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Chapter One

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Usagi is at the park and gets raped, Seiya/Usagi pairing at first, but then goes to Usagi/Mamoru..yay!

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Just to get this over with, I DON'T OWN SAILOR MOON...and the characters Steve and Diego are completely mine!

Usagi, Daisy, and Mina are all sisters and Umino and Steve are their friends from school. Seiya and Yaten are brothers
(((Usagi, Seiya, Mina, and Umino are in 11th grade; Steve and Yaten are in 12th; Daisy and Diego 8th)))


After stealing Steve's hat Usagi runs into the woods along the paths. Upon passing playground 2 she was grabbed from behind and blindfolded. Whoever it was raped her while threatening to stab her with the knife that was currently held to her neck. After his fun and release he forced Usagi to take a pill and thats where Seiya came in. He fought the rapist and knocked him unconscious. He then went to see how Usagi was and asked her if she could stand, when she tried Usagi fell back down. Seiya then picked her up bridal style and started walkin back towards the park

Usagi was wearing a short black jean skirt and a black tank top. There was a cut across her upper thigh due to trying to ward off the rapist. Oh and a blindfold that covered her eyebrows down to her upper lip.

"So you're Usagi right? My names Seiya" introduced Seiya

"How did you know my name? And why did you help me?" questioned Usagi

"Well my brother, cousin and me just moved here, and we were playing basketball when we heard Steve, Umino, Daisy, and Mina screaming your name lookin for you...since Yaten and Diego were flirting with Mina and Daisy they volunteered to help, I remembered seeing you run into the paths this way and searched here first" Seiya informed

"Oh" Usagi replied stupidly until she felt something wet fall on her cheek, she looked up and noticed that it just started to rain.

"Did you want my jacket?" Seiya asked once he noticed Usagi's apparel

"No, I like the rain" replied Usagi, she felt as if the rain was washing all signs of her rapist off of her

Usagi then snuggled closer to Seiya's chest and fell asleep.

Looking down at Usagi, Seiya wondered what her face looked like underneath the blindfold and imagined that she had the most beautiful eyes that one could just get lost in.

Upon arriving at the park everyone crowded around Seiya.

"Where did you find her?!" Daisy asked anxiously while everyone gaped at Usagi.

"Wh-what happened to her?" Mina asked after seeing Usagi blindfolded and the blood trailed down Usagi's thigh and leg

"...I think that's her story to tell, but we need to call the cops there's a guy up there that I knocked unconscious" said Seiya

"Why did you do that?" inquired Yaten, Seiya's older brother, who just happened to be flirting with Mina.

"Yea man you never beat the shit out of any one for no reason..."said Diego, Seiya's younger cousin, who was hugging Daisy.

Seiya set Usagi down in one of the booster swings and took off her blindfold.

About 2 minutes later she came too and the first thing Usagi saw was Seiya's soft brown eyes and couldn't help but get lost in them.

Seiya felt the same way when he saw Usagi's clear blue crystal eyes.

Daisy cleared her throat and Usagi broke eye contact with Seiya and looked around her...Steve and Umino left once the cops came and showed them where Usagi's attacker was and went home.

"Are you ok, Usagi? What happened?!" Mina asked hastily

"...When I ran into the woods I ran all the way up to playground 2 and stopped to take a breather. Then someone grabbed me from behind, put a blindfold on me, and started dragging me away. I was about to scream when he held a knife to my throat and told me that if I screamed he would kill me, that scared me so much that I dropped Steve's hat and just did what the guy told me. He made me lay down after what seemed like 10 minutes of walking and said that if I didn't do what he wanted he would kill me..."

Usagi mentally recaped to herself what happened the whole time. She remembered that he started kissing her, and he even tried to put his tongue in her mouth but she wouldn't let him. He then stuck his hand up her shirt and pinched her nipple. Caught off guard Usagi remembers gasping, and when she did that he stuck his tongue in her mouth. His hands continued to wander under her shirt and he bend his head lower and started sucking on her. She tried to push him off but then he bit down and sliced her shoulder with the knife. When he did that he then stuck his fingers into her and thrust them in and out for a while. Once he took them out he stuck his tongue in. As if her body was betraying her, Usagi remembered that she had an orgasim which, unfortunately encouraged him. After he got off of her, she thought that he was done and a sense of relief filled her body, but it was short lived. For once she felt her self assured that he was done, he thrust his dick into her and she screamed in pain. 'That must've been when everyone heard me' Usagi thought to herself. And because she screamed he sliced her upper thigh with the knife. She tried to ignore the fact that he was thrusting into her so painfully and instead tried to focus on things other than her body. But yet again her body was working against her and she had another orgasim leading him into one himself. 'Why is it that my body betrays me when I'm not enjoying this at all?!' Usagi thought, frustrated with herself. He then got off of her, wiped himself off, and forced her to take a pill. After he made sure that she swallowed the pill he said to her "Was it good for u?" When she told him "no" he replied saying "Well I'll just have to show you how good it was again then". He raped her again and again until Usagi felt as if her body was going to break. When he got off of her for the final time, Usagi heard curses and fighting, which she now knew was Seiya and her attacker fighting...

