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Journies and training

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Tull's Choice and the aftermath.

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RATING: G for the Prologe, PG-13 or R for main story.

SUMMARY: Tull's Choice and the aftermath.

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"Remnants of Earth"

CHAPTER TWO "Journies and Training"
JUNE 25, 2005

I'm laying in my bed thinking about my choice. Perhaps I was a little too brash with my decision. But perhaps it was the best choice? What if the Saiyans didn't keep their word even after? Best not worry about it now, what's done is done and it's unchangeable. I decided that I'd try again to talk to Sarah once more, hopefully she's calmed down enough to be civil.

"Hello, Sarah."

"What do you want?" Sarah hissed

"Still angry? Get over it. What's done is done."

"Blame you I could forget such a thing?"

"No, but I'll learn to live with it. I suggest you start playing nice with the Saiyans for your own good, Sarah."

"So that's what those people are?"

Tull approached Sarah's cell door

"Yes, perfect for annihilating what was once our kind. Think about it. Remember everything you've seen on the news or heard on the radio. Rapists getting only 3 years and life therapy?"

"You're only looking at the negative side of life, Tull. What about the miracles that happen every day?" Sarah moved closer to Tull

"Please, you know as well as I do that the rich got away with almost everything and the poor got nothing. The rich make the poor fight their wars for oil and lumber. Need I continue?" Tull motioned for Peaires to come over

"What?" Peaires demanded

"Can you take her out? I'll be responsible for her. I just want to talk for a few minutes." Tull asked Peaires

"No. Sorry, but Cas' orders until you finish your training. If you want to make your keep you have to be able to fight. You may have been a great fighter on your planet but to where we're going, you'll be dead before the first sun set if you can't fight us," Peaires said grabbing Tull's arm.

Peaires proceeded to drag me out of the room by my arm like my mom did when I wanted something. What am I? Six years old again? He brought me to this big empty room; from the looks of the ground things just seemed to change depending on the situation. I saw Appla standing in middle of the room.

"Okay, Tull. I'm going to set the basic training program up to train you on how to throw strong punches, enough to break armor. Appla here will be your battle buddy." Peaires went into an adjacent chamber

"Wait, what?" Tull said looking shocked at the young boy

"We're a warrior race if you hadn't figured it out already. Peaires and I will teach you how to fight physically, and with Ki energy so you can make your living with us," Appla said stretching out

"Okay, but what's Ki energy?" Tull himself started stretching his muscles out once more.

"Ki energy is your energy that can save your life by performing incredible attacks on your enemies. I'll teach you how to throw Ki and charge; Peaires will teach us how to fight hand to hand."

"You're NOT a master of your fighting style?" Tull stopped and looked at the young Saiyan.

"No," Appla said, getting a little embarrassed.

"Quit your yakking ladies! Appla, let's go easy with him, the fragile human that is. Teach him how to gather energy first," Peaires announced from the loud speaker above them.

"Okay! First you need to be able to concentrate at a moments notice. Then, focus on gathering the energy in the air and from around you like so."

Appla stood away from Tull, grinding his teeth and growling. Appla was squeezing his fists hard, his gloves didn't give away, his knees bent slightly. A white aura started gathering around Appla. With a loud scream, Appla came to a sudden halt.

"See Tull? It's not that hard once you do it the first time. Creatures as weak as yourself cannot normally use Ki, however, while you were asleep I took a blood sample and checked your DNA and it says you're the strongest person on your planet, you just haven't awoken your full powers yet." Appla tried giving Tull words of encouragement

"Now you try it, concentrate very hard think about only raw energy, try getting it to focus on you yourself, forget everyone here," Peaires said trying to help him out as well.

To be honest, what did I have to lose? Nothing really, so I tried. I bit my teeth down, clenched my fists and thought only about energy. I thought about the sun, nuclear explosions, anything that would invigorate me. I could feel my energy gathering around me at a rapid pace, everything seemed to get hotter, however, I felt I could breath much easier than I normally could. Then, suddenly a rush of power came over me and I could feel my Ki around me. I felt like I had been standing there for hours but only minutes had passed since Appla's demonstration. I looked over and saw that in my awakening, I had knocked him down. I dropped my aura out of concern for him, I thought I had hurt him.

"WOW! Big brother did you see that?!" Appla said, getting excited and jumping to his feet.

