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The Beginning

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Tull's Choice and the aftermath.

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RATING: G for the Prologe, PG-13 or R for main story.

SUMMARY: Tull's Choice and the aftermath.

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"Remnants of Earth"

CHAPTER ONE "The Beginning"
JUNE 12, 2005

When were kids we're always told do what's best for your country, for your family, for yourself, etc. Well children if you're reading to my story, then you clearly didn't listen to any of the above. This story isn't for the weak of heart nor is for the impatient. This is my life's story, this is the legacy I'm choosing to leave behind when I part from this world, and when I leave this world, the history of Humankind and Earth will be nothing but mear remnants once more. So where shall i start? I guess I'll start from the beginning of my story, it start that night I met Sarah. My God, Sarah, she's such a sweet person. I truly love her, but I'm sure what happened between us in our relationship. I know she's alive, but I'll get back to that.

So I got a job at a ammeter kick boxing federation in Pittsburgh, PA. Strange that a Brooklyn fellow like myself would move to PIttsburgh you might say? When you're been raised on the tough streets, you'll see why I chose a different place. So any ways I'm moving into my apartment, and this woman stops by and asks if I could use help, which I wouldn't mind a little help moving some boxes in, so i turn around and right there is possible the most beautiful Earth woman I've ever seen. A middle eastern, blue eyed beauty with and excellent body if you're a gentleman reading this, if I say so myself...

"Hi, need help?"

"Yes please. My name is Tull, and you are?"

"My name is Sarah, where do you want this box?"

"Just set it anywhere, so where do you live good looking?" --Tull

"Just down the hall, I was getting back from work at the corner store. Where are you from Tull?" --Sarah

"I'm from New York City, New York but I just moved from Brooklyn." --Tull

"Hmm so you moved from Brooklyn to Squirrel Hill? Nice move I guess, never been to Brooklyn myself. So what do you do for your living?" Sarah said putting down a box

"I'm an UFC prize fighter. Better pay and opportunity presented itself here and I choose to take it." Tull said picking up another box from the stairwell

"Really? That has to be intense to fight with those big, muscular, sweaty men Tull." Sarah saying in joking way

"Yeah, I get man handled alot. Hey thanks for the help, I'll be down at the Civic Arena tomorrow down town, stop by if you got the time, okay Sarah?" Tull said putting another heavy box down.

"Sure, see you tomorrow." Sarah said leaving to her apartment winking at him.

What do you know? A girl I barely know is willing to see me FUBAR someone? Wow Pittsburgh girls are easy to meet, or I'm just a fool who got lucky with this girl. Well nothing much happened for the rest of the day or next morning. The next night, I'm in the seventh fight of the evening, there were eight but only I count since the other guys are dead now. I'll never forget that jerk, the match bell rings and we come out swinging. This guy had to be atleast seven feet tall, but he was freaking BUILT, like a damn army tank. He was huge, but the bigger they are the harder they fall right? Unfortunately I got to cocky about my experience compared with this newbie. On a upside I looked around and saw Sarah in the crowd, I guess she likes full physical contacts sports, I personally didn't think she was the type. I kept feeling the fight was rigged, i had a nagging feeling before the fight but decided not to say anything, the guy was wearing gloves that matched UFC Standards but that's what did me in, I feel I was winning the fight untill he broke my triangle hold and let my ribs have it. I know he could have punched hard but DAMNIT! This ass MUST have put iron powder in his gloves before the fight, I felt my ribs cracking under the intense assault, I can still feel the pain every now and then. Because of my server internal bleeding, my manage threw the towel in for me seeing I did lose conscienceless. I woke up in agonizing pain about twenty minutes later in the hospital, even though they had some powerful sedatives in me like Morphine. The doctor eventually got me to calm down and told me that because my kidneys were so badly damaged along with my ribs, i would have to quit for my health.

Forced into retirement by some ass who wanted to get a leg up from me. How embarrassing, what else could I do? I never did to good in school so I can't go to college even if I had the money. I could go home but so soon? I just freaking moved here? I even paid off a six month commitment. My freaking luck, I guarantee I'm the only person in the world who can burn water. Nice thing was the only person I knew in town came to see me...