"...He raped me and Seiya came after a while and beat the crap outta that guy and saved me." Usagi concluded

Everyone looked at Usagi shocked that this could happen to someone they knew, and then they looked at Seiya nd noticed his stunned state.

" you didn't know all of that happened to her Seiya?" Mina asked

"No, I didn't know, when I saw him on her I thought they were just a couple screwing around at first. But then i realized that he was holding a knife to her and she was trying to get him off of her. I didn't realize it was Usagi at first, once I started carrying her away I realized that it was her. Anyways once I saw the knife I immediately jumped the guy, I don't know what got into me." Seiya said

"And then you saved Usagis life...?" Daisy asked

"Yea I guess I did" Seiya said realizing it himself

"My hero" Usagi said jokingly

Everyone was focused on Seiya and looked at Usagi surprised, yet again, that after all of this happened to her she could still be herself.

Usagi's eyes were only on Seiya though and she thought 'I know that I should be upset and angry about this, but I can't let this get to me, I have a life to live and I'm not going to let that creep that raped me have the satisfaction of knowing that he ruined my life'

"...Hey you guys I'm kinda hungry can we go home?" Usagi asked Daisy and Mina

"Yeah...yeah sure, of course ur hungry, its already 6..haha yea, uhh you haven't eaten since what 10 this morning? Ok yea umm lets go" Mina said

"Hey, are we still gunna watch those movies and hav pizza? Cause I really wanted to watch that one scary movies tonight though" Usagi said smiling she felt the thought of the day's earlier events slip into the back of her mind, never to be remembered unless brought up again.

"Oohh come on Usagi, we never watch scary movies thats not fair.." Mina said smiling also "...Alright alright we won't watch a scary movie, happy?" Mina said, giving in to one of Usagi's famous puppy dog pout.

"Yeah! lets go!" she said

"Hey you guys? Did you really wanna walk all the way home?!" Daisy asked

"...Well how else are we gunna get home?" Usagi asked forgeting about Seiya, Yaten, and Diego.

Seiya cleared his throat and Usagi looked at him. "Well we can always give you girls a ride home" he said "..Yaten and Diego came in Yaten's car and I came on my motorcycle...So you all can go in his car...unless you wanna ride on my bike with me, Usagi?" Seiya asked mentally crossing his fingers

Daisy and Mina noticed the hope in Seiya;s eyes and smiled saying, "Of course she'll go on your bike with you, she loves motorcycles" Mina said

"Plus Usagi I don't wanna be too squished with Mina" Daisy said laughing and stuck her tongue out at Mina when she tried to punch her.

Not getting why her sisters were acting so weird Usagi said "..Uhh sure, thanks Seiya"

Seiya then beamed a bright smile towards Usagi and said "alright lets go, you hav to tell me where to go though, I'm new around here...Yaten are you guys gunna follow?"

"Yea man" Yaten said as he got into his car Mina, Daisy, and Diego followed. Mina sat in the passengers seat while Daisy and Diego sat in the back.

Feeling in a playful mood Usagi went up to Daisy's window in the back and said to Diego, "Don't try anything funny with her, or you have me to deal with!" she said mock threateningly.

Daisy looking at Usagi, flicked her in the forehead and said that she was a retard.

Usagi walked off laughing and then stopped abruptly when she saw Seiya's bike. It was a black Orange County Chopper with rain drop decals on it.

Seiya helped her on and left the park, turning left since Usagi told him too.

He couldn't help but wonder if Usagi had done this before cause she was a natual at leaning with him and the bike when needed.

Upon arriving at her house, Seiya helped Usagi off and asked her, "Have you ever ridden on an OCC before? Cause you're a natural at it."

"Haha thanks, my dad has one and I love it." she replied

"How did you know to lean with the bike?" Seiya asked

"I don't know, I don't even notice that I do that. Its as natural to me as walking I guess. Hey, did you wanna come in and wait for the rest? I saw them go the other way so I guess Mina or Daisy asked them to get something."

"..Uhh yea sure that'd b great" Seiya said

Upon getting in the house Usagi's shih tzu's Minnie and Max started running around and barked for attention.

Seiya bent down and started petting and playing with Minnie.

"She's my favorite" Usagi said as she walked to the kitchen

"Haha yea she's cute. She's like a lil teddy bear." Seiya said

"Yea..." Usagi said as she walked into the kitchen, cleaned up the mess the dogs made, and stuck her head out into the living room "Hey, did u want anything to drink? There's soda, water, ice tea, or juice."

"I'll have ice tea thanks," Seiya said "...You want any help?"

"Naw, I'm good, Come on into the kitchento drink it. My parents are away on a 2 week cruise and won't be back for another 10 days, but we still hav rules..." she said as she handed Seiya his ice tea and sat at the table.

"Soo Seiya, what grade are you in?" Usagi asked after a couple minutes of uncomfortable silence

"I'm going into Eleventh grade in Pleasant Valley. What about you?" he answered

"Same" Usagi said after taking a sip from her own ice tea.