"YES! That was amazing, his first attempt at unlocking his Ki energy was 100% successful! Maybe this human isn't a waste after all. Tull, you should be able to keep that aura field up when you need oxygen, that field can save your life. Trust me, it's saved mine a number of times. I also took your power level, for a weak creature you're actually pretty strong." Peaires started playing with some instruments up in the chamber

"Yeah, I am pretty impressive," Tull said and started to gloat

"Don't get cocky, punk. I was tracking your power level, and you're still weaker than my baby brother."

"I'm not a baby!" Appla yelled.

"Whatever, baby," Peaires joked with his younger brother.

"You two are brothers?" Tull asked, trying to see a family resemblance.

"Yes, now shut up. I want you do it again, but put as much effort as you can to gather energy, we need to see how strong you are. I need to reset the machine." Peaires flipped a few switches. "Go ahead, try one more time."

Once more, I thought about nothing but energy, however, I also thought about what I just did. It took a little longer to get it up since I was feeling kind of drained, but when the field got up I just tried my best to unload. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, I could see Appla's hair getting stirred around a bit from my charge, however, I just stopped completely after what felt like 5 minutes. I felt super charged instead of drained. Weird huh?

"Okay, I got the test result. Your power level is 1,950. Like I said for a human that's very VERY good. But not good enough by Saiyan standards," Peaires said, resetting the machine

"WHAT!? Then what's yours?"

"Mine? In weakest to strongest its...

Appla with 2,500. Me and Drive are about the same at 8,000. Captain Cas with 12,000. All of us are hardened combat veterans, except for Appla. He just became a man not to long ago."

"I thought Drive was the weakest?" Tull questioned Peaires.

"Cas lied to you. He lies to things he usually kills later. You're an exception." Peaires began to get annoyed by the humans questions.

"He's about 13 from what I figure, how about you?" Tull looked depressed.

"I'm 28 in your years, Drive is 22. Funny she's first class at young age and I'm older yet second class, and Captain is 46 but he's first class and rightfully so. Now, this isn't 20 questions, Appla show him how to use his Ki. Destroy these targets." Peaires summoned two, 3 feet tall creatures, with huge heads, big eyes that were red with yellow pupils and were green with segmented bodies. However, they were in restraints.

"Those are Saibaimen. They're genetically engineered combat training creatures we use. You're equally as strong as them. Now to use your Ki as an attack, envision the attack coming out from you hand, concentrate on it in your head and extend your hand like so."

Appla extended his hand with his fingers slightly parted, gathered some of his energy and shot it at a Saibaiman that wasn't moving. The Ki ball hit the Saibaiman and it exploded; the end result? There was nothing remaining.

"See? Not that hard. You try it."

I looked at the odd creature. I put my hand in front of me and thought as hard as I could. Appla could do it so why couldn't I? I tried, but nothing worked.

"Try harder!" came Peaires voice

"I'll give you harder, punk." Tull gripped and tried again, this time the yellow sphere of energy came flying and hit the Saibaiman. It was hit, but not fatally. The Saibaiman screamed and growled; it was clearly injured.

"It's not dead... Let me try again." Tull extended his hand again and tried once more. This time the attack hit and the Saibaiman exploded.

"Not bad, but you've got to get stronger. The weakest third class Saiyan will kill you in a fight. Keep practicing." Peaires continued to send restrained Saibaimen to Tull and Appla.

We continued taking turns to attempt to get stronger and more experienced with our Ki. The kid was strong for a 13 year old boy. However, I was starting to get hungry and drained. Those Ki balls required a lot of energy to hurl.

"Very good boys. We'll take a short break. Get some food into you then I'll give you two the physical training."

I thought to myself 'Oh God'. I remember the lunch since I ended up eating it for several days after.It was basically emergency provisions that had ONLY calories. It tasted HORRIBLE. I felt bad for Sarah since she got fed the same thing. How these Saiyans lived off it surprised me. However, we had just five minutes to eat and before I'd finished one pack, the Saiyans were done eating their entire meals. They don't waste time eating I guess. I've actually NEVER seen anyone or anything eat so fast but when I really think about it I once ate a extra large pizza all by myself in under two minutes.

. "All right boys, elevenses is over. Get up and get ready." Peaires started stretching his muscles out.

