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Knossoss Island

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They're off to find their treasure in Knossoss Island...will it help them find Poseidon?

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Cronus hid in his secret layer of darkness and evil.

He glanced into his orb.

"Blast it!"

Cronus slammed his fist angrily.

"They managed to defeat my minions! When will they ever give up!!!" He threw a rock at the wall.

Then the crazy god laughed.

He was holding a time bottle.

"But time is running out Theresa..." He made a fire and blew it out.



In The Jet:

Theresa froze

it was a vision
everything blue...Poseidon.... he was weak...and dry...his breaths were raspy...he was loosing too much power. Chains around his wrists killing him to the dry ground. A dry, vast cell. The air was full of heat and not healthy for Poseidon. No water just seemed alot like...underground.

Theresa gasped.


"Theresa!? What's wrong? You found him!" Jay said to her.

"Were close....he's Knossoss..he's loosing power!
We must help him! He's in a cell...but the area is so strange.." Theresa said.

"Well..that must have been the treasure in Knossoss...remember..what the letter said...what you are looking for you will lead you to what you need in Knossoss." Odie said.

"Okay, we better hurry off to Knossoss Island! And Herry you grab a bottle of water for Poseidon when we land! Theresa, you lead the way!" Jay said.

Then turned to Theresa and whispered. " doing okay?"

"Yeah" She turned to him.

"Herry will have to carry you alright? I can't hold you forever and Herry's much stronger..."

"It's alright, thanks for thinking about me."

They smiled at each was a special moment.

Odie put the jet on full power.


"Yes!Yes!Yes!!!" Cronus shouted.

"The trap is set!" He let out a laugh again.

He turned to his statue of buildings and the world.

" will ALL be mine!!!!!"He put his hands in fists and pulled them up in the air.


At Knossoss Island:

they landed the jet on a stranded beach as they hopped out.

Herry got a jug of water for Poseidon and Theresa.

Then he lifted up Theresa on his shoulder.

Everyone else grab whatever weapon of gadget they thought they needed.

"Okay, since Theresa said it was never know if there will be matter how heat-like the cell is." Jay recalled.

So everyone grabbed scuba suits. Atlanta had her shooting bomb and Archie got his whip.

Jay with his xiphos, Odie with his computer, Neil with his uhhh..mirror. And Theresa said she really wanted her nun-chucks though she still could not move around and kick-butt.

Julia eyed Herry seeing how strong he made her get goo-goo eyes.

Atlanta saw her.

She leaned over and whispered. 'you like him...?" she asked.

"huh?" she snapped out of her trance.

"I think he likes you too." Atlanta said back.

She blushed.

Theresa led her friends across the beach sensing Poseidon's presence...or Cronus..if he gets in the way.

"I know he's here!..I just can't put my finger on it..."Theresa put two hands on her head.

She tried to concentrate.

"STOP!!" Theresa shouted commanding Herry.

He stopped. Everyone else did too except Neil..who was looking at his teeth. He kept walking and hit into Herry. He fell to the ground.

They laughed.

"Haha, serves you right Neil." Atlanta giggled.

He frowned.

"What is it Theresa?" Jay asked.

"This spot....something..about I-" Theresa and Herry fell through the was a hole!

"Theresa!!!" Jay called after her.

He jumped in.

"Jay!" Atlanta said. 'Is he crazy!!"

"Well there's only one thing to do!" Julia jumped in.

"Julia!!?" Atlanta said.

She sighed and jumped in.

"Atlanta! Ohhh great!" Archie jumped in.

Odie and Neil just looked inside.

"I'm not going down there." Neil said fixing his hair.

"He good idea, me neither." Odie replied.


oohh where does the hold lead? Will they find Poseidon? What's Cronus up to???

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