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Write your own favourite sayings and parts from class of the titans! And if you can think of more! Review and write them down! and i'll add it to the list.

- Rock climbing's not my thing..Where's Atlanta when you need her! (Odie)

- Ooh, those are cute. (Theresa)

- Ahhh Be careful up there!!! (Neil) Ahhh be careful up there! (King Minos)

- First we lost we're loosing you! (Theresa)

- Jay! (Theresa)

- Archie! (Atlanta)

- Here's a present but don't open it!! Here's an apple but don't eat it! (Neil)

- Muah! Muah! Dry land at last! I never want to leave it again! (Archie)

- You're not jealous..are you Jay? (Theresa)

- Atlanta! your friends are in danger! Atlanta I'm your friend! I lov-- I really care about you... (Archie)

- Umm, you can read miinds? (Jay)

- it's not your fault Jay! (Theresa)

say that to Odie (Jay)

- Then I guess I'm not a good leader! (Jay)

- We really have to get down from here!(Neil) think so! (Theresa)

yes..I have to go to the bathroom.. (Neil)

- I know we're just friends..but i was would like to go out sometime.. (Archie

uhh depends..where do you want to go? (Jay)

[herry, Odie Jay laughing]

haha very funny (Archie)

- That dude has to work on his exits (neil)

- You mean you've fallen in love with yourself? (Herry)

I thought only Neil did that! (odie)

Very funny (neil)

- Some friends you are!..The BEST! (Odie)

- Hurry up guys! We'll miss the big show! All thanks to herry..(Jay)

What it's called ALL you can eat! (herry)

- fisty! And deadly! (Atlanta)

- good news guys! I got the minotaur! (Atlanta)

He he just the one? (Theresa)

huh? Uhgh I miss all the fun! (Atlanta)

- My intuitions tells me I can do this Jay! (Theresa)

- Torro! Torro! (Theresa)

- Gotcha! (Atlanta)


oh did you miss me? (Atlanta)

- Round and round the cobbler's bench the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought 'twas all in fun
Pop! Goes the weasel (Atlanta)

- What do you want to see my resume? (Archie)

- Yeah i'm good with that! (Atlanta)

- Here I got you all snazzy new outfits! (Neil)

- It's all my fault...I'm so sorry Atlanta (Archie)

- And we'll look great doing it!..hey I'm in charge remember?! (neil)

- Thankk you! (Neil)

- Nahh I'll stay back..wait for Theresa. (Jay)

- G-G-Goal! (Odie)

Odie put your shirt back on! (Jay)

- Archie?Atlanta! ARCHIE!!Atlanta? ARCHIE!! ARCHIE ARCHIE ARCHIE!!! (Atlanta and Archie)

- HIIIYA! (Theresa, Atlanta, Archie)

- Huh? (Herry)

- Seems like you made a dear impression on dearrr orpheus. (Hades)
[theresa bites her lip, Jay gets jealous.]

- Alright level four!! here I come!

hey i almost made it to level four!(Odie)

aww that's.....too bad! (Archie)

- You mean..I'm related to a god! (Theresa)

- Theresa to meet you! At last!(Poseidon0

- Archie would you rather go in the water? or over it? (Odie)

Hmm neither..(Archie)

- Hey where's my mirror!! (Neil)

- Hey look at me! Not at the car! (Herry)

- 7 heroes will defeat Cronus... (Oracle)

- How'd you learn how to handle those? (Atlanta)

[Theresa swining nun-chucks]
I got a blackbelt at age 4! (Theresa)

- Thank you New Olympia! (Theresa)

[playing lyre like a guitar]

That was beautiful! except for the last part..(Apollo)

- Theresa want to go shopping? (Atlanta)

Always (Theresa)

- Oh of course! The lucky fool's still alive! (cronus)

- eat this! (Atlanta)

- Hey check it out! What a scratch! DJ Neil! (Pan)

- You really have to do something about the hair! (Neil)
[Odie ready to punch]

-Neil did you forget something? (Jay)
[pointing to his feet with no shoes] really have to erespect the country! (Neil)

- Excuse me? Do you know where i can find Syberus fountain? You know..fountain? Bleh bluh bleh blah! [describing bubbles](Neil)

Uhh over there (Anonymous person)

Thank you (Neil)

- [Odie trying to squirt safety gun]

Here take the safety off (Neil)

Oh of course! The safety! (odie)

- Here, an onion necklace.(Neil)

[ syberus a vampire is out to get them]

Where'd you get this? (Odie)

Off that dead sheepover there (neil)

- [Hapes and theresa fighting...]

