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Oh! I forgot to tell you

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Cloud left home from a broken family and friends he never had. He had only one goal, the only chance he has, to become a SOLDIER, with great determination he will let no one slow him down, that is,...

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own FF7 or any of the series, all these chars are fictional, and anyone who is familiar to a friend/relative of yours is purely coincidental. This is a YAOI.

Oh! I forgot to tell you

The next morning came early, as the same, loud, buzz from Cloud's alarm clock wakes him up. He had bought it from the camp, it had never failed to wake him, no doubt he was the only person who used an alarm on his own, and not woken up by the yelling Drill Sergeants. Something he experienced once, and decided he would never deal with that shit again, and bought an alarm for himself. At least, with it he had time to shower by himself and eat breakfast alone, in the quiet.

He sits up, feeling his aching body protest, ignoring all the aches and pains, he jumps down from his bunk and lands quietly on his feet, hoping not to wake his new roommate, either out of respect, or not to hear his annoying voice, who knew. He glances at the slightly older kid in front of him, still sleeping calmly, his pale thin lips formed a smile on his face, he had jet-black hair that naturally spiked like his, and a small nose, which let out a small whistle. Turning back to his own drawer, he grabs a towel, some deodorant, shampoo and some loose fitting sweats, as he walks to the dreaded public showers.

Shedding all his clothes off his pale, slender body, he folds them on the closest bench to the showers and grabs his shampoo. He walks to the farthest shower in the far corner and turns it on full hot water, which is really just cold water, which was little better then freezing. Shivering under the cold water pouring down his slender form, he tries to relax as best as he could, trying to enjoy his most relaxing part of the day, next to sleeping. Closing his eyes, he gets used to the water pouring down on him, and he thinks about one of the times he had played with his dad.

"Come on, Cloud! You almost had it, let's try once more." His dad had said to him when he was six years old. He was a tall man, probably thirty-five years old, he had light brown hair that was only starting to thin out, his piercing blue grey eyes seemed to leave you bare, his large nose seemed to fit well with his face, he always held a smile around his son, Cloud couldn't remember ever seeing his dad frown or yell. He had a large frame; he was easily six feet tall and covered in muscles, something Cloud lacked. He always seemed to have a commanding presence, wherever he went. "Okay, let's try a little different approach," he said with a laugh, seeing his son unsuccessfully swing his fathers' sword. The thing was easily twice Clouds' size and weight. He remembers, despite his poor efforts, his father still looked proud of him. Cloud, sighing, nodded, his eyes starting to water up, "I can't swing it dad, I'm sorry, I'm too weak to do this." Seeing a tear fall down his cheek, his dad quickly walks toward his son, picking him up at eye level, "Its okay bud, I didn't think you were even going to pick the big sucker up, you amazed me by just doing that. You have done a wonderful job, I am so proud of you." Cloud giggled at hearing such a compliment from his father.

Snapping from his thoughts he hears someone behind him as another shower is turned on. Squirting the shampoo in his hand he rubs it quickly into his long hair that was already matted down by the water. Rinsing it all out, he shuts the shower off, and steps out into the main locker room. Shivering, for all the windows were open, allowing air to rush through the room. Drying his body and hair off with his towel, he puts on his sweats and runs his hands through his hair, quickly combing it as he rushes to his room to change into his training gear. It would be bad news for him if he was caught wearing anything else, he knows first hand.

Entering into his dorm room, he notices that his roommate is still soundly asleep, thankfully. He looks up at his clock, it was only twenty minutes after five, strange that someone was up almost as early as he was, probably someone who was on guard duty and decided one hour of rest wasn't worth it, which might prove to be a mistake. Opening his drawer, he grabs the training gear one of the Recruits gave him, on the first day of arrival. Sighing, he throws on the most uncomfortable clothes to exist, and heads towards the cafeteria.

