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Chapter Two

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Usagi is at the park and gets raped, Seiya/Usagi pairings then later Usagi/Mamoru pairings...yay!

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Just to get this over with, I DON'T OWN SAILOR MOON...and the character Diego is completely mine!


The next morning Seiya woke up to singing. He looked around and concluded that it was coming from the bathroom. He was about to get up and listen to the voice through the door but it opened and he ran back to the couch where he was sleeping. He kept an eye cracked open and was greeted with the sight of Usagi soaking wet and wrapped in a towel, still singing.

Usagi then remembered that there were 3 guys sleeping in the living room stopped singing and walked faster towards the kitchen.

Before reaching the kitchen Usagi heard Seiya say "Why did you stop singing?"

Embarassed Usagi said "Uhh I didn't wanna wake any one up, but I guess I did. Sorry!" And with that she ran through the kitchen upstairs to her room to get changed and whatever. When doing this she gave Seiya a clear view of her legs and ass because the towel flew up.

"Damn, she has a beautiful body" he thought

Realizing that he was becoming hard, Seiya went to take a shower himself after going to Yaten's car to get a spare change of clothes out.

Usagi crept down the stairs 10 minutes later and started making coffee, she peeked her head into the living room and noticed that Seiya wasn't on the couch. She then stopped and listened, she was greeted by the sound of the shower running. "He must be taking a shower" she thought out loud.

After another 10 minutes the coffee was done and Usagi poured herself a cup and sat on the counter top. She was too enveloped in her thoughts to notice that Seiya came out into the living room from his shower wrapped only in a towel from his waist down. He picked up his clothes that he forgot to bring into the bathroom with him and was about to walk back into the bathroom when he saw Usagi staring at him.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind that I used your shower" Seiya said embarassed while running his hand through his damp brown locks. When Usagi didn't answer he said "Well I'm gunna go get changed now..."

Mentally kicking herself for not telling him that it was ok that he used the shower, actually from what she saw it seemed more than alright with her...she felt her face turning red as she realized that the whole time Seiya was standing there all she wanted to do was jump on him and well the rest is up to your imagination.

A couple minutes later Seiya walked back into the kitchen and Usagi said "Did you want some coffee? I just made some"

"Actually I was kinda wondering ifyoumightwanttogoouttobreakfastwithme" Seiya rambled

"What? I'm sorry I didn't catch that" Usagi said

Taking a deep breath and remembering to cross his fingers behind his back Seiya repeated "I was kinda wondering if you might want to go out to breakfast with me?" He looked up shyly to see Usagi with a surprised expression on her face and continued "I know where a really great breakfast restaurant is around here and they have good food and --"

"Sure" Usagi said smiling at his rambling

"What?" Seiya asked confused

"I said sure, I'll go out to breakfast with you, we have to leave a note for the others though" she told him "Oh and I'm gunna need to get changed again"

"You don't have to change you look fine" he said smiling happily

"I'd rather not go out to breakfast in sweats" Usagi said laughing as she walked back upstairs to her room to get changed.

She came back down dressed in a black and blue corset lace top and black jeans along with her vans. She had on thick black eyeliner and a grey/blue eyeshadow, along with clear lip gloss.

"Wow" Seiya whistled

"Lets go" Usagi said, trying not to let Seiya see her blush.

She left the note on the T.V. so that everyone would notice it and they left, taking her car with Seiya driving. She got her mom's yellow mazda 6 a year back and had it repainted to a bright blue.

During the car ride they talked about their favorite rock bands and blasted the local rock hits radio station.

They arrived at the restaurant and sat at a table towards the back by a huge window where if you looked out of it you'd see a brook flowing tranquily and surrounding the banks were roses, lillies, and lilac bushes. There were birds bathing in the brook and tending to their babies.

"Wow I never knew about this place, how'd you find it?" Usagi asked still staring out the window

"You like it?" Seiya asked exictedly

"Like it?! I love it!" Usagi said smiling, she then got up and hugged Seiya "Thanks this place is great"

"You haven't even tried the food yet, which is the best part" Seiya said, feeling warm when she hugged him. Once she sat back down though, he felt cold and kind of empty, but he didn't let it show.