[Hapes and theresa pulling hair]

- Hey I'm not an action figure! (Neil)

- Atlanta can you hear me???! (Archie)

Atlanta your boyfriend's not who you think he is..(Odie)

Atlanta snap out of it!(Archie)

[snaps fingers]

huh? There's something not right..he's got these...whoa(Atlanta)

[She's fainting and Archie catches her]

- I told you I'd come back! (odie)

first he got her! I'm impressed! (Archie)

- You did this! By yourself? In your housecoat..? (Jay)

I'm actually....impressed! (theresa)

and I didn't even mess up my hair! (Neil)

- Odie! look! I broke a nail! (neil)

[Odie sighs]

Neil! Worse things have happened! Ah! Worse things are happening! (Odie)

- Jay! Help! (Theresa)

[a minotaur is casing her]

Grab my hand! (Jay)

[She got it and he pulls her up]

Phew that was close! (Theresa)

[they look in each other's eyes.]

Uhh..we better get back.. (Jay)

uh.yeah (Theresa)

[cronus practicing his words to rule the world when jay died]

People of earth! OF earth!Maybe i should smash something, u know to show force!-Cronus

Agnon I'm going to rule the world not going toa wedding!(or was that party?)- Cronus

Hey i know we could move to Hawaii i hear it's hot this time of year!

[moves to the gym]

this is not what i had in mind -Neil

hey that's my agent! -Neil

Turn up the volume this is my favourite song!- Neil

Where's Neil? - Jay

Over there being a goof let's go -theresa

That's what u get for trying to eat people- Herry's nanny

Why didn't u tell me u were a super hero!- nanny

caz i didn't want to worry u - herry

worry me! I would have given you twice as much chores, First you'll do the laundry..then - nanny

Granny i don't have super speed just super powers - herry

Well i'd call this mission a success! - Theresa
Yeah- Jay

There's just one do we get back home? - Odie

I thought she was going to help us..then she just dissapears! -Neil

I let that thing out! - Archie

[Hera telling story about pandora]

Sounds like someone else we know! - Atlanta

'Spit' uhhh- Herry and Neil

What! It keeps the glass from fogging up! - atlanta

Okay themn let's do it!- Neil

AHEM - theresa

Theresa..i have a nail file in my pocket! - Neil

what! hy didn't u say so in the first place! - theresa

Well i thought it was the vine..gabbing in my pocket..ow!- Neil

I been thonking..maybe i'll drop by one of those green alliance meetings. -Archie

I don't think they'll let dorks like you join- Atlanta

He doesn't stand a chance! -Jay

Wow! i haven't danced like that since i was five!- Archie

He's not a evil god..he's suppose to be..a hippie- Jay

I don't like hippies!- Archie

An earplug?- Jay

Jay a little mre credit please?- Odie

I think those been invented already- Herry

Well I guess we learned our lesson guys, never let a girl in between a friendship..guys? - Jay

Oh let me help you with that! No let me! -herry and Archie

[Hermes smells milk jug..phew]

[best before 330 BC]

Oh that explains it- Hermes

In case we get attacked by another..grizzly bear!-Neil

Remeber the bigger they are._Theresa

ohhh, the harder they hit- Odie

How can a dude look that bad be such a chick magnet! - Neil

Archie? - theresa

Excuse me guys i got a job to finnish! -Archie

Hey no swimming allowed! Missed me! haha- Archie

Hey maybe it's a good thing you opened that let a little hope in the world- Theresa

good thing we found a cure..stage 5 was a doozy! - Chiron

I'm starving! I could eat a horse!-herry

Oh sorry Chiron- Herry

You mean you don't remeber the ki--i mean the kind things i said about you-Archie

Someones getting sappie -Atlanta

That was barely enough tp stun him! this is not the Hercules i know- Polythemus

Some rescue-Odie

It's the thought that counts!-Atlanta

I gues..-Odie

That feels great! Now how about the shackles-herry

Nice try-Polythemus

Wow that was amazing!-Atlanta

Hm, I don't feel any different- Neil

Odie! Say something!-Archie

Get hit by lightening, and survive, that's something to check off my to-do this-Odie

- is it just mee or did odie forget to mention the GIENT FRICKIN MONSTER (herry)

You can control animals,only dumb ones,then you better watch your self herry.(Theresa atlanta odie and archie start laughing).-jay theresa and archie.

