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the dream... or was it not you have to read the STORY!!!!XD

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I woke up in the morning to go to school I was in 11th grade now which was pretty awesome. I get to see my friends and especially Gerard he was one of my best friends followed by Aneesah, but for some reason I sort of found Gerard a bit more then a friend since I knew him the first day of high school. Well as I walked to school, I saw Gerard and Mikey driving to school in his Subaru XT that he had for a while, every day they would see me walking in the freezing cold and pick me up.

Hey Gerard, Hey Mikey How is it going! I said.

Nothing much. They both said in unison as we drove up in to the school.

As we arived into the school we all walked in to the library, Gerard and mikey both met up with Bob, Ray, And Frank as I walked up to Aneesah who was on the computer.

Hey, Aneesah what are you doing on the computer? I asked.

Well really, I am supposed to be researching stuff for science but right know I am emailing someone. Aneesah said.

Your such a slacker, I said jokingly, oh well I'm the same way. Well I have to go find a book for English first hour I'll see you then, Laterz. I said.

As I walked to the shelves and turned the corner I bumped right into Gerard, before I fell over Gerard caught me and at that moment we looked into each others eyes and from there I kissed him and surprisingly he kissed back and just like that the moment was over. I looked and the ground and kind made up an excuse for me to go.

Uh, I-I got-ta g-go. I said as different emotions ran through me at once.

Uh, y-yeah me t-to, I guess I'll see you in English. Gerard sounding the same way I was.

Yeah, English yeah, um bye. Still confused on what happened
I grabbed my book and left.

RING!!! Just my luck the bell rang. As I was walking out of the library, Aneesah caught up to me.

Hey, what took you so long geez, I was waiting on you until the bell rang! Aneesah said

I'm sorry, I was looking for my book I bumped into Gerard and... never mind I gotta go. I said trying to rush out the door.

Wait, Aneesah said before I turned the corner to get to class, and what, what else happened?

N-nothing I really have to go, bye.

As I turned the corner I walked into the English room, there I saw Gerard, Frankie and ray sitting together goofing off before class started. I looked at Gerard and all he did was smirk at me, I fastly turned my head away. When I sat at my desk the was I note that said

From Gerard:......
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