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day seven

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party round the world

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-10-10 - Updated: 2006-10-11 - 293 words

Dear diary,
today we arrived in the uk, it smells weird here, but anyways. Shaant is lying next to me while I type this. Taylor and Ryan are in the next room over, while panic htl cute and parmore are off at the vending machines. Today we walked around england and had fun. Tomorrow panic plays, they will be amazing as usual. while we were on the plane we found out that jac vanek had died, what a shame ;] actually we went out to dinner to celebrate that and a safe trip to the uk. We didn't get mobbed this time thankfully. Brent actually went up and did kareoke,who knew he could sing really well? B-den got jealous and tried to out sing him, but alas he couldn't. We all started laughing and all he did was flash......again. Jeffrey asked taylor and i if we would go and sing with him.We just bitched slapped him, I think shaant and ryan talked to him later on. I hope it worked. So fast forward to getting to the hotel. Justin just ran off when we got there, he was mumbling something about checking out the babes. Fred went immeaditaly to his bed he was so jet lagged from the flight. Tom went off to try to talk to melissa if only he knew that it was 4 in the morning there. poor guy. I'm so sad paramore is heading home soon. I"m gonna miss those pac man tournies with josh. We'll keep in touch though. So much has happened today I'm sure I've forgotten something. well better go shaant and I are going out to the pool for a dip. We are getting closer to each other every day it seems like.
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