I rushed to finish the slop, it was better than nothing. I stretched real quick with Appla. I wonder what kind of Physical Training he was talking about? Was it offensive or defensive?

"Appla, show him how to punch and kick like a Saiyan," Peaires ordered his brother.

"Watch carefully Tull." Appla dove at Peaires with a slow but paced series of fists and kicks.

I still remember the intensity they were fighting with. I've had my share of vicious fights but this was training, and it was greater than any title defense I've ever had. I made mental notes of these moves, I figured I would try to add them to my own moves. I just wondered how did he hit strong enough to hurt him? By rights I had killed Drive but she just laughed at me.

"Tull, when fighting you must concentrate on focusing your attack so it hits hard enough to get through armor, it takes less energy and stamina to fight physically, however, you have to be close, as you already know," Appla shouted out before Peaires tripped him.

"Energy attacks require a lot of energy and stamina, however, they can be used from afar and I've heard about some people being able to control it to go the way they want it to go." Peaires slammed his brother into the titanium plated floor with his right foot on his back.

"Good job, Appla, you're improving but you're not improving at the rate I want you to. Just practice against some Saibaimen while I get Tull toughed up." Peaires let Appla go.

"Your turn."

I still remember that smirk. I'm not going to talk about my epic ass kicking but let's say it wasn't near noon and I was busted up, bleeding, bruised, and tired. It was my first day and Peaires was giving me the worst beating I've ever received. For some reason while I was "training" against him, I thought about the last UFC fight I'd had. I remember passing out from blood loss and waking up in the tank again.

"Wow, you're alive."

"Gee thanks, I think. Clown shoes." Tull climbed out the tank and again dried himself off.

"Clown shoes? What are those?" Appla looked puzzled at Tull.

"They're really big, really floppy, really foolish boots that are colorful and only clowns wear them." Tull looked over at the Saiyan boy.

"What are clowns?"

"Oh god, do you people ever have fun that's not fighting? Like laughing?"


"Sweet Jesus, its like I'm teaching a Vulcan* what emotions are. DO NOT RESPOND to the Vulcan comment. Laughing is what you do when something really entertains you."

"I know what laughing and entertainment are, but what do clowns and shoes and laughing have to do with each other?" Appla stared back into Tull's annoyed Hazel eyes.

"I'll tell you later. How long was I out this time?"

"Just two hours. Peaires wants you to fight me later instead of him. He went a little overboard with you."

"A LITTLE OVERBOARD?! I WAS ALMOST KILLED BY THAT PUNK!" Tull loomed over Appla, screaming Appla off his chair.

"Yeah." Appla was clearly scared from Tull's sudden explosion.

"Sorry, I'm not mad at you. I'm just mad at your brother." Tull helped Appla off the ground by taking his hand up and kept it grasped.

"So, did I miss something here?" Drive walked in seeing the two young men holding hands

"No, something wrong ma'am?" Appla quickly released Tull's hand

"The captain said we'll be stopping at the Seti Lunar Colony which has some problems with a slave rebellion. She's sending a distress beacon. We'll be taking a detour before going home. Also the captain wants to speak to you in private, Appla. Tull, I need you to come with me." Drive proceeded to grab Tull by his collar and drag him out.

"What?!" Tull tried getting his footing while Drive dragged him along the hallway.

"You really need to toughen up. Peaires wasn't using a small fraction of his power and yet he clearly destroyed you." Drive let go of his collar.

"Yeah, I know, I'm hoping I have a chance against Appla seeing I'm nearer his power level." Tull again started staring elsewhere on Drive's body.

"My eyes are up here," Drive said, her anger building up

"Yeah, I know, I just like what I see, that's all." Tull glanced up at her eyes again then back to where they started.


SLAP! Tull got knocked off his feet and felt his skull bounce off one of the windows in the corridor, he barely yelped since he was already quite acquainted with pain.

"Ouch. At least you're the toughest and prettiest lesbian I've ever met."

CRACK! Once more Tull screamed in pain as Drive dug her heel into his chest and slammed him into the ground.

"DO NOT CALL ME THAT!" Drive stomped again but this time Tull rolled out and gave her a left sweep to trip her.

"Call you what? A lesbian? That's like saying the stars are bright!" Tull jumped back giggling at Drive.