The waitor then walked up and winked at Usagi. He had blonde hair that was spiked up, brown eyes, and tan skin. "What can I get for the lovely lady?" he asked smiling.

After skimming through the menu Usagi ordered french toast, with sausages and a side of homefries.

"Wonderful" he said and then turned to Seiya and frowned "and what can I get for you, sir?" he asked kind of rudely.

"I'll have the same, thank you" Seiya replied

"Ok" then he turned to Usagi smiling again and said "the food will be ready momuntarily, would you like something to drink?"

"Oh, I'll have a cappicino thank you" Usagi said after closing her menu and handing it to the waitor.

"Would that be original or french vanilla?" the waitor asked

"French vanilla please" Usagi replied "What about you Seiya, what're you gunna get?"

"Umm I think I'll get an original espresso, thank you." Seiya said

"Sure" the waitor said rudely to Seiya "I'll be back" he said turning to Usagi, blowing a kiss at her.

After he walked off Usagi started laughing histerically.

"What's so funny?" Seiya asked, slightly peeved cause the waitor was flirting with Usagi.

"He, haha, was, haha, flirting with me, haha, and was being rude to you, haha" Usagi said. Upon looking at Seiya's face she calmed down a bit. "Either he doesn't know how to be subtle or he is one bipolar waitor..." Seiya laughed at that. Usagi than moved to the seat right next to Seiya.

Raising his eyebrows Seiya asked her "What're you doing?"

"I'm gunna have some fun and see how that waitor reacts if you and me are right next to each other" Usagi said

"Here he comes" Seiya said, amused and happy that Usagi was right next to him now.

Once the waitor walks up he's confused and looks at Usagi "Miss wouldn't you rather sit right over here so that you have more room?" he said trying to convince her to sit nearer to him so that when he came back he could look down her shirt again and maybe 'accidently' touch her boobs.

"I think she's fine where she is, thank you" Seiya said icily "She's going to be sitting next to me"

"Maybe she would rather choose for herself where she would rather sit" the waitor said forcing a smile on his face

"I'm good, I like sitting next to Seiya, he's great company" Usagi said seductively

"Right, of course, I'm are you drinks your food will be out soon enough. Enjoy." the waitor choked out.

Once he left Seiya and Usagi started laughing. "Geez Seiya if I didn't know any better you were extremely pissed with that guy." Usagi said

"I was pissed at that guy, the only reason why he wanted you to sit over there was because when he first came over he looked down your shirt" Seiya said scowling in the waitors direction.

"Oh well maybe I should sit over there, we might get my share of the food for free" Usagi teased

"Don't even think about it" Seiya said while grabbing Usagi by the waist as she was pretending to move seats.

"Ohh your no fun" she said with a mock pout on her face

"I am too fun, just not when a waitor is staring down my date's shirt" Seiya replied sticking his tongue out at Usagi

"Oh so this is a date?" Usagi said wryly

"Yes..well I thought it was...I mean if you don't think it is then it's not..." Seiya said slightly embarassed

"I think this is a date" she whispered in his ear "I think that you like me Seiya"

Turning towards Usagi and looking into her eyes Seiya says "And what if it is a date and I do like you?"

"Well I guess you'll have to wait for my answer once I get back from the ladies room" Usagi said getting up and disappearing around the corner.

On her way to the bathroom Usagi was pulled into an employees only closet. "What the hell?!" she said as she looked at who pulled her in there. "Umm excuse me I need to get to the ladies room" she said trying to get to the door.

"Oh no you don't, I saw the way you were looking at me, you want me and I'm happy to oblige...Forget about your date, you're going to have some fun with me right now" said the waitor from before while grinding his erection against Usagi

"No, stop!" Usagi screamed 'why do these things always have to happen to me?! ' she thought

"Not until I get some from you" he said while pulling down his pants

"No!" Usagi screamed out as the waitor tried to pull down her pants. She then kneed him in the groin and got out of the closet and ran to the ladies room where she went to the bathroom and cleaned up. 'why didn't I knee him in the balls in the first place? ' she wondered.

