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Chapter 22- This Is What Potroast and Babies Are All About

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Gabe is awsome. Cobra Starship knows how to fucking rock. God, my hips are sore from being pushed up against the stage. And oh, the pictures. Gabe gives awsome hugs. god I love him. an...

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A Moo From a Moocow: You have no idea how much I went through to get this chapter right. E-mail for details. It's amazing how dedicated I am.


A few days later Patrick bid farewell and I was left all alone in that house yet again. But it didn't feel as bad, this time around.

It was the butterflies in my stomach and the fluttering in my heart that made me smile every time I thought back to when Patrick returned.

I continued to stay on the couch, for the soul purpose that it was rather comfy and I could stay close to the door...and watch TV. The one night I decided to sleep in my bed was the best.

I'm a sucker for surprises.


Take a look at my girlfriend- she's the only one I got. Not much of a girlfriend- I never seem to get a lot...

I hummed in my sleep and fluttered my eyes open, before smiling and closing them again.

"You get plenty," I mumbled and Patrick smirked, kissing my forehead.

"I'm just checking in, but we're having a house party at Pete' get ready and I'll meet you there, ok?" I opened my eyes and observed him sitting on the edge of the bed, keys in one hand and clutching his jacket. I slowly sat up and nodded.

"Ok," I whispered and Patrick smiled leaning over to plant a gentle kiss on my lips.

"It's nice to be home," he whispered and I closed my eyes.

"I'll see you in a bit," I spoke back and he nodded before sneaking out.


I arrived at Pete's 45 minutes later, to find them all in the back yard watching Joe, Pete and Dirty doing flips into the pool. I stood near Adi who was watching intently as Andy and Patrick judged and threw multiple pool toys for the 'men' to fetch.

"Hey Adi," she turned towards me and smiled.

"It seems like it's been forever since I've seen you," she said and I smirked.

"What's new?" I asked and she shrugged while I sipped on the smoothie that she handed me.

"I'm pregnant," I nearly chocked on sludge. I widened my eyes at her and she laughed.

"Does Andy know?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Not yet...I'm going to tell him tonight," she whispered and her eyes quickly darted over before looking back at me.

"Holy shit," I breathed and she patted my arm.

"What about you and Patrick? I hear things are looking fabulous," I smiled to myself and stirred the drink with the straw.

"Yeah, you could say that," I mumbled and Adi smirked.

"God, it only seems like yesterday when we were all still in high school and our only worries were if Pete could get the ball in the net," I smirked and shrugged.

"Back then Patrick didn't exist," Adi nodded.

"True, seemed easy back then," I looked over at the guys who had just pulled Andy into the water.

"I think it's easier now..." I whispered and Adi took a deep breath.

"Except I'm pregnant and your clueless," I raised an eyebrow at her and she laughed to herself. I felt two hands on my waist and jumped to see Patrick smiling.

"I'm gonna head home, so I'll see you in a bit, ok?" he asked and I nodded.

"Ok," I mumbled and he snuck off with a devious smile on his face. I looked back at Adi and she shook her head. "What do you know?" I asked her and she shrugged, raising her hands up as well.

"Nothing, nothing /at all/," she smirked to herself and Andy walked over and gripped her drink, taking a sip for himself.

Damn, I was still a Chaotic.

"Adi's pregnant!" I watched as Adi widened her eyes and gawked at me while Andy spluttered and spat out the drink, turning to look at Adi in awe.

"What?" he shrieked. I smirked.

I'm soooo evil.


The sun was pretty much set as I reached my house and walking though the front door I only saw the hallway light on, the one that illuminated the stairs.

I took a step in only to have something squish under my bare feet. Lifting my foot and reaching down, I saw a Taco Bell hot sauce packet. Picking it up, I read the little print.


I smirked and shook my head before looking up and finding a trail of them all the way up the stairs and then some. Stepping to the first step of the stairs I picked the next one up.

It's ok, you can say it. I love you too.

Biting my lip to hide my smile I walked up two steps before grabbing the next one.

How many of these do you already have in your glove compartment

I sighed and shook my head, taking the next few cautious to the next packet.

Warning: Your about to make a taco very happy

I arched an eyebrow and shook my head before taking the next two steps to the top of the stairs.

Nice palm. I read a great sense of pleasure in your future

I truly wanted to know what was up Patrick's sleeve with this one. I was nervous as I turned down the stretch and saw a couple more sauce packets until my door that was closed.

Willing to relocate

Smiling, I bunched them all up into one hand and reached for the next one.

I'm in good hands now

I blinked and looked at the last one that lay on the floor right in front of my bedroom door. I reached down and held it in my fingertips.

Make a wish

I held my breath and slowly turned the handle on the door and stepped in, to find it dark, the only light coming from the small lamp on my night stand.

I walked over and my eyes caught glimpse of a small, and I mean small cardboard box, 'open' scribbled on the top. I put down all the sauce packets and opened the lid to find one more, one that made my heart leap and yet stop at the same time.

Will you marry me?

I gulped and took a shaky breath as my door creaked closed. Slowly I turned around to see Patrick right in front of me, a light smile on his face. I tried to maintain my breathing and yet closed my eyes as he lowered himself to the ground and took my hand lightly in his grasp.

"Open your eyes, Jenny," he whispered and I looked down at him, instantly feeling tears seep out of my eyes.

In his other hand he held the very ring I had picked out a year ago, the one that was supposed to be for Anna.

"But..." I started and he shook his head.

"I bought two rings that night...this one, for you, in a way..." he paused for a minute and I gulped.

"It's only been two months, Patrick," I lightly laughed at the end and tried to wipe some of my tears away with my wrist, failing miserably. Patrick shook his head.

"On my calendar it's been three years," My breath hitched and I nodded once before taking a very shaky breath.

"Is this what today was all about?" I asked and he smirked.

"I needed a way to get you out of the house," I nodded and he pursed his lips together for a moment. "Jenny," he called out and I hummed.

"Yeah?" I whispered and Patrick gulped before opening the small black velvet box.

"Marry me?" he asked and I closed my eyes for a brief moment, everything flooding back to me like a near-death experience. My whole life flashed before my eyes and when I opened them I saw my future. I nodded once before smiling.

"Yes," I whispered and Patrick never looked happier.

The ring slipped on my finger and he jumped up and brought me into a hug, swirling me around in his strong arms and kissing my temple multiple times.

"I love this woman," he whispered as he put me down and I slightly swayed with dizziness. I blinked hard and smiled at him, patting his cheek.

"Truly amazing, Patrick," I whispered and he shook his head.

"I wanted a sauce packet that said that, but...they didn't have one," I arched an eyebrow as he fished through his pockets.

"What'd ya' find?" I asked and he handed me one more.

"I had it custom made," he said and I looked down at the bold print.

Jenny Chaotic: Amazinger than taco sauce packets.
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