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Seti Alpha Company pt. 1

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Tull's Life Story: Seti Alpha Colony's Disaster

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RATING: G for the Prologe, PG-13 or R for main story.

Warnings: Some mild language, violence, and some perversion. Point of view changes to narrative from first person, and switches back. Paying Homage to multiple Martial Arts and BRUCE LEE!

Summary: Tull's Life Story: Seti Alpha Colony's Disaster

Author's Notes: Feed back is WANTED. Got questions or want to give feedback? Go ahead. If you flame me, you WILL be 0wn3d.

"Remnants of Earth"

CHAPTER THREE "Seti Alpha Colony pt. 1"
September 27, 2005

Tull, Appla, Drive, and Peaires are standing tall in front of their captain. The captain seems a little uneasy as he briefs them about their mission. They're nearing the space colony Alpha Seti.

"Okay everyone! LISTEN UP! I've received our orders from the local Governor. He says some slaves are starting persistent uprisings and they need to be put down in a desperate manner. As leader of the 3400th Extermination Squad, I've accepted their plea. Tull, Appla and the captive will stay behind untill the resistance is submitted. We'll then go and receive permission to allow the slaves and a trainee to assist in the suppression. Regardless of his answer, we'll go and crush the delinquents. Any questions?"

"How come I always stay behind and do nothing?" Appla spoke up

"Because you're still a child!" Cas snapped back

I'm tired of being treated like a child, I'm grown up! I should be able to come with my captain and help exterminate some petty scum Appla thought to himself.

"Appla watch over the slaves while we're away. That's your only job untill we come and get you." Cas motioned for his troops to leave with him.

Tull looked over to his young Saiyan friend. He looked very disappointed, perhaps they're much harsher on Appla than he thought. Shortly before docking, Tull decided to see what was on his mind. As they neared Alpha Seti, Tull had to see what a real space station looked like, especially in Civil Upheaval. Like most movies, there was several "domes" so to speak, one massive in the center with 4 surrounding like a atomic diagram. There was some intense fighting from the bright flashes, several shots of Ki energy were shot at the ship, but they all missed luckily for them. As the ship was landing, Cas along with Peaires and Drive took Appla and Tull to the entrance of the ship, informing them to guard the ship untill they returned.

"Appla, lets talk. Man to man." Tull leaned against the wall.

"Sure, what about?" Appla followed him outside the ships main entrance in the dock

"I saw your face when Cas turned you down. What's up with that?"

"Everyone thinks just because I'm 'a kid' that I can't clear or do what needs to be done by myself!" Appla punched the wall

"Calm down. You MUST have had killed some of my people right?"

"NO. I was sent back to the ship with you and the woman right after you came." Appla slammed his fist against the wall

"Her name's Sarah." Tull butted in

"Right... anyway" Appla looked over to see a girl walking over towards them

"Shit hide me." Appla hid behind Tull

"The hell?!"

A girl wearing a black half-mask ran up to Tull and the "hidden" Appla. He did kind of wonder why a girl would be wearing a half mask and why exact Appla would hide. Come on be a man Tull thought himself.

"Hey there Appla why you hiding behind this bozo." The girl said aloud

"I ain't no damn clown." Tull spoke up

"Looking for something." Appla walked out slowly

"What you looking for?"

"Mypride." Appla said quickly

"Huh?" The girl looked inquisitively at Appla

"Nothing. So you're back from your vacation?"

"Who are you?" Tull asked

"NOPE you right where we are. Me and my parents are waiting untill they let the civilians back in. Who's your wild haired friend there?"

"He's Tull the captains slave."

"Hey can you answer my question?" Tull asked the girl again.

"Oh aren't you going to introduce us?" Smiling at both of them

"Yeah. Tull Aeroh. Aeroh Tull." Appla pointed to each other.

"Damnit I just asked that!" Tull said getting annoyed by this girl.

