"

"Yeah, and it's a right good look for ya, peaches."

-"Um, boss?"

"What Harmony?"

"I don't think you should-"

" Harmony, not now."

"But Boss, don't-"


"There's someone waiting for you in your office, and I don't think you should go in there!"

"Well, who is it? I've gotta go get this slime off of me, thanks to the bleached wonder over there, and-"

"It's Buffy!"
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