"Hello Tull!" Sarah said walking into Tull's Hospital Room

"Hi there Sar-rah. I'm a little luffy on Morphine, so don't MINEEE things I may say." Tull said look in the direction where Sarah's voice came from

"Guessed they got doped up huh?" Sarah said taking a seat next to Tull

"Yeah I'm as high as a hot air balloon. You could probably tell me anything really bad and I won't care." Tull started leering at the patient next to him thinking they were Sarah

"Your apartment burnt to cinders." Sarah joked to Tull

"Wow that's bad, I'll care later." Tull continued giving a spiteful look at the patient

"Seriously, I'm sorry that your fight didn't go so well. I wish there was something I could do for you." Sarah then placed her hand on Tull's left hand

"Yeah sure, just leave me. I prefer it if you'd not look at me like this." Tull said rolling to where her hand was coming from.

"Okay, one more thing, the doctor said you can go home in a few weeks. i'll see you later Tull." Sarah said leaving the room

Possible the worst if not the best hospital conversation I have ever had. However the stay was awful, I couldn't even get up to do my kingly business if you catch my drift. Well about two weeks passed before I was able to be sent home. I'm forced to constantly take Morphine pill to deal with the pain since it was after all irreversible nerve damage to my kidneys and rib cage. I was getting my left over mail when I got a letter from Sarah, it said she wanted me to come to some place in middle of the freaking boonies in Summerset County. I guess she had family there, so as soon as I could I borrowed a car from a tenant since mine was in the shop, stupid pistons and nitrous. So any ways I'm on my way to where Sarah's letter told me, and like I said I WAS IN MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING BOONIES! I was no-freaking-where! I pulled over to take a pill or two since the pain was coming back, when i saw a burning in the sky, it was sun set, yet I thought you could only see shooting stars at night? I looked at it and realized it wasn't a shooting star but what ever it was, IT WAS COMING RIGHT FOR ME. At the time I thought to myself "Oh boy, i'm dead." I started up the car and started flooring the gas, I should have paid attention to the fact there was probably some popo's ahead waiting for some young guy like me to speed. However it seemed that whatever the hell it was crashed in a field to the west of me. If you ask me now, I still cannot answer you, I felt that i was being called to go to the crash. As I headed there again had a strange nagging feeling that crap was going to hit the fan. For some reason the car stalled on a dirt road, so I guess that just left me with walking the rest of the way there. I started running a little but I swear I could hear sirens coming from somewhere. I finally arrived at whatever it was that crashed. Strangely enough it wasn't one mother ship like most people presume but instead it was six single pods...

"HELLO!? Is there anyone out there?"

Probably the least smartest thing I've ever done, then again there was that jewish fellow who thought he was my brother, not that I don't like jewish people. My first girlfriends were jewish. But still I know for fact I'm the only child since the DNA Test said so. Back on topic I was looking around at these pods, normally I wouldn't do this but I felt compelled to investigate. I checked inside one of them however I heard a crack and turned around. There were four people where there was none a few minutes ago. These people were clearly not human, but thank God they weren't some of the aliens that gave probes or killed for no reason. I saw Aliens VS Predators AND I saw Killer Clowns from Outer Space man I hate aliens. The started approaching me, one was a tall black dude, very well built, another was a woman, one was a still a KID, I mean he couldn't be more than 13 and yet it looks like he was ready to kill me if I did something wrong and the last dude was the weirdest out of the bunch, he had to be atleast 6 feet tall but boy was he built with his long untamed hair. However one thing I noticed was that they all had tails, I mean not like dog tails but monkey tails. They were speaking a strange language and had some electrical device attached to the right side of their heads. The black one was telling the woman something, and since his hand gestures were in my direction I figured it had to do with me. She started approaching me, I felt a little sick but I had a feeling that what was going to happen happened, she charged me and wow she is FAST. I mean she was about ten feet away before but suddenly up my face, I freaked out and attempted to punch her face, she grabbed my fist, and started crashing it, however one thing I learned is that male or female, one blow to the solar plexus and you're going down. I gathered my strength to jump up and got my knee right in the center mass. she released my fist however, she was getting back. Apparently that armor would reduce the blows done to her from anyone and and let me have it to the chin, I remember the taste of dirt, I looked up to find that she was atleast 30 feet above me and coming down, I rolled out of the way to avoid harm, and glanced at the others, they weren't doing anything. I thought "Don't they care about their comrade?" I had a feeling that this was a fight for life, when she got up from the crater, yeah you read right she made a crater upon impact. I tried my best to hit her nose and to drive the bone into her brain. It was my only hope seeing I didn't take a knife or gun with me let alone the armor protected her. She grabbed my fist, I tried with the other and she grabbed that with her other hand, I was able to successfully hit her nose at a upward angle with my boots, but the pain in my ribs came back and I left the medicine in the car, it became extremely hard to breath. I saw her fall down, I felt relaxed however the crazy woman started laughing...