She walked back to the table and saw Seiya holding the waitor up against the wall by his throat, Seiya looking pissed as hell and the waitor with a smug look on his face. She stood far away hidden by a plant but close enough to hear what they were saying and see what they were doing.

"She's a great fuck you know, and right now she's waiting for me. Get over it she doesn't want you, she wants a real man who'll give her what she wants." the waitor said

"That's bullshit, Usagi's not like that!" Seiya said in a low, dangerous voice "Now where is she? Did you do anything to her?! I swear to god if you laid one hand on her..."

"Oh I didn't lay one hand, I used both hands and she used her mouth and opened her legs to me, get over it she doesn't want you" the waitor said, not at all fazed by Seiya's threats

"Don't you dare talk about her like that, she's not like the other girls around. She doesn't sleep with a guy she just met! She's not like that at all...she respects herself and she's smart and funny and beautiful...Shes' not the kinda girl who lets people use her, and on top of that she wouldn't give shallow jerk offs like you a second glance! Now don't make me ask you again, where the hell is Usagi?!" Seiya all but whispered.

"I told you man, she's waiting for me now let me go, I'd rather not leave her naked and alone right now, who knows if that slut will find someone else to fuck." the waitor said

"You asshole" Seiya said and punched the waitor in the face, knocking him to the ground. The waitor the got up and tackled Seiya down. They were in an all out brawl until Usagi stood up from her hiding spot and screamed "STOP IT!!" Seiya got off of the waitor and said "I'm sorry Usagi...he was saying stuff about you and well..."

"It's ok Seiya, I saw and heard the whole thing" Usagi said smiling at Seiya "thank you" She then turned towards the waitor who still had that smug look on his face when he said "Hey baby, what are you doing in your clothes and out of that closet?"
Seiya was about to punch the guy again but Usagi beat him to it. She punched the waitor in the face causing his nose to bleed more and then she kicked him in the balls. "Don't you ever talk to me or about me like that again. I didn't do anything with you, you pulled me into that damn closet and tried to force yourself upon me. I would never do anything with an ass like you." she said

"Hey Usagi I'm not thinking that you want to stick around for breakfast anymore" Seiya suggested

"I'm sorry Seiya, our date was ruined..." Usagi said regretfully

"Hey its ok, we can go out for lunch or dinner later instead" he said smiling "plus its already 11:30 now, so we can go and get some lunch somewhere else if you want"

"I'd like that" Usagi said as she took Seiya's hand and they walked out of the restaurant back to the car.

"It's too bad, I really liked that place..." Usagi said

"Yea me too, hopefully that guy gets fired so we can actually go there and eat peacefully" Seiya replied "Last time I was there, there were only middle aged ladies as the waitresses there. I guess they ran out of employees."

"Hey turn right here, lets eat at the mall" Usagi said

"Ok" Seiya said as he parked the car. "Where would you like to eat?"

"Umm how about Subway?" Usagi answered

"Sure lets go order" Seiya said while leading Usagi towards Subway

After eating -- Usagi a meatball sub and Seiya a turkey sub -- they walked around for a little bit. Seiya went to go and get blizzards for them at dairy queen while Usagi stood off to the side waiting. Then someone walked by and spilled their drink on her when they tripped. "Oh my gosh I'm soo sorry...Usagi?" the person said

"It's alright...Hey Lita how're you doing?" Usagi said, forgetting about the soda down her shirt she hugs Lita

"I'm good, I'm really sorry about the soda, I tripped and well you know how clumsy I am" Lita said

"Haha yea sure, you clumsy, alright. Oh Lita this is Seiya" Usagi said introducing Seiya as he came over with the blizzards

"Hey" Seiya said "I'll be right back I'll get some napkins"

"Damn Usagi how'd you score him, he's sexy as hell" Lita said eyeing Seiya

"Hey back off Lita he's mine, plus you have Ken remember?" Usagi said smiling

"Yea yea yea I know, well I have to go I'm meeting Ken at the movies, see ya at school later ok?" Lita said while running towards the theaters.

"Was that one of your friends from school?" Seiya asked coming back over with the napkins "Hey what happened to your shirt its all wet?"