Yes! Still empty, he smiles to himself and grabs a tray to get his food for breakfast. Sitting at some random table, he digs in to his food, eating three nice biscuits with gravy and a large bowl of hot cereal, and an apple, with milk to drink, he may not like talking, but he knew how to eat. Biting into his large juicy green apple, he notices someone in the corner of his eye. Maybe someone was feeling pretty good this morning. Looking more directly at the kid, he sees the boy had silver hair that dropped off at his shoulders and with his eyes the same cold color. He looked like he could be the son of the great General himself! However, that was impossible, it probably would of have been common news for most of the world if General Sephiroth had a son. The kid who was a bit younger looking then Cloud smirked, and headed back to the dorms holding an apple and something else he couldn't tell. He wondered why he had never seen that kid before, he looked like he was used to getting up as early as Cloud. Whoever that kid was, Cloud felt a chill, ripple down his spine. There was something, ominous about him.

As he is finishing his breakfast he sees people starting to enter the cafeteria, all of them stunk of sweat and of sex, very common at the training camp; luckily, he hasn't had to suffer that from any of the guys who couldn't control themselves. Of course, he could understand that not too many people tried to challenge him with someone as big as Wedge, nearby. I hope that, Zack will have control, he thinks to himself. Seeing his roommate walk through the door, at least he was clean, sighs in annoyance for he wasn't finished eating yet.

"Hey Cloud!" he says in his cheerful voice, damn, Cloud thinks, he sounds like a morning person.

"Where were you, when the Sergeant woke me up, you weren't there, guess you were already awake, but damn man, how do you do it?"

Cloud looks into his roommates eyes, seeing if there was any hope in ignoring this kid, but perceiving nothing but stubborn and annoying in them. Seeing his situation as completely hopeless, he concedes and decides to talk, "Simple, I hate the sergeants enough to where I don't want to be anywhere around them, but, sometimes you have to be around them, and morning is a time I don't have to hear their voices." Picking up his empty tray, he walks to the counter and drops it there. Well, at least he didn't have to talk too much.

Zack was too shocked to stop Cloud from leaving the table, he actually talked, more then one word at that! Moreover, he didn't know how to respond, probably, for the first time in his life, he was speechless. He was expecting Cloud to ignore him; maybe he was wrong about Cloud being anti-social. Glancing at his watch, he sees it is almost time to get ready to run laps. Dumping his nearly full tray, he leaves the cafeteria in a rush not to be late.


"Hey...Cloud," he says panting, still worn out from all the running, "How... can you... run like that! You were ahead of everyone, and yesterday you were in back. You look, hardly winded." Cloud shrugs indifferently, causing Zack to shake his head at him. They had run for thirty miles and Cloud was in the lead the whole time, never walking, always, the same fast jog. The Sergeant couldn't even keep up with that fast pace, and Cloud just shrugs, as if it's a no big deal. Zack looks at Cloud again, but like how anyone else would, a too scrawny, short, cute -well not quite like anyone else- kid. Yet, he is still the fastest one in the squad, it didn't add up. Cloud has something motivating him, but, what? That was something Zack was going to have to figure out, later, of course.

He glances back towards Cloud, who was now walking away, "Hey, wait up! I'm not going to let you walk away this time." He hears Cloud sighing loudly, as he runs up next to his side. "You may have caught me off guard at the cafeteria, but that won't happen again." He says with his best grin, it has never failed him; at least it didn't until he met Cloud. Who only flickers his eyes towards it, and shakes his head. At least he got that out of Cloud, which was more then what he got last night. Still grinning, he steps in front of Cloud and walks backwards facing him, "We have enough time to grab something to eat before we start sparring, let's go eat." He says cheerfully. Cloud only groans, and looks away, "Fine." He says quietly.

"Well, you don't have to make it sound like a punishment!" Zack says laughingly as he steps next to Cloud resting his hand on shoulder, who jerks back sending him a threatening glare. Zack let's his hand drop back down to his side, body contact, he thinks to himself, is something I'm going to have to ease Cloud into being comfortable with.

Sitting at the lunch table Zack tries a different approach to get the blonde to talk, "Hey, Cloud, what do you plan to do for your future? I mean, do you plan to stay with Shinra and become a SOLIER, or are you using this training program to help you get another job..?"


