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Bubble Gum Pop

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Short random oneshot. It's just Archie and Neil, hanging out. With a bubble. And popping. And loud chewing. Until Neil pushes Archie passed his limits, that is.

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Author's Note: I kind of have a writer's block for Chapter 5 of 'Screwed up love life', and I don't feel like starting any of my homework (damn, I'm procrastinating again!), so I wrote this short one shot for you guys. No specific couples, it's just Archie and Neil hanging out. Lol, I tried to make it funny. Keyword here is TRIED. Enjoy!

Bubble Gum Pop

The seven heroes had been seated comfortably around in the living room, watching TV when Atlanta ultimately got bored when nothing good was on and went off for a run. Theresa and Jay went on a walk, and Herry and Odie had left to the electronics store. Eventually only Archie and Neil were left.

Neil slowly and loudly chewed on his piece of gum, blowing up a huge bubble before it popped loudly, and the cycle started all over again. Archie was trying to watch his favorite show, and was hoping that Neil would catch on. But, as luck would have it, Neil didn't notice anything. Not that he would have cared anyways. Jay had lectured them the night before about respecting Neil, and treating him like they would have treated anyone else; even if he was obnoxiously narcissistic. Archie tried his best to contain his anger, but as we all know, he isn't very good at that.

"Neil. Stop it!" Archie was pissed off to no end, he felt like popping that pink bubble in the blonde boy's perfect, shiny hair.

"Stop what?"

"Stop po-"

"Oh, you want me to stop talking?"

"No, stop pop-"

"Oh, wait, no you want me to stop looking in the mirror."

"NO, Neil, STOP BL-"

"Stop filing my nails?"




"...Bl- smiling?"




"Being-so-extremely-smart-and-you're-feeling-sad-because-you'll-never-be-as-smart-as-me, or-as-good-looking-because-no-one-is-as-good-looking-as-me-in-this-world-but-me-and-my-reflection." He had blurted that out all in one sentence, making it hard for Archie to even understand a word.

"No- wait what?!"


"No, I want you to-"


"No, well yes but-"


"No Neil-"

"I've got it! You want me to stop intimidating you with my incredible good looks!"

"NOOO!" Neil was really pissing him off now, trying to guess what he was trying to say for the past minute.

"Oh, wait, you want me to tell Atlanta your secret!"

"Damn it Neil, NO!"



"Oh... you know, you could have just said so the first time."

Hehe, really short, but I think it was kinda funny... but that's just me. I can actually see Neil doing something like this to him, you know, just being Neil and all. Anyways, yes I know this was short, but it was just for a laugh before I had to go start my homework... ugh. Well, have a great weekend guys, and make the most of the 'nice' weather before it starts to snow. God, I hate snow... Rate and Review please!
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