Are we breaking any rules, or all the rules! (Odie, wavinf hands in air for empasis as he and Herry start to brake into Atlantas room)

No (Herrry, turns doorknob, puts arm behind Odie to push him into the room, doorknob breaks)

Now we have broken something. (Herry holding broken doorknob)

- oh! That's horrible! (theresa)

theresa what is it?(Jay)

the most tackiest tourist fabric I ever seen. (Theresa)

- i guess were wolves dont like their bellys rubed-archie

No were night reserchers we reserch things like owls and comets,were so busted-neil and archie (From many happy returns.

Atlanta!Huh ahh i kinda have my own problems.!-theresa and atlanta

Haha missed me-archie

Im scencing danger,a puddle with odies name on it,a sprain of mythilogical proportions,or its just me being my drama queen self.-archie

I say we woop some scence into him-atlanta
and thats why your not qualified to lead this team-archie

What you cant take orders from a girl-atlanta
No!I cant take orders from a junior!-archie

If my dog was as ugly as you i'd shave its but and make it walk backwards.-neil

Theresa im not crazy,here-jay
a spring flower at this time of year-theresa

Why didnt you tell me their was an island behind us?-jay
I thought oyu were gonna try something crazy like paddle the way over their-neil
(Jay starts paddlying with his hand)
Come on neil-jay

Poor girl must have island fever-neil

I was gone once,now im twince as gone-odie

This is not the last of cronus,the fight has just begun-jay

That eal is probably washing off the taste of cronus-herry

How would you feel if you got sent to a unknown island with no escape and a dragon who will feed on your kidneys?-medilia

Umm im gona have to get back to you on that one-odie

I'll distroy you-medilia
You betray me-medilia
What who betray you-jay
What my auntsestor jason?-jay

your the only person i know who thinks a rampaiging moster is dull-atlanta

What's worse then cronus?-archie
(neils snors)"Ehh"-everyone.

(little box of horrers)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wow this i so ainchent,can you belive they used to actually fight with theese things.Hey do you know what this is?-archie
it looks like a spear-atlanta
not just any spear it was the spear of achiles he used it in the trojan war,how do i look-archie
like a goof,now come on archie,ares wants his place cleaned up-atlanta
hey whats this-archie
Archie leave that alon-atlanta
Arnt you curios whats inside-archie

(neil)Nothing sadder then a sobbing ceeper haha

Hey watch the hair!(neil)

Well you know me,when the moon a runnin fool-archie
Id agree with part of that statement-atlanta
Hey watch it this swaeter is chashmeir-neil
(spider web catches him)
oh what now,hey silk-neil
(brings him up)
ohhhhhhhhhh-neil screams
were are the otheres-arachne
dont worry theil be here-atlanta
atlanta stop-odie
i told you-atlanta

She was all over him and hes like,well noone talks to me like that and shes all like oh yea what are you gona do about it!-neil

Cuz that would be weird,weird and obsessive-archie

I'm gonna start running now, to get a head start.-Neil

That is just not funny.-Atlanta

That's gonna leave a mark.-Herry

First you break my good door,then you make me walk out in the middle of the night,up a mountain in my footy pijama slippers,i want to take a break!

weres atlanta?-theresa
i dont think their that kind of tests-jay
try telling that to tlanta she was freaking out because she didnt know were the oracle reafs were-archie
i dont know trees that can tell the future their in uhh domino?-archie
im going to check over my notes-theresa
right behind you-archie
hey waite up-jay
arnt you to going to study-odie

what are you looking for water wings?-herry
Archie i cant belive your still afraid of water,were protecting the world and 2 thirds of it is covered with water-atlanta
your a welth of information,so do they have water wings-archie

What is the plan anyways?-atlanta
Well were,i...-neil

Slow down man-archie

Say what?-neil

nuuh,the big one-archie

you cant fly a plane-archie

LOOK OUT-archie

Eat this booger breath!-atlanta

Atlanta andd herry didnt make it-neil

oh no-jay

ehh,sit down will yea!-atlanta

Hey jay i can see your house from up here!-odie

So,hows it like to be perfect?-theresa
Well it has its-archie
i was being sarcastic-theresa
but i,i knew that-archie
look i dont expect us to get along all the time or anytime in that matter but what you did back at the dorm was way out of line!-theresa
Come on it was just a joke-archie
Yes at my excpence,i cant help if i have certain powers-theresa
hahaha your a real peice of work-archie

