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Chapter 16.

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Okay. So I fast fowarded to June. But this is where the story starts coming to an end. The end of year dance is happening. Constantine and Melody have something planned out. SUSPENSE!

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Okay, okay. I understand I only had one chapter with Mikey in it...but this is based on college. My next story...CONTINUATION will have more to do with the acuall band. But do you see how much my writing has improved. THAT'S WHAT INSPIRATION is called. So..I think only one more chapter after this one...

Soundtrack to my day:"Amish Paradise" by Weird Al!!!

It was June...2 more days left untill their 3rd year of college ends. In a couple of hours there is going to be a dance.

Unless you have no clue of whats going ON in this story you can probably guess that Gerard and Cloe are going together...

Cloe is 4 months and not happy about it.

Cloe was looking at herself in the mirror.

She wasn't showing a lot. When she put on her clothes she wasn't. She was wearing a white dress. Her hair was straight and had light blonde streaks in it. Very summery.

It was an hour before the dance and Gerard was going to pick her up in a few minutes. Melody hasn't been to the dorm for a few days.

Someone knocked on the door.

"Who?" Cloe asked.

"Your mother."

Cloe froze. She hadn't spoke to her in 4 months.

"Come in." She said. Her voice sounded hoarse.

Her mom walked in. "Hey..."

Cloe was silent.

"How are you?"


"I'm good as well." Her mother paused. She breathed. "I wanted to say I was sorry for how I acted about...your news..."

Cloe looked at her mom.
(HER NAME IS NOW...Kendall...don't ask why.)

"I was just afraid getting pregnant or something like that." Kendall added.

Cloe felt as if her heart has just stopped. She laughed. "How could that happen? We did use..." She whispered the next words. "protection..."

"I'm glad to hear that. This is hard to say but...I was in highschool when I first did it..."

Cloe had the throwing up feeling all of a sudded. 'Please shut up!' She thought.

"Can you forgive me...?"

Cloe nodded. Kendall gave Cloe a big hug. After a second Cloe pulled away.

"You okay? You look...pale."

"I've always been pale, mom."

"Paler than usual."

"I'm fine!"

"Your dad and Jack were angry at me for kicking you out. Also you're cousins. They really wanted to see you."

"there's something else I forgot to mention..."


"I'm...I'm moving to Jersey after this year. But I'll be home for special occations...I promise!"

"You're growing so much! Well...I have to leave. Bye sweetie."

"Bye mom!"

After Kendall left..Cloe threw up...I mean. I would've too after THAT conversation.

A couple of minutes later Gerard arrived.

They got into the car.

Started a conversation.

"You told your mom about Jersey?" Gerard asked.

"Yeah. She didn't seem to care that much."


"They couldn't wait till I got out of the house. Our dog counts as the third kid."


Gerard was trying to keep his smile on. He felt crappy. He knew something really bad was going to happen tonight. He didn't know why but...there was.

Cloe was very happy. Was it the mood swings?

"Uhh..." Gerard started off. "Did you tell your mom about..." He trailed off.

"No...I'm gonna tell her over the phone so she can't kill me."

"Makes a lot of sense." Gerard said.

Melody was standing against the fence. Today was the day. She'd finally get Gerard..or so she thought.

Constantine walked up to her. He was holding something in his hand.

He said "Cloe's gonna die. With her baby."

Melody staired at him in amazement. "What? You can't kill her!"

"Who says I can't?"

"I do. If you kill her! I'm going to call the freakin police!"

"Oh no you're not."

"What are you doing?" Constantine was holding a switch blade to her neck.

"Have fun with Cloe..." He sliced her throat.

"Gerard...are you okay with this?" Cloe asked.

"With what?"

"Me being pregnant..."

Gerard thought for a second. "Yeah. I'm not that happy about it but..I'm not leaving you. And you're hopefully never leaving me..."

"Of course...I'ma stay with you...forever."

They kissed. Cloe looked out of Gerard's window. "Gerard!"


Okay. Next chapter...SOON!
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