"How?! How are you still alive, that should have killed you. It would have killed any other human but how?" I said as I grasped my ribs feeling the pain get more and more intense.

"That's because we're not human, human."

I looked over and saw that the black guy was talking, it seemed he was their leader.

"We've come to enslave and destroy your race. You weren't even able to beat my weakest warrior. How pitiful that you should be destroyed."

"Bastard, ahhh. Don't think you'll get away with this. We've got more tricks up our sleeves than you know of." I started coughing, I just hoped that blood wouldn't come up.

However my luck, I heard a loud siren. It seem that the FBI and Police saw their pods on satellite or in person, and headed to us, I was saved.

"You're dead now" I said laughing a bit because I knew that one bullet should to their head should kill them.

The aliens got up and waiting for the police, the fools i thought, they should run for their lives. The popo's arrived, with their guns apparent.

"FREEZE! Drop whatever weapons you have and put you hands up in the air." The officer said

"You'll have to kill us first." The woman said and they charged forward.

The fight was intense, bullets were flying everywhere but noone seemed to be hit. I heard the aliens again speak in a different language but nothing seemed to happen except the feds were getting slaughtered by the unarmed creatures. A gun cam flying toward me, I took it to be safe since I was probably the last chance to kill them. When the smoke settled down, I saw the aliens again however their leader wasn't there. They were talking in that strange language. As I lay hunched over on the ground, holding my ribs I saw their captain slowly walking forward with a Fed behind him...

"Give in to me, or your leader dies with the rest of you." the fed said with the gun to the temple of the black alien.

They kept talking wanting to help but seeing that he had three injuries, one to his leg and one to his hand and one to his arm the others were hesitant. I had to ask him something...

"What are you going to do to them?" I said in a hoarse voice

"We're going to take them to Area 51 and do what's necessary to domesticate these animals. We'll put you on a gag order." The stupid officer said to me

"What do you mean? They attacked me first and do you think I'd keep quiet after all this?"

"You will be quiet or you will be dead, that simple."

"Okay since you put it that way..."

I pulled out the gun that I hide behind me and against all odds I shot the agent right in between his goofy eyes. I dropped the gun and again began to cough up blood. The kid started approaching me

"Why did you do that?" he asked

"I rather die at your hands than by my injuries or the government, besides I was taught to not hate your enemy, but to love them." again I started coughing

"That's very noble of you. Normally we don't do this but, since you saved my life I'll give a choice, use that weapon and end yourself and we'll leave quietly or turn down my offer we'll spare you and conquer your world where as you'll be our slave."

I thought to myself tough decision. My career is over, I'm in debt up to my ears, there's people back home who want me home for good or bad. Yet I despite these small over sites, I felt compelled to refuse the sacrifice and accept their offer in domination. If you ask me, I'm still not sure as to why I made the decision that I did. I picked up the gun, and threw it at them...

"I decline your offer. I don't need to sacrifice myself for any ones good." Tull continued to cough this time not as much blood as before

"Why? Why would you not save your own kind? Why damn them?" The woman said leaning over to help Tull off the ground

"From the minute we're born into this world, we were never meant to bring each other happiness just pain and misery. We're told be nice to others but crush all competition. We're told that if we set out minds to it, we can do anything we want, yet we know from birth that we'll know who will succeed and who will fail. Sexual predators are given breaks because of mental diseases, small time contraband offenders are sent to prison for their entire lives with much more violent crime offenders. A man in Boston murdered a woman in broad day light and noone around her did nothing when she begged for their help. We are always told to avoid evil people yet we cannot decipher the difference between the evil and the good. A drug lord can kill 30 people in one assault, pay off each jury member to find him not guilty. The injustices of man cannot be allowed to continued. We're slowly destroying ourselves and each other. We've already eliminated numerous animals that inhabit this planet. In my opinion we're already as good as dead, we are at a evolutionary dead end. So why not speed up the process?" Tull slowly got to his feet.