"Haha yea that was Lita, she must've been daydreaming, anyways she accidently spilled her soda on me." Usagi said

"Come on" Seiya said dragging Usagi towards DEB

"Where are we going?" Usagi asked

"I am going to get you a new shirt so that you don't have to wear that wet sticky one all day" Seiya said

"What about our blizzards? We can't eat them in the store! And its ok, my shirt will dry, Seiya" Usagi said

"Oh I forgot about the blizzards. We'll finish these then we're getting you a new shirt no matter what" Seiya ordered

"Yes sir" Usagi laughed rolling her eyes as she grabbed her blizzard from his hand "thanks"

They sat down on the edge by the fountain and ate their blizzards and talked about stuff, mostly school. Once they were done Usagi forgot all about getting a new shirt and Seiya pulled her into DEB. "Ok I'm not good at clothes, cause I'm a guy, but whatever you try on I wanna see, ok?" Seiya said

"Why do I have to show you?" Usagi said

"Cause I'm buying you the shirt and cause you know that you wanna show me" he said arrogantly

"Fine" she said while browsing through the shirts. 10 minutes later she walked towards the dressing booth with 2 shirts in her hands.

The first shirt was black and said rebel on it in silver with skulls around it, and the second shirt was a dark blue tank top with black lace and beads decaling over top the blue. When she showed Seiya the first shirt he said "I like that one, but lets see the next one"
She went back into the booth and tried on the second shirt and walked out. She saw a wide-eyed Seiya shaking his head yes to this shirt. "Soo this one?" Usagi asked

"Yes definitly it looks great, go look in the mirror for yourself" Seiya said pushing her towards the mirror. Low and behold Usagi looked at herself in the mirror and Seiya was right, the shirt was perfect for her, it brought out her eyes, showed off her body, and just looked great altogether.

"Ok, this one" she said smiling.

They bought the shirt, with Usagi wearing it out of the store and kept her other shirt in a bag. "Thanks Seiya" Usagi said after they walked around in a comfortable silence for a while. "Hey no problem, I didn't want you walking around in an uncomfortable shirt all day" he said

Usagi then leaned up and kissed Seiya on the cheek and continued walking as if nothing happened. Seiya surprised smiled and said "what was that for"

She replied saying "For everything, for today and for yesterday" still not looking at him she kept walking until he grabbed her wrist and made her turn around towards him and look him in the eye he smiled and said "That's all I get?"

"Well.." Usagi was about to say but was cut off by Seiya's lips crashing down on hers. She didn't respond at first but then kissed him back. The kiss was sweet and playful, and neither of them wanted it to stop. They were interrupted however by Mina, Daisy, Yaten, and Diego who were walking in the mall earlier and noticed the couple in a lip lock

Embarassed they both pulled away, looked at each other and laughed nervously..."Heyy you guys, when did you wake up? Did you get our note? Hope you guys are having fun..Bye!" Usagi said then grabbed Seiya's hand and they ran away and hid in a photo booth. "I am never gunna hear the end of this" Usagi mumbled to herself while peeking out of the curtain on the booth to see if they were followed.

"You don't regret it do you?" Seiya asked kinda disappointed, but he got his answer as Usagi started kissing him again, this time sucking on his bottom lip asking for entrance into his mouth. He granted her and soon dominated the kiss. They were so sucked into the kiss that they didn't notice Daisy slip in and set up the camera to take pictures of them. After the last flash they broke the kiss to breath and thats when Usagi noticed the pictures being printed out of the thing in front of them and said "Did you pay for pictures?"

"No....I don't like having my picture taken" Seiya replied equally confused as he picked up the pictures. That's when they heard the laughing outside of the booth and heard Mina say "Hey Usagi how was the kiss? How about you get out of there so that other people can get their turns"

Embarassed they both got out of the booth and Usagi glared at Mina and Daisy..."That was wrong you guys"

"Who cares, neither of you even noticed you were too busy tonguing each other" Mina said while turning around and imitating Usagi and Seiya

"Hey you wanna go and see a movie?" Seiya whispered in Usagi's ear. Usagi smiled and nodded her head and said "We'll see you guys later we're going to go home now see ya!" and they both ran out of the mall and into another entrance so they could go see a movie with out their siblings noticing. Laughing they arrived at the theatre and decided that none of the movies looked interesting so they walked back out to Usagi's car and just started driving around. They got lost and just parked the car in a random parking lot and started talking and listening to music in the car.