"Okay. Nice conversation talk to you later Appla." Aeroh hugged Appla but not without scratching his arms as she left.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Tull screamed

"What?" Appla looked upward at the clearly maddened Tull

"She ignored me! What did I do? By the way you're bleeding."

"That's Ixnian girl that has a huge crush on me. I think it's her people that ignore someone they don't know, and yes I noticed her people have razor sharp nails and teeth. Quite disturbing sometimes. Hey can I ask something?"

"Yeah sure may as well since we've got time to spare." Tull sat down.

"So tell me more about yourself. Where you were from, your life growing up, ya know?"

At this point I sighed. I hate talking about my past it just sucks alot sometimes. But may as well, got nothing better to do eh?

"I was from a large city known as New York City. I never knew my pops so its just me and my ma's. I was from one of the worst areas known as Hell's Kitchen, which it was untill you guys happened. Since we were broke all the time, I got into all sorts of shit. You know, stealing, mugging, gangs, you know that sort of shit. During school I learned a valuable lesson: those who can't fight. DIE. So I learned to fight from Boxing, Wrestling, Lotus Petal, Goju Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Fist, Kick Boxing, Hapkido, Myan Chuan, Shotokan, Ninjitsu, Monkey, Crane, and Karate classes. I learned alot of Martial Arts when I was younger, I was a very quick and very adaptive learned my teachers told me I had everything to become a World Martial Arts Champion which I become three years ago being one of the youngest ever to win that highly coveted title. I had one of two choices two years ago, become a movie star like Bruce Lee or UFC Prized fighter. I like to fight so I chose UFC over acting. Still glad I did. I've been fighting in the UFC untill I got FUCKED UP IN A FIGHT." Tull slammed his fast into the ship himself.

"WHOA! Calm down Tull! Sorry you can stop now." Appla grabbed and restrained his arm

"Naw its okay. Some guy was using Iron dust in his gloves and ended my career then I met you guys and Sarah. Enough said." Tull shook himself loose from Appla's grasp.

"You've had a life dude."

"Yeah one hell of a wild ride, how about you?"

"Easy. From the moment we're born we're taught to be merciless killing machines. I never knew dad, mom and Peaires told me he was an advisor to the king. My mother followed his steps since fighting wasn't her style and the fact the King and mom were once in the same Naval Battalion. I've been in school untill last month and joined my brother here." Appla headed inside the ship, Tull followed.

"I'm bored Tull, lets fight. Teach me some of your Martial Arts." Appla took his stance

"I can't really teach you, you're mind's not focused and I'm a little rusty in my teachings. Sure I was a 5th Degree Black Belt and Golden Gloves Champion, but doesn't mean I'll teach you." Tull stood on one foot, lift the other leg in front of him letting the foot hang, and put his hands to his side as though he wanted to take flight.

Appla rushed at him, Tull jumped over Appla and threw a slicing hand downward on Appla's head knocking him into the ground. Appla recovered and through a fist of his own, Tull caught the fist and threw Appla away from him. Appla was getting madder by the moment, he started to swing wildly and Tull just deflected all his fists. Appla pushed away and tried to tackle him, Tull jumped up and kicked Appla's nose knocking him down. Tull had a feeling he was going to try again. He would have to keep switching styles so Appla wouldn't start ot anticipate his moves. Appla slowly got up, however Tull was know underneath him, yet not laying down, he was leaning backwards and struck Appla's Armor with both fists flinging him back. Tull started hammer away Appla's chest. Appla's breaths were quickly escaping him, the intense assault from someone weaker than him both humiliated him and yet... intrigued him. After several crushing blows, Appla caught Tull's hands, and with his tail slammed him face first into the ground.

"Dirty trick!" Tull said face first in the ground.

"Sorry. You're alot better than I thought. Maybe the scouters aren't broken. Why were you so easily pushed over on your home world." Appla increased the pressure on Tull's neck.

"Ribs my boy!" Tull bent Appla's tail towards him.

