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Chapter 17.

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Last chapter...continuation I shall start soon...

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Gerard woke up in the hospital. He had a major headache. He sat up straight.

Ray walked in. "Gerard?" He asked.

"Ray...what the hell happened?"

"You were in a car crash..."



"Cloe was in the car with me!"

Ray didn't say anything.

"She's dead?!"


"Where is she then?"

"Behind that curtain." Ray said pointing to a curtain.

Gerard tried to get up but he was to sore to.

The nurse walked in. "Stay in bed. You shouldn't get up."

" she alright?" Gerard asked.

"Ummm....kind of. it's Constantine who's dead."


"Yeah..that kid had horrable records. He's been in jail 10 times and killed 18 people."

"Does that include Cloe?" Mikey asked.

"No because she's not dead." Ray said. "She woke up before you did but then fell back asleep."

"You got her pregnant!" Mikey said. "What the hell were you thinking?"

Gerard threw his pillow at Mikey.


"Does anybody know that she was pregnant?" The nurse asked.

Everyone nodded.

"Well..." The nurse shrugged. "The car crash killed him."

Gerard looked at Ray. "Constantine wanted her dead...he killed Melody." Ray answered to his look.

"That kid killing innocent lives...he's gone now." The nurse said as she walked out of the room.

Cloe screamed as she woke up. "Gerard!"

"I'm here." Gerard said. " the curtain."

Mikey did as told.

"I thought you were dead." She said.

"I'd never leave you."
1 year later...

"Graduates of 1995." the principal annonced. "We present. HEAD AUTOMATICA!"

That never happened.

"Graduates of 1995!"

Everyone threw their hats.

"So...what are you doing after college?" Gerard asked.

"I don't know." Ray said.

"I shall fufill my wish of becoming a cartoonist." Gerard said.

"I'm gonna be with my boyfriend." cloe said.

They madeout.

Things we're only gonna get better.

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