"Cool, are you originally from around here?"

"No, we came here around 3 years ago. Daisy is my stepsister and my mom married her dad so they decided to move us all up here"

"Oohh cool. Is it nice up here? How're the people?" he asked

"Its nice up here when you have a car, and at first you'd think that the people are a buncha hicks, but theres only some that really are. So where did you move here from?"


"Wow, it must be a huge change for you, do you think its worth it?" Usagi asked intrigued

"I do now" Seiya said smiling sweetly at Usagi.

Blushing Usagi said "I think I should call Mina and ask her what kinda pizza to order -"

"No need Usagi, I'm already here and we have the pizzas!" Mina interrupted as she came in with 2 pizzas.

"Oh, what kind did you get?" Usagi asked

"Pepperoni and plain" Daisy replied as she walked into the kitchen after Mina.

"Right, so are you guys staying for pizza and a movie?" Mina said

Yaten and Diego said "sure" whereas Seiya says, "No thanks, we can't stay. We don't wanna be a burden."

Mina and Daisy chime in "NO! We mean of course your not a burden, stay, watch some movies and eat pizza with us."

After seeing Usagi look at them questioningly Mina says "Well they are new here, and they could use some friends. Also we can always catch them up with what they need to know around here tonight. You know before school starts."

"Alright then we'll stay, is that ok with you Usagi?" Seiya inquires

Usagi, feeling cornered and having no choice says they can stay.

"So what movie are we gunna watch first?" Daisy asks while taking a bite from her pizza

"I want to watch a scary movie!" Yaten and Mina say at the same time. They look at each other, laugh, and take seats next to each other on the couch.

"Uhhh no scary movies..."says Usagi "I want to watch a comedy"

"I wanna watch a romance movie!!" Daisy interrupts, after hearing this all the guys groan.

They decided to watch a movie that had some romance, some scary parts (where Usagi walked out of the room with some sort of excuse), and even some adventure.

After the movie was over it was 11:30p.m. and everyone was cleaning up the mess they made out of the living room...

Sometime during the movie when Usagi left the room...

After one excuse from Usagi during a scary part where she supposedly had to get something to drink everyone threw popcorn and candy at her when she came back in causing a huge mess.

All 3 of the girls plopped down on the couch, Usagi laying across them while Daisy messed with her hair, and Mina tried to get Usagi off

"I think it's about time we head out it's already late and you girls look tired" Diego says

Daisy and Mina look at each other and quickly jump up off the couch, throwing Usagi on the floor on top of the sitting Seiya in the process...

"Why don't you guys stay the night" Mina says quickly

Usagi, after almost getting up off of Seiya falls back down on him surprised..."WHAT?!" she chokes out

"Well it is rather late and they might get lost since its dark. Plus theres a thunderstorm. You guys can sleep down here in the living room, its only me, Daisy, and Usagi here so its all good" Mina says

"Yeah, plus Ami won't be back until another 2 weeks also. So theres no problem with that" Daisy added

After finally getting off of Seiya mumbling a sorry Usagi turns to Daisy and Mina and says, "What about Sammy? He lives here too you know, who knows how he'll act when he sees 3 guys that he's never met sleeping in our living room?!" Usagi scolded

"Uh duh retard! He's at that camp until the parents get back," Daisy says while smacking Usagi in the back of the head.

Usagi then wrestles Daisy onto the floor and sits on her, "Ummm boys could you go into the kitchen? I need to talk to my sisters." Usagi says in an overly sweet tone

"What are you trying to do?! Get us grounded for life!? If the parents find out about this then we're screwed! Think about the consequences" Usagi scolds once the guys were out of the room.

"Yeah, but think about the benefits" says Mina while leaning back to stare at Yaten's butt in the kitchen

"Your sick you know that" Usagi laughs out and then becomes serious again. "We don't really even know them. We don't know who they are except that they're new in town and what their names are...if they even are their names"

"Usagi, Seiya saved your life remember?! Or do you have some sort of memory lapse? I mean letting them spend the night is the least we can do to repay them for helping us find you" Daisy suggested

Defeated Usagi sighs and says "fine they can stay the night." Hearing this the eavesdropping trio of guys scream out happily.

Usagi raising her eyebrows points towards the kitchen and mouths "1-2...-3" and they jump into the kitchen. They tackle the guys down tickling them in the process. Caught off guard the guys suffered a couple minutes of tickling when they finally reversed it and started tickling the girls.

"Had enough yet, Usagi?" Seiya plays "You wanna give up now? I think its time you surrender!"

"No" Usagi breathes out in between laughs "I won't lose to you "

"Oohh really and why not?" Seiya asks amused

"Cause how can I lose to a guy who's fly is open?" Usagi states

Seiya embarassed looks down and sees that his fly was not open. In fact he doesn't even have a fly, he's wearing basketball shorts. Upon realizing that Usagi tricked him, he looks back up and sees that Usagi ran away to her room.

The remaining audience thought that this was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing until Seiya dumped a bowl of popcorn on them...

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