Cloud looks up at Zack, his face blocking his emotions. He won't stop will he? Cloud asks himself. "I plan to stay with Shinra and become a first class SOLDIER, much like the General Sephiroth." He wanted to take those words back; he wanted to be more than Sephiroth. Whether that was possible or not, it didn't matter, he wanted to be more then Sephiroth, to be a hero.

Zack nodded, "Me too, hey maybe we can help each other out then, ya know? So we can both become a First Class SOLDIER? That would be great fun!" Cloud mentally kicked himself.

Of course, Midgar is very big, and that's not excluding the sixty-eight story Shinra building, they will be training in. The odds of them even seeing each other would be very unlikely, only by chance would he see Zack. Cloud let's out a fake sigh of disappointment, "The Shinra building is huge though, I mean the odds of each other seeing one another is..." He stops in mid sentence seeing Zack's stupid grin widen.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you, we'll be roommates at Shinra building, too. Isn't this great!?" Zack squeals, full of excitement.

Cloud, didn't know what to do, what could he do? He just kept staring at the over excited kid who was bouncing up and down. Why was he doing that!? Of course, why should he be so surprised, nothing was ever easy, why should this be? Even as much as living with a normal, human being. Sergeant Okunawa was right about quitting looking nice, even if this isn't close to what he meant.


"Hey Kadaj! Did you feel that?" he says looking over to his younger brother, "I can't really explain it. I thought I heard a voice." Kadaj looks up at him wearing his usual half smirk.

"Yes, Loz, I heard it, I heard it all too clearly. You know what it said? It said I am your mother; I want you to recover me, leave. That's what it said." He glances at his watch, sparring practice was nearing.

"Are we going to listen to it?" he says in a curious voice.

"I don't know Loz, I have to think, my mother is dead, so I can't just go out and listen to it. We will have to wait and see. Let's head over to the sparring grounds, it's to bad Yazoo had to leave, but I'm not going to give this up, he will have to join next year."

Dumping his tray, Kadaj leaves for the sparring grounds, this mother is going to keep bothering him, it was all too apparent.


Cloud kicks at Zack and blocks Zacks' kick, with the timing of the whistle, it was an ongoing process, that could last for hours, if the Sergeant wanted it too, already twenty minutes had passed by, and Cloud wanted to explode, but this wasn't going to stop him. Zack had the same determined look on his face; he was an entirely different person during training, very serious.

Hearing the Sergeant yell at ease, Cloud, along with everyone else, collapses to the ground, today was by far the toughest day he has gone through, with more reasons then one. Catching his breath Cloud stands up and prepares for the next set of kicks, but they didn't come. He looks around the room and sees that he is the only one who is standing up, that was very strange, even the Sergeant gave him a look of surprise. "Strife! I commend you. Everyone I expect you to work as hard as him, return to your rooms."

Cloud leaves the gym first, to go take a shower; it looks like he wasn't going to have to be on guard duty, two nights in a roll! He was feeling pretty good, a compliment, and no guard duty, ignoring the fact he is going to be stuck with Zack; at least he knew how to keep up, a bit more challenging then Wedge was.

Hearing footsteps rushing towards him he glances ready to fight, someone became very vulnerable when a Sergeant recognized you, jealousy ran strong among the recruits. Seeing it was only Zack, he drops his fists and stops to let him catch up. "Awesome job, Cloud! I don't think I have ever heard him say anything like that to anyone, it is fairly obvious that you should be a SOLDIER when this is all over." Cloud only shrugs. Maybe this last week won't be difficult at all, if this is what the Sergeant planned as difficult.

The whole weeks was much the same, only the miles increased a few each time, and the sparring sessions were much longer, they limited the platoons sleep to one hour a night and food was limited to them. On the very last day they ran sixty miles, only fifteen recruits became Cadets Cloud and Zack one of them. The next day they were to be shipped out to Midgar, where the training was only beginning.


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