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Chapter 23- Denny's

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The end. Yayyyyyy! This is dedicated to everyone. But most importantly: Casie[patrickdance4me] Jenn[SZSmith] Heather[duckapple] and Ashley[AshleyChaotic] who was a good sport for letting ...

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For the first time in a long time I was happy as I made my way up the snowy hill. A cradled the fresh bouquet of red roses, ready to be placed in the ever white snow next to Ashley's grave marker. I sighed inwardly as I kneeled down, crouching over the spot I had grown to memorize.

"So I heard about the engagement," I perked my ears up and turned slightly to see Pete coming up behind me, a warm smile on his lips.

"Yea," I breathed and nonchalantly held out my hand for Pete to take a look at. He crouched next to me and pulled out his own bouquet of flowers before sighing.

"Would you believe me if I told you I asked Ashley to marry me?" I widened my eyes and looked at Pete.

"No...when did you do that?" I asked and Pete sighed.

"After that night in the hotel room. I asked her as I held her in my arms, but found that she was already asleep," I slowly nodded and looked back at the grave. And then my breathing stopped.

"Ashley?" I spoke aloud and heard her hum.

"Tell me anything," I said and she breathed out before replying.

"...Tell Pete...I said yes," I never got to question her. My eyes fell and I dozed off.

I whipped my head at Pete.

"She said yes," Pete stared bewildered at me and I sighed, ready to explain. "You weren't there...when she died...she told me before I fell asleep. I didn't get it back then...I do now...Pete," I paused and looked him dead in the eye. "She said yes,"

Pete looked like he was going to barf and cry at the same time. He took a deep breath before smiling and running his gloved fingertips over the snow, trying so desperately to reach something that we never would again.

"I think that makes me want to live," I smirked and wrapped my hand around his arm, leaning against him and taking a deep breath.

"You want to know something else?" I asked out loud and Pete turned his head to look at my face. I smiled and bit my lip.

"What? Was Ashley pregnant?" he asked and I shifted my eyes before humming.

"Um, well," I paused and Pete widened his eyes. "Yeah," I whispered and Pete slowly dropped his jaw before shaking his head and staring back down at the grave.

"Oh god..." he mumbled and I sighed, patting his arm.

"Pete..." Pete took a shaky breath and closed his eyes tight.

"We could have had a family," he whispered and I bit my lip.

"Pete, you still have find somebody," I spoke and he opened his eyes, obviously thinking.

"I guess that's what Ashley would have wanted, right?" he asked and I nodded.

"So...can we bring in the New Year normally now?" I asked and Pete smirked before nodding, kissing my forehead.

"Congratulations, and thanks for keeping your promise," I bit my lip, smiling and nodded.

"No problem Pete," I whispered and Pete snuck his hand over my stomach.

" promise," he joked and I tried to look shocked but ended up laughing a little.

"A baby? Not yet," I whispered and Pete helped me up.

"That's why it's a promise..." I nodded and we walked down back to the car park where he leaned against my car for a minute. "So...a wedding? Can we plan it?" I took a deep breath.

"It would be cheaper than hiring a wedding planner," I mumbled and Pete smirked, opening the door for me. I climbed in and he leaded in, resting his arms on the rolled down window.

"So new promise. Make Patrick a daddy, and me an uncle," I shrugged and looked at him.

"Then promise me you'll make me an aunt some day," Pete thought to himself for a minute before nodding.



So there I was, standing and looking up at the glistening lights of the buildings as we brought in another new year. Patrick slipped his gloved hand into my own, my head turning to catch the puff of white escape from his lips before he brightly smiled, blue eyes twinkling in the starlight. I leaned against him and felt as his hand left mine to sneak around my shoulders and bring me closer.

"Come on," Pete persisted and made us all walk closer to the lake that separated us from the major party in the streets.

I shivered slightly and watched as Joe chased Pete around the dead trees, Pete ducking behind snow walls Dirty and him had created.

"One minute and it'll be another year done well," I smiled as Andy's voice rang out beside me, his vintage bottle of coke raising to the sky in salute as 20 was shouted in the freezing cold.

Patrick rubbed my arm in a desperate attempt at keeping us warm but I just sighed and watched as Adi linked her arm with Andy, the two standing silent next to us.


"Can you believe it's been four years?" I rolled my eyes as Pete spoke out and sighed as Joe hushed him as the ball twinkled, falling faster.

"2006, here we come!" Pete yelled out next and Adi turned her head and shot daggers through her eyes.

"Shut it Pete," she hissed and I smirked as Pete huffed, a puff of white escaping his lips.


"Don't bicker, this year should be brought in with peace, babes," I smiled at Andy's words and watched as Adi snuggled back up to him. I leaned more into Patrick and watched and listened to the yells of the night.


"Happy new year!" Pete yelled and proceeded to jump around, screaming and whooping, even linking arms with Joe and the two performing a spin off of an Irish jig.

I turned to Patrick and smiled- the glint in his eyes apparent in the night. He leaned down and captured our lips in a sweat kiss and he pulled away, resting his forehead against mine.

"Happy new year," he whispered and I nodded before turning to Pete who had proceeded to shake his butt in the air.

"Who wants to go out for a midnight meal?" he asked and Adi sighed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

Andy dragged her up the pathway and we all made our way into the mini van Dirty had for the occasion. Pete was driving and Joe was in the passenger seat. They drove for a while until the car stopped at a red light.

"So, where to?" Pete asked and I turned from my conversation with Patrick and looked ahead. I smile appeared on my lips.

"Hey look! A Denny's!"

the end
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