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The Beggining Of The End

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In the lands far to the south near the Crystal Desert, The penninsula of Orr was living in prosperity and wealth when the Charr came rushing over thier borders and ended thier lives as they knew ...

Category: Guild Wars - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy - Characters: Other - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-10-13 - Updated: 2006-10-13 - 360 words

The warm sun was beating down on the calm plains. The children were playing outside in the meadows amid the grain. Lord Victo slowly walked up to the edge of the rail near his table in the castle of Arah. The lands of the east were under his control and all looked fine. As Lord Victo sat down Vizer Khilbron sat down and whispered in his ear "We have a problem..Sir it seems a village was razed in your part of this land."

Later in the day Lord Victo arrived at the village which was leveled and the grass was scorched. There were dead people laying among the ruins but the biggest eye catcher was the giant burning effigy of a straw figure in the market of the town. "MOVE OUT,Soldiers we need to find the culprits who did this" Victo shouted. As one soldier ran off into the distance a bear-like creature jumped out and ripped his legs off and ate them while rushing at the rest of the search party. Victo pulled his blade and bulwark out and sliced the creature across the spine and watched the creature fall. By this time six more of these had came out of hiding and began a malicious onslaught on the Orrians. One by one Victo's men were ripped apart and carried away and Victo, using his cunning ,threw his sword at the wooden column holding up the arch causing the archway to collapse onto three of these beasts. The three remaining beasts charged up a magical power which rained bolts of fire upon the city starting a fire. Victo using his skills in Necromancy conjured a globe of poison and hurled it towards them infecting them. The beasts began to fall one by one falling into the houses and other junk laying around.

Lord Victo found no survivors so he climbed the hill leading to the borders and saw a horrific sight. The land had been razed and seared. It looked as though a wild fire had burned the sands in the beaches and melted the very grass. The water had turned to tar and started to bubble.
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