"Noble words but petty resolves." The black alien said to Tull

"I care not of the fate of this world, I only have one request. There's a female of my species I wish to see live. Grant me this one favor."

"Very well. Everyone, go as planned within a week we shall have this planet cleared of all hominoid life like him."

"My name is Tull."

I don't remember much of what happened, but what I do remember was waking up inside a large tube. I looked around it seemed I wasn't in Kansas, that's for sure. It seemed that while I was knocked out or passed out I was brought to the alien mother ship. I looked around the tube and it seemed that the young one was in front of me, staring and started fiddling with the machine. I felt the liquid drain and the tube opened...

"Where am i?" Tull asked the kid

"You're on our mother ship." The kid then offered Tull a town to cover himself.

"I small question. How is it that you know my language?" Tull started drying himself off

"While you were asleep I surgically implanted a translating device into your head but before, the devices on our head made our language yours and yours ours. But only when we talked to you." the kid then handed Tull a suit of armor. It was had green shorts, and olive muscle shirt with a suit of armor that would cover his chest and shoulders along with a green pair of sox and boots that go to the knees.

"Wow that was a mouthful. I never caught your name, mine is Tull." Tull said slipping on the shorts

"My name is Appla. I'm the medical understudy of this ship." Appla looked down filling out a medical report on Tull, he was wearing full chest armor that protected just his torso. It looked very tough however, he had black shorts like him however his shirt was brick red, despite being barely noticeable and the same exact boots that Tull was wearing. His skin was slightly tanned like a italian and had brown eyes, and a strange brown monkey tail

"How old are you? You're very young to be a Medical Understudy."

"I'm 13 years old. Surpassingly our years and your years are the same down to days and months and hours in a day."

"Hmm so how long was I asleep?" Tull started putting the socks and boots on

"You've been recovering for almost 8 days. Your ribs and kidneys were very damaged. The rejuvenation tank could barely work on them, however they should be much better than before. Quick question, you had a strange request, who did you want saved? We found a female of your species some time after we you passed out." Appla said looking back at Tull

"Really? What did she look like?"

"She had dark skin, not like Captain Cas' but darker than Peaires'. She also had strange blue eyes, she said she knew you and demanded to know what happened to you."

"WHAT?! Did she say her name?" Tull ran over to Appla with his shirt and armor in hand

"No, ask Peaires he's the one with darker skin than I skin and has the longgest hair on ship. He's down the hall and in the second door on the left in the prison." Appla got startled when he ran over

"Thanks Appla" Tull ran out of the office

I remember thinking to myself, as I got my shirt on if they killed Sarah or not. I hope they didn't, even though I barely knew her she brought joy to me while I was in that hellish hospital. Oh god I still remember the smell of death and disinfectants. I finally arrived to the door, I hope I wasn't too late.

"Oh you're awake." Peaires said turning to face Tull, like Appla he wearing black shorts, boots, however his armor protected his torso, shoulders and groin his shirt was gray. He had long untamed hair and darker skin than the saiyan before, he had brown eyes like Appla and again he had a furry tail around his waist

"Where is she?" Tull ran up to Peaires

"Back off punk" Peaires shot a weak ki blast into Tull's armor knocking him down

"She's here and she's the last of your race, we made sure of that. Just like you asked. Keep in mind your still Captain Cas' slave."

"Wait what? Sarah's alive? I'm the Captian's property?" Tull said slowly getting back up

"Yes, you requested one female of your species to survive the clearing, and we did so. Rather this was a special one to you or not, we care not. You may talk to her, I already told her what happened. Don't be so pushy with me, Appla's a kid. I guess the kid has yet to learn respect. Also the weak serve the strong, you may have saved his life but you clearly are weaker so you and Sarah are now his slaves." Peaires stepped around to get past Tull

"One more thing Peaires. Just through this door I figured, were you born a jerk or did you have to work at it?" Tull said standing up facing Peaires

"Very funny slave. I suggest finding your way to the control room to see something interesting." Peaires said leaving with a chuckle

I remember as I walked into the prison room where Sarah was being held. A certain in describale feeling that I was going to get my ears worn off, a woman's scorn. I'm not in any particular mood to describe the vulgarity however I'll sure as hell never forget it. After my ear beating I went on a search for the Control Room. So far these aliens seemed to be all right, except for Peaires he's a jerk. However I do find the woman I fought earlier...