"I'M NOT! STOP SAYING THAT!" Drive shot a Ki blast at Tull.

As she fired that Ki blast, I could see in her eyes, tears. Apparently I struck a really emotional nerve. I remember learning how to block attacks from Peaires but he never mentioned a defense against Ki. I just put my arms up across my face and hoped for the best. The Ki blast exploded, I remember the burning sensation in my arms.

"Whoa!" Tull screamed and seeing that this could get uglier, he ran towards the training room.

"DON'T RUN AWAY FROM ME! TAKE YOUR ASS KICKING LIKE A MAN!" Drive tossed another Ki blast at Tull. He again blocked the attack, but was tackled by Drive and fell into the training room.

"DAMN! I was only kidding!" Tull tried wrestling Drive off him.

"You're still going to have your ass kicked!" Drive tried to strangle Tull, he wasn't doing a good job of keeping her at bay.

"Fine, I guess I'll have to take you on, butch."

Tull was able to roll Drive on her back, and break off her attack. He ran away a little to get some distance while Drive got up.

Drive got up and lunged at Tull with lightning speed with her fist extended. He ducked under her attack, and brought his knee to meet her stomach, this time he actually heard her gasp. He followed up with a double fist smash against her back, and knocked her into the ground. Drive, however, counted on Tull doing that, and followed up with a ground attack, proceeding to attack straight up the front with a driving back hand fist. Tull grabbed his bruised and battered ego and began gasping for air. Drive got up and stared down at Tull, laughing at his manly weakness.

"What's wrong? Your spirit broken? Where's your guff? Your pride? Your dignity? That smart tongue?" Drive laughed.


Tull jumped up and gathered energy around his fist and delivered a upper cut right on Drive's chin. She fell back on the ground with a thud, this time she was holding her jaw. Tull rolled off his uppercut and looked back at Drive. She was visibly hurt. He didn't want to hurt her any more.

"Drive? Are you okay?"

Once more Drive rode up the middle of the road, and once more Tull came down gasping for air, screaming in agony and crying in pain.

"I am now." Drive spat blood at Tull.

Drive grabbed Tull by the collar of his armor and let his face know how she felt about him. She swung three times each making a more and more gruesome sound as her fist started taking effect on his teeth and cheeks. After the three punches, she threw him down in disgust.

"Now, it's over." Drive began walking away.

"Not so..." Tull barely squeezed out as he tried getting to his feet.

"What was that?

"Not so..."

"Not so, WHAT?"


A bright orange Ki blast flew from his tightly clenched hands, the palms facing her, catching Drive completely off guard and sending her into a wall where the ball exploded on her...

I couldn't believe what just happened. I got what I deserved from a bad attempt at humor. I got into a fight with the woman who'd beaten me half way into submission the first time I met her. Yet somehow I launched a massive energy attack. My teeth hurt along with my cheeks but the attack had left me spent. I was really tired. But I had a feeling she wasn't down yet. After a few moments, I didn't see her moving at all. Maybe I did take her down. Yet as soon as I started approaching her, I heard her laughing. I remembered her coming from behind and throwing me down to the ground, yet it didn't have the ferocity she had before. When my vision returned, I saw her sitting on top of me with her legs wrapped around my thighs. This was a favorable coincidence to wake up to. I did notice that I had done some considerable damage to her armor.

"You're ferocity is good but your strength is for NOTHING." Drive squeezed harder on Tull's pelvis.

"AH! What's that supposed to mean?" Tull tried getting out of the vice like grip, but couldn't.

"You have potential. Don't take this ass kicking as business, it's personal." Drive sent a fist into Tull's right cheek.

Swing after swing Drive laughed with pleasure as Tull tried helplessly to get out. Tull knew she was only toying with him, otherwise he would have been dead. All she needed to do was let her fist move all the way across his face to snap his neck, she could have also driven a fist through his skull, or she could have snapped his spine with her grip, yet she just wanted to beat him around. After twenty minutes of the beating, Drive got off Tull, although bruised, battered and beaten, Tull was barely able to get up, but his ego, as before, was put down by the young female Saiyan.

"So, Tull, why are you so obsessed with me?" Drive dusted herself off.

"I'm not obsessed with you. A little infatuated, yes, but not obsessed," Tull said feeling depressed.

"I can smell the lust on you."

