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The Searing Of Orr

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The Charr advance....

Category: Guild Wars - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy - Characters: Other - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2006-10-13 - Updated: 2006-10-13 - 315 words

Lord Victo approched the king of Orr with his problem. The king said it was Charr from Ascalon and nothing was of worry. For these next few days people thought he was crazy but Victo knew that he wasn't for he had seen what had happened and he knew he was not insane.

Then it happened...they came. To the borders of the Crystal Desert an army of of what looked like six thousand Charr came rushing over the hills and the ground seemed to melt under the army. The trees burned and the water turned to
tar as they ran. "FIRE" shouted the war sergeant. Thousands of arrows flew taking out hundreds of Charr. Several Necromancers created an army of flesh and bone from the the corpses of the Charr. The monstrosities ran over the fields ripping the Charr into bite sized pieces. Then a lound,thundering noise echoed over the land. The walls of Arah collapsed and the alarm rung. Charr rushed in taking out everyone with thier brute baldes and barbed arrows. Mesmers from the amphitheater came rushing out and began to drive the Charr insane with there illusions. Lord Victo ran down several flights of stairs all the while praying to the gods to be alright. Several hundred Charr came running down the streets.Everything went into a blur of blood and bodies. He ran at the Charr ripping them apart with is sword and using them as weapons with his Necromantic powers.

He saw the Viser running towards the catacombs and said "What are you doing."
The Viser simpily reliped " Ending it"
Lord Victo knew what he was refering to..The scrolls of the gods.
They could destroy the land and save them all in one minute. They we're cursed by the god so that all destroyed by it is not aloud to die so they come back as undead.
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