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The Likes of Me

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Max is best friends with Takao but also Kai and Tala; Max hates his life and loathes father. Tala and Kai live with Boris; no wonder Kai takes meds and Rei's just happy to be there... as far from f...

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16 year old Max Mizuhara sat in his usual seat at the back, in home group. He was early like always to escape Bryan and Ian, the resident bullies of Kurohashi Secondary, and had been sitting there for an hour listening to music, waiting for his best friend Takao Kinomiya to arrive, like any other school day 'Business as usual' he thought sarcastically, out of the corner of his eye he saw someone come into class 'Wait nobody comes in this early other than me'.

Of course it was nobody Max knew that came through the door for he was Rei Kon, an exchange student from across the Sea of Japan in China.

Rei danced shifting his weight from one leg to the other, his ankle length raven hair brushed against his back in its white bindings and his bizarre bangs held out of his amber eyes by a red yin/yang bandana tied around his forehead. He stood nervously in the threshold playing with the high collar of his all blue suit style uniform and stared at Max, with his large oval framed glasses, neat though baggy uniform and curly blond hair, there was something at the back of his mind that just screamed 'NERDDDD!' something he'd dare not ever say out loud though.

Rei sapped out of his revelry and decided to go talk to the boy. Max having been watching this the whole time froze when Ray moved to him all too common was it for even a new student to pick on him for his obvious nerdish appearance; his dad had made him keep the glasses even when his mum had secretly gotten him contact lenses he had said it was to toughen him up.

'Please.... toughen up my ass' Max thought bitterly 'what would he know he works in a sports store and takes steroids instead of actually going to a gym like I do goddamn hypocrite'.

"Hi um...I'm Rei" He introduced nervously.

"....Max...." The blond mumbled in reply his head bowed.

"I just started here, does anyone sit here" Rei asked politely, Max shook his head 'Damn straight no one would want to sit near me I'm a loser.....he seems nice I wonder what his deal is he looks the type to get both straight A's and all the chicks although not everyone is what they seem now are they.....' Max thought smirking inwardly remembering his other friend Kai.

Rei sat quietly thinking sadly 'I wonder what this school will be like, Mother didn't really want me to go; she said she would visit in a few weeks to check up on me.....' he studied his nails scratching off the remaining red nail polish from them, scraping them with his teeth just to make sure.


'Everyone has their secrets you just have to know where to look...'the slate haired teen thought leaning against his locker beside his taller crimson haired friend.

"Yes you do Kai but sometimes they don't stay where they were the last time you looked....sometimes the more you search the deeper they're buried..." the crimson haired Tala mused as if knowing exactly what Kai was thinking.

"Hn ..." Kai replied nonchalantly, only half listening.

"Will Boris still be there?" Tala asked slipping Kai his medication...


It was lunch before Takao walked into school, his face covered with crimson bruises.
Max knew something was up; it had been the second time this had happened in the past week and Takao had been moody and aggressive the week before but he had just put that down to his anxiousness over his older brother Hiro had come home after several years traveling the world with their father on archaeological digs.

"What happened Takao...?" Max questioned him. "Nothin'..." he forced out through gritted teeth. 'Why is it always like this, Tyson's too stubborn for his own good sometimes, ok maybe all the time' Max thought.

"Who's that?" Takao asked him, obviously trying to change the subject though Max let it slip, pointing across the yard to a raven haired boy sitting on one of the swings.

"Oh that's Rei he's new" Max replied taking a bite out of his lunch "You seen Kai or Tala on ya way here? I need to talk to them".

"Max talk to 'em next lesson dude, you know he's a lot easier to talk to after his second dose..." Takao ideally played with his cap.

"TAKAO! You imbecile you know too right Kai doesn't talk at all after the second dose...gah I'm surrounded by idiots!" exclaimed Max pulling at his blond hair.

"Join the club" said a quiet voice behind them. They turned around it was Tala and Kai, Kai had a vacant stupefied look on his face even his white scarf hung limply against his back as he slowly followed at Tala's heel 'OK I guess I'll have to talk tomorrow anyway' Max thought disappointedly.
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