Appla quickly fell to his hands and knees. The pain in his tail was far too intense for him to continue standing. Tull's pressure was too much, he over estimated Tull's "inferior" human mind.

"Tull PLEASE! Let go." Appla squeezed

"I call your bluff! Come on hit me! Let you have one for free." Tull squeezed

"NO SERIOUSLY LET GO. I BEG OF YOU." Appla fell the ground powerless.

Children. I'm too nice for my enemies. I could hear in the back of my mind a fat italian woman signing opera. I let his tail go, but I wondered if they're so protective why do they also use their tails to their advantage?

"DUMB ASS!" Appla blasted Tull with in intense green Ki blast that slammed him into an adjacent wall. The blast got more intense against his chest and Appla focused the beam into him.

"FEEL THE FULL POWER OF THE SAIYAN MIGHT!" Appla released the rest of the attack into Tull.

Tull's mind was quickly over come with fear of death. Apparently Saiyan's lie, cheat and do whatever's necessary to win. It most definitely reminded Tull about the back stabbing on Earth's Wrestling shows. The beam eventually ended, and Tull fell to the ground. Appla completely drained walked over to the downed Tull.

"Have i proven myself yet?" Appla offered a hand to Tull.

"Yes. I'm most IMPRESSED!" Tull slammed Appla's left eye with his strongest right punch taking them both down.

"First lesson Appla. It's never over until the defeated are scrapped off the ground. Be a little more observant. I rolled off your beam after a minute or so, but I stayed put and blended in." Tull lift the Saiyan boy up, grabbed him with each arm interlocked and slammed him onto his back. Appla kicked Tull in the stomach as Tull walked in for the finish. The attack made Tull most sickened.

After the fight Tull and Appla went back to the entrance of the ship to talk. The training was strenuous but did teach them more about each other. Tull knew the repercussions for pulling on a Saiyans' tail, Appla began to pick up some of his martial arts.

"So will you teach me?"

Tull looked over at the boy

"Only if you don't question me. Everything I'll teach you has it's reason and I'll teach you all that I know in due time. I try and practice whenever I can, I believe myself to be a student untill the day I die. By the way what's was with the whole tail thing."

"It hurts when someone applies pressure on the tail. You don't have one, so you don't know. Can I ask which styles you'll teach me about?" Appla crossed his tail around his waist.

"Sure, I'll teach you my favorite styles of Goju Ryu and Ninjitsu. But I'll begin your training tomorrow. How's that?" Tull put an arm around his little Saiyan friend.

"Thank you Tull!" Appla hugged Tull

"You're welcome little man." Tull embraced his friend

"So Tull what did you do back on Earth if you weren't fighting?" said Appla as he released Tull

"I guess I usually ate untill I got sick, drank untill I vomited, or had rough sex."

"Please indulge me."

"One time I ate an Amateur Sumo Wrestler and a Pig under the table at a county fair. I won a shirt that said "Prized Pig". I screamed 'NOW WHO'S THE PIG BITCHES!' Then one time I got so drunk I almost made out with three guys, I'm glad those guys found me unattractive. I'm not gay, I really hate fags."

"Wow that's mean I think."

"Know alot of gays"? Tull questioned Appla

"No calling a Pig a bitch." Appla smiled wide with his teeth showing

Tull chuckled

"Yeah that was mean. Any ways the roughest sex. Wow alot stories that I really should tell you."

"And why not"? Appla started to fill with anger

"Because they're back." Tull looked up to see the figures of Cas, Drive and Peaires returning.

"So Appla was that you with the huge energy spike?" Drive said stretching her arms

"Yeah why?" Appla stood up before his superior officer

"I'm pretty sure everyone here noticed! The revolutionaries went into full retreat after it was fired. Several scouters actually overloaded." Peaires head locked his little brother giving him some nuggies.

"Enough you two. Appla, Tull and the woman what's her name." Drive was trying to remember her name

"Sarah. My name's Sarah." Sarah walked out with a weird collar around her left wrist.