So he is a pirate,but what would a giant pirate want with jay and odie-neil

no time to play guesseing games-archie

I just wanted to say..-archie
Waite im scencing an apology of mythical proportions-theresa
haha very funny,well i just wanted to say you were great out their,and sorry-archie
and thanks for saveing my but-archie

Oh crud-jay

I give up,I give up!-jay


odie dont..-archie

stay on the trail-odie

whats everybodys issue-neil

hera you know we'd go to the deepest corner of hades for jay.-theresa

what sbout my friends,what will happen to them-jay

dude,its ok im fine-jay

thats your plan-neil

Jay you know you cant pressure me like that-neil

and sry i made a type in my last review its "I serender,i serender"-jay
not i give up i give up sry

"Umm i dont know their bouth kina ugly"-neil

Neils right-atlanta
i beg your pardon-theresa
not about jay about a vote,i say we get we get the harold staff,all in favor-atlanta
(Herry raises hand)
And i say we tell mr hermes,then get the harold staff,all in favor?-archie
(Herry raises hand again)
Herry you cant vote twice-atlanta
why not this is a democrassy-herry
hey guys what'chya talking about-odie
oh we were talking about me-odie
well before you all decide my faith,i have to show you something-odie

you broke it-atlanta
Not on perpus-odie
that settles it odie gets the blame-neil
No we have to protect odie-jay
Why do i need protection am i fradgile or something-odie
thats not what i ment-jay
oh oh what did you mean-odie
i knew it,i know you all think it ,im the week link,im not as strong as you guys or as fast,i dont know any cool comfue moves,but this is ma problem ill deal with it ma self!-odie

-----------------------------hocus pocus bibity bobaty boo!-neil
Ahhhhhhhhhh!MY ankle-archie
happy halloween jay-cronus
happy holloween,love cronus!?-odie
The only thing im scencing is this owl digging into my shoulder!-theresa
Now thats a wepon-neil
can you get it with out salt-neil
man i forgot to get some popcorn-herry
i thought this was a scary movie not 3d-atlanta
when i said i wanted to be a movie star,i didnt mean that litteraly-neil
you can catch deseses,you know bad things-herry
we have to back cake-archie--

i have to be over their!-jay


This is from see you at the crossroads when he brakes his brace!

hehe another review...

Talia,Talia,i knew she wouldnt come-herry
I think we just met syberus-atlanta
you meen defeted i dont think she'll be comeing back-neil

Im going to find hery-jay

That was close-theresa

HEy i think i got the hang of this-atlanta

hello my baby,hello my hunny,hello my darling gal,send me a kiss by wire,baby my hearts on fire.,,fire,fire..Huh?If you refuse me baby you'll loose me,loose me..Then-youll-be left-alone..Alone alone...

Huh,hello anyone their?Haha way to go neil.scared of a little echo?Echo Echo..Huh...?-Neil and Echo

cha cha check it out,d.j. neil on the scratch!-pan

Archie you dont look scared-pan
Wev'e been friends for a while now,and i was wondering,would you like to go out some time?-archie
It depends were-herry
so whos the lucky girl-hery
their is no lucky girl ok-archie
so you'v fianally fallen inlove with your self.I thought that was something only neil would do-odie
very funny-neil

our lil herry's all grown up-odie
funny you should mension children-conrus

Odies read,thats no joke!-Archie
You were telling my a story 20 minutes ago!-jay

oh no not neil,come on jay im in enough pain already-archie

.........................................................Eagatie-cornus lol

i hope theirs a killer suprise in there-atlanta

Espa perutia Eagatie Hecates!-cornus

Its the circus of the impossible-archie
sounds like its based on our lives-neil
so you wana come-archie
sure,but it isnt interfearing with your date or anything-neil
Date!-archie and atlanta
no were not dateing-archie
more the merrier-atlanta
HHAHAHAHHA-neil and herry

"Oo,Mr Big-Words"..-Neil

Navigator to odie..SLOW DOWN MAN-Archie
Please tell me if you can think of more!!! And i got some more!! TOO but i'll write them down next day, please review and tell me more of ya favourite sayings and parts of Class of the Titans!!!!
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