"Hey excuse me" Tull said running to catch up with the woman

"Hello. So you're the creature we allowed to live." The woman said walking

"I'm a human and my name is Tull." Tull said feeling degraded

"Sorry, my name is Drive and everyone you've met so far is a Saiyan. Where are you off to?" Drive said looking at Tull

"Drive, strange name no offense." Tull said taking notice of Drive's appearance, she had short black hair, wasn't much taller than Sarah, he liked how her armor fit her body perfectly. She looked much like Peaires in armor. Tull then presumed that they all dress alike, except her shirt was Royal Blue where as Appla's was red and yet, another furry brown monkey tail

"You don't have a normal name yourself Tull." Drive said looking taking offensive notice of Tull's watch

"I'm trying to find the control room. Can you show me where it is Drive?" looking into Drive's eyes

"Yes, I'm on my way there myself. Just follow me." Drive continued her walk to the Control Room with Tull "One more thing, sorry about the fight."

"Think nothing of it, I've been hit harder by dying creatures with lava for flesh." Drive said laughing at Tull

The ship looked like something from a science fiction movie. It was like something from Tron, Aliens and Star Wars put tougher. Tron was a good movie, but this isn't about Tron. I arrived to the Control Room and it was like nothing I've ever seen in the science fiction movies. I saw in the distance, the one who must have been Captain Cas. He was standing near a shutter. It seemed he was contemplating something.

"Captain Cas" Tull said approaching Captain Cas

"Correct. You're Tull and the woman is Sarah. She was screaming alot but we eventually got her to tell us her name." Captain Cas turned around, he was the alien he saved. He was black like Jet Black, like the Afrikaans that I read about in books. His armor appeared to be much more top line compared to everyone else's his was full body, down to his elbows and knees. His shirt was also Royal Blue like Drives, he too had a tail. It was safe to assume to Tull that all saiyans had tails.

"So I guess you did decide to spare me and the woman I wanted." Tull said approaching Cas

"it was a female, we didn't know nor care if she was the one you wanted. I wanted to talk to you as soon as you were awake." Cas turning around

"Yes, Appla told me you wanted to see me." Tull stood next to Cas

"Correct, by now you've met my crew. I wanted to say don't try any funny business or we'll go back on our deal. Am I understood? You and Sarah are now my slaves. You'll have to help us clear planets or serve the ship, which ever you two do best in." Cas said looking down to Tull

"Yes sir, you are understood. But what help can I be? I don't have a fraction of the strength that you or even Drive have." Tull said wondering as to what Cas has instored for him and Sarah.

"Don't worry about that. Time will tell what you're capable of. I also wanted you to see this." Cas pressed a button against the shutters and they started rising.

You the reader, wouldn't believe this but when I saw this. Part of me felt overjoyed to see this site. It was the Earth all right, but all of his former beauty was now gone. The land scape was very much destroyed, I figured the world powers with nuclear bombs tried to nuke the Saiyans however the Saiyans must have known about them because they're still alive. Apparently all those who stood against the Saiyans had no strength. From birth I knew I was an outcast, I hoped that every time I got bullied by some punk on the street that I would be the one to decide when they would die. I hoped every time some fool came and beat me up so I wouldn't have the strength to fight in a match that their fate would meet with my fist. I'm glad now I made the choice I did. Humanity didn't deserve what it had going for it.

"We'll be leaving to head back to our home world. Your quarters are next to mine, Drive will show you the way." Cas said motioning Drive to come.

I'm in my room now writing this down. We'll be at the home world in a few days. I've gone trying to calm Sarah, but she won't talk to me. I'll give her a day or two chill out. Hopefully things will change and she'll like the new rule. As I said, this is my life story and I'll drive it anyway I want.

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