"I'll admit I yearn for you, but it's not motor drive. Did you really have to beat me so harshly though?"

"I could have killed you."

"Really? I thought you wanted me for your bedroom pet."

"You really are self conceited aren't you?" Drive giggled at how cute Tull could be when he was sarcastic.

"Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Yes you may."

"Are you married? I didn't see no engagement ring like humans wear." Tull continued checking himself for any serious wounds.

"No, marriage doesn't mean anything to me NOR do I yearn for women soldiers!" Drive turned aggressively to Tull.

"SORRY! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings again, I was only joking at first." Tull felt the fear wash over him.

"I don't take to jokes very kindly. I did go rough on you didn't I?" Drive looked over Tull as he got back up.

"It's okay. Can ask you something else?"

"Sure, walk with me. I need new armor."

"Sorry about that. Could you tell me how things work here? I have a vague idea, but I want to know now before I do something that will get me or Sarah killed."

"Sure. Saiyans are homosapiens like you. The difference is we retain some of animal instincts and characteristics such as our tails, hunger and sexual drive. Our strength likewise surpasses yours, however, your intelligence is magnificent! The weapons your planet had were so advanced, 1000 first class Saiyans didn't have the strength some of your weapons had."

"That would be our nuclear weapons, we only used those once and we're still paying for it. Our brain is our most deadly weapon."

"True, though unlike you we've evolved as a warrior race, we can retain our youth to fight longer, we also live longer life spans at least a minimum of 150 years without any major health injuries from fighting. Humans sadly have a life expectancy of 100 years, most didn't live past 70 let alone 50 in some areas. We have an hierarchy of rule, a kingdom to be exact. Our King gives the law, and we obey. Our race clears other planets and then sells them to the highest bidder. Usually our clearings go to the Hydroxian or the Changlings. That's how our job works, clear the planet first, after our King approves them of clearing we then sell them. Does that help any?"

"Yeah a little bit, so either I fight and help kill or you don't get paid and we die. Cheery."

"One more thing, by fighting any one of us. You'll help make us stronger, literally. Saiyans get stronger after very fight and after every near death situation. So thanks sweetie for the boost."

"You're welcome. Also are there any showers on the ship, I smell like a hog, as do you. NO OFFENSE INTENDED!" Tull backed up in case she wanted to slap him across the face once more.

"None taken as long you noticed you smell rancid. The showers on the ship aren't working, but since we're going to the aid station, you can shower with us there. The showers are unisex, so don't get too excited. Here." Drive took a new male suit of armor and tossed it at Tull.

"The one your wearing isn't very good, I actually had to take it much easier on you than I do Appla. Someone gave you faulty armor."

"Peaires. What's up his ass?

"He's a jerk. I dated him at one point so I know how rude and mean he can truly be," Drive said getting choked up.

"Are you okay?"

"YES!" Drive snapped once more.

"Did he hurt you?" Tull began moving very slowly towards Drive.

"It's none of your business," Drive said choking up a little more.

"Sorry, I'll stop. But you shouldn't keep things like that pent up. It made for some of the worst serial killers back on Earth."

"I'll talk to you later. Until then rest up before dinner. I'm sure Peaires and Appla will want you to train with them again." Drive grabbed a set of armor made for her physique.

"Thanks, also for the better armor."

"Your welcome."

Not much happened until dinner, the armor wasn't any heavier than the set before, I wonder how they make this clothing so light and durable? The dinner was the same as lunch, carbs and protein. THAT'S IT. Why bother complaining? I still eat the stuff. As Drive told me, there was training immediately after dinner. The ship was set to autopilot while the six of us trained. Nothing much happened, however, I saw how all the Saiyans fight, and they really do fight like animals. Drive really did suppress her power against me, Appla was tough but he eventually got bested by me. I think he was going easy on me. I hate it when little kids go easy on me, firstly I lose to them all the time at video games and now on my turf in fighting? Peaires wasn't as merciful on me as Drive, but he did go easier since Cas was watching him intently. I fell beaten and tired after that slug fest. Eventually, after many bruisings, Cas told us to call it a day and that we've about three hours before we arrive, good nap I guess. We'll be heading there first.


Authors Note: Vulcan is a race from Star Trek. So smart yet so emotionless.

Most of the science facts I've gathered are true. Got a question? E-mail me, I'll have your answers.
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