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day two

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the tale of a few bands some friends and romance

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-10-10 - Updated: 2006-10-11 - 229 words

Dear world tour diary,
Second fricken day now! It's amazing thinking of the road ahead! Last night was so amzing my heart was rushing a hundred miles an hour. When I saw my honey bun and his homies I could hardly wait to hug him again! But now fast foward to our way to new york. I think it will be a few days until we get there but man! I'm so excited to get married! Brent,funnier than I thought,I mean it was pretty fun watching pass out at the sleepover but I think this tour will make him lol worthy.I just hope all of Panic can get along. I hope Toms not to dissapointed about Melissa,after all shes pretty sick ;). Well lets see what did I actually do today? well panic had a concert,and you know what? Brent actually got to play! I was happy for him and Ryan did sooo good. Cute and Paramore are so fun to ang with. especially Justin and Fred! ha! just thinking they are gonna be at my wedding. crazy I know, well Taylor and Shaant are being crazy in love like usuall, going off and hanging out but o well we have the whole worldto hang out with them! at about, 2:00 I thin I went to sleep, me and Ry and stuff to catch up on.
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