"You too, get over here." Cas grabbed Tull and strapped a similar collar around his left wrist.

"Those will allow others to know you're someone's property, so you don't get killed or stolen, but they double for tracking. Try to run either of you... I'll find you." Cas said as he motioned for everyone to follow him.

"The Governor has informed me they believe they've found the Revolutionaries Hideout. We'll go in with the 351st to wipe them out. You two should be honored that the 3400th has the honor of fighting with the 351st. They're the best of the best." Cas looked over to Tull and Appla

"Here, you'll need these. Tell three how to use it." Cas tossed three scouters

Appla looked at Tull and vice versa. This wasn't going to be much of a fight, it would be a massacre. Tull wasn't Saiyan and Appla wasn't a completed fighter. Tull knew that God would indeed show no mercy upon him when he died.


As the 3400th arrived to the last resistance spot, they could see two figures in the distance fight against several Saiyans. Tull tried to size up the situation, one was probably around 8 feet tall, the other ws short. VERY SHORT, 4 feet max. The Saiyans looked as though they were dying at their hands.

"So whats the plan captain?" Peaires asked

"Me, you, and Drive will come from behind, Tull, Sarah, Appla will get their attention and attack tougher!" Cas ordered

"One question! Sarah can't fight. She's not a fighter." Tull spoke up

"We'll she learn!" Cas and his team broke of and snuck around

"What the fuck!" Tull looked over the frightened Sarah and nervous Appla

"Tull I'm scared" Appla and Sarah spoke simultaneously

"Okay, I'll go first follow my steps." Tull got up and rushed them

I AM FUCKING STUPID! I have lost my mind! Jumping into a fight w/o knowing whats going on? This is junior prom all over again. I guess i'm lucky to always get worst of everything.

Tull ran in and tried his luck at the shorter of the two, the little guy didn't move in time before Tull's foot rammed into his face.

"What the hell was that!" The taller person yelled in a deep voice


The taller of the two looked around and saw Appla up in face releasing a wave of green Ki energy into his chest sending to the ground.

"We're here to stomp out!" Tull swiped at the short man's face

"Doubtful mortal!" The short guy squeezed out of his grasp and ran over to his partner

"They have the numbers, there's more behind us. We should disappear for now."

"Yes regroup later and take the out one at a time."

Tull got up to see both of them looked somewhat alike. The short was clad in black and yellow armor with a skull shaped head, he looked like a ninja. The taller one had red and green armor with a similar skull, but resembled a Warrior The people suddenly vanished as soon as they were surrounded. Like David Blaine or pair of phantoms. Either way the battle was over and the revolutionaries free.

"Where did they go?" Cas ordered

"They just disappeared!" Tull looked around

"The scouters can't find anything. Even when they were fighting." Appla spoke up

"Very well, untill they reappear or someone finds them. We're on leave." Cas looked to see how many were dead.

"Should stay and help?" Drive asked

"Yeah they deserve that much. Alot of dead bodies by two creatures." Peaires lifted two bodies over his shoulder.

"First time body cleaning, Tull?" Sarah tried to lift a body of an dead woman

"No if your serious, i had to help lift a few friends caskets at funerals for whatever reasons. First time going to clean blood." Tull lifted a very hefty guy over his shoulders.

From above the two warriors from before stood down staring at their killing field.

"So Fayte, what's your take on this?" The giant of the pair looked down to his partner. A miniature ninja with a fierce passion for battle, his black leotards and yellow armor glared with pristine care. His skull mask and burning blue eyes made him apparent to anyone who would look up.

"This mistress said a quartet of Saiyans and two Humans would arrive. Looks like our time of prophecy is coming to be. We haven't fought this long, hard and taken such an amount of bloody rituals to stop here. The time for demons has arrived to claim their dominance over all. Agree with me Payn?"

Payn stared at his giant partner, even among Saiyans and other aliens he was uncontested in height. The red armor suited him well with his orange eyes, yet the green leotard didn't match quite right.