"Hey Usagi, do you like the beach?" Seiya asked randomly

"yeah, why?" Usagi asked while nodding her head to the song on the radio

"Well I was wondering if you and your sisters wanted to come back to California with Yaten, Diego, and me this weekend so we can get the rest of our stuff and come meet our friends and whatever. They're holding a going away party for us. I know, I know its kinda late for a going away party but alot of people were busy so yea they're going to have a beach party and well did you want to come?" Seiya asked

"Well I'll have to talk to my sisters, but they'll probably say yes...And we're going to have to get bathing yea I'd love to go, it'll be fun seeing california, I've never been there before" Usagi answered

"Great! Its just a small town and there's not many tourists that go there and I only have a few friends that're going to the party so it wont be crowded, and you'll have alot of fun!" Seiya said exicetedly, almost like a little boy.

That weekend...

"Ok we're set to go" Seiya said after loading the last piece of carry-on luggage into the compartments above.

"Uhh Seiya?" Usagi said nervously after Seiya sat down next to her

"Yea Usagi" Seiya asked, concern lacing his voice "What's wrong?"

"Well..I..uh...did you want the window seat?" Usagi quickly

"Sure" Seiya said

"Its just that...I'm afraid of heights..." Usagi said

"Oh is that it?" Seiya teased

"What do you mean is that it?!" Usagi said with a huff

"Well I just thought you didn't want that attractive lady in the seat across the aisle that was hitting on me earlier to make another move on me" he arrogantly

"Well maybe that's cause I'm the only one that can make any moves on you" Usagi whispered into his ear huskily, before she turned to sit back down.

"That's not fair" he said with a fake pout

"Get over it, nothing's fair" Usagi teased, then stuck her tongue out at him

Seiya then pulled Usagi into a deep kiss, tilting her head in the process to delve further into her mouth. Usagi broke the kiss once she realized that they were getting looks from the people around them. Embarassed she pulled away from Seiya

"You know we could've lasted longer than that" he said checking his watch "Atleast another 2 minutes" he said with an evil smirk on his face

"Don't even think about it" Usagi said while inching away from Seiya

"Think about what" Seiya said innocently as he kept inching closer to Usagi whenever she moved back "This?" he asked as he grabbed her lips in a quick kiss before Usagi fell backwards landed on someone that just happened to be passing by.

"Oh! I'm so sorry" she said hurriedly and kept rambling on about how sorry she was until she was interrupted by a smooth, husky male voice

"You know you can get off my lap whenever you want" he started off rudely "...but you can also stay as long as you want" he whispered the last part into her ear

Usagi then looked up at the guy she was sitting on. He was gorgeous, he had dark ebony hair that fell lazily over his eyes, beautiful sapphire eyes that she felt herself drown in, and a lopsided grin...she melted on the know how she loves those side ways grins. They're just so damn sexy. And she can't forget his oh-so-sexy body...The body that she happened to be sitting on...Remembering this Usagi jumped up.

"Oh I'm sorry I really am...It's just that...I was kinda avoiding my friend" Usagi said

"Oh, your boyfriend?" the gorgeous stranger asked

"...Yea" she said 'Unfortunately' she thought in her head as she stared at the gorgeous stranger, but instantly felt bad afterwards. Seiya saved her life, she owed him so that's why she's with him.

"Oh" he said kinda disappointed "Well I wouldn't want to keep you from him, I'll see you around, Ms. ?"

"Usagi, my names Usagi" she replied

"Well, Usagi, I guess I'll see you around then huh?" he asked with a wink

"Not if I can help it" Seiya said when he walked up and grabbed Usagi "C'mon Usagi lets go" he said giving a scowl to the strange guy that was hitting on his girlfriend and started pulling her back to their seats

"Wait!" Usagi shouted while being dragged away "You never told me your name!"

"It's Mamoru" he said smiling at her.

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