"Very much so. Let's inform Mistress Cloud." The demons retreated into their darkness.


The 3400th had gathered up their fallen. All of them covered in blood of their brothers or sisters.

"Oh God, this is probably one of the worst things I've seen in years. I've bleed all sorts of shit with seven other men in a steel cage but this takes the cake." Tull tried throwing off the excess blood

"You think this is bad? Image having to dig your way out of a creature? There's something digesting." Peaires spoke up

"Naw I once saw 300 people vomiting into a giant empty pool and another creature drink their vomit. That's digesting." Cas said feeling he had seen stuff far worst with some twisted feeling of superiority

"Okay that's enough. Your stories of rancid homosexuality and vomit and stomach acids is going to make me pop." Drive throw the last body on the Morgue Transport.

"Enough, we need showers. Follow Drive, she took notice before I had a chance. I've got to fill out what we've seen. I'll meet back with everyone at the ship later." Cas jumped on the back of the transport, raised his hand to the corner of eye with his elbow bent at a 45 degree angle. The Transport left them behind.


Shower's feel so good when washing blood off. Actually they feel good all the time. Like Drive told me, they were unisex however it was still somewhat segregated with women at one end and men at the other. I couldn't help but take a notice of the men around me, as much as I would have bragged on Earth, I couldn't help but feel VASTLY inferior to the Saiyans and other creatures. I had to concentrate on myself, I didn't want to become a prisoner of prison love, everyone knows that the big boys like the smaller men like myself. Surprisingly enough, our clothing we got back was extremely clean or brand new. Wouldn't surprise me if it was new.

"How does this stuff fit so snug yet it'll fit anyone of any size." Sarah walked in wearing an almost identical suit of armor that Tull was wearing, only made specifically for her physique.

"Ancient Saiyan secret?" Tull questioned as he finished tying his boots

"Anyone hungry?" Appla spoke up

"Yeah, feed the need." Peaires bellowed.

The food here was so much better than the rations from earlier. It was semi-decent food not just crap. I've eaten better needless too say, especially from fast food. Dinner was fast going among three Saiyans, but atleast they took time to actually taste their food. We talked for a while about our lives, I learned a great deal about Sarah namely, but also my new Saiyan "friends". I could sense they were just saying stuff to pass the time. Appla and Peaires were brothers, their mother was an advisor to their King their father was dead but was a very much honored warrior. Drive was from a Noble Family and inherited her status, and is possibly in line to marry their prince. After some convincing, Sarah said she was from a wealthy Saudi Arabian family that had alot of money in oil, she was going to Pit University as a Law Major was trying to become a Criminal Justice Attorney. Myself? I already told Appla and Sarah but said any ways, I was a UFC Prize Fighter, former Golden Gloves Champion and 5th Degree black belt of many martial arts from a poor background. After the pleasantries were over, we headed back to the ship.

"FILTHY PRIMEAPES!" A howl that couldn't be human screamed

From the skies a Green and Red clad warrior descended upon them, and instantly struck down Tull before he realized there was some in middle of their group. Tull rolled out to avoid being hit, however the warrior was more persistent it in attacking him. Peaires tried to restrain his arms, but failed, Appla shot a Ki blast at his chest and the armor absorbed the energy, Drive slid across the feet first, right underneath Tull flinging him into the air and lifted her foot into the armor. The Warrior was sent backwards but regained his composure quickly.

"THAT'S HIM! THAT'S ONE OF THE REVOLUTIONARIES!" Tull screamed as he regained his footing.

"Correct Human. My name is Payn."

"My name is Fayte!" The group looked above them to see the ninja midget.

"FAYTEFUL FLASH!" Several Blue and black energy balls descended up the group and exploded...


Authors Note: BRUCE LEE IS THE MAN! Gotta pay homage to Greatest Martial Artist who ever lived. Pit University is a